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Seung-Yeon Choi is Preparing for her Sophomore Games Run

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Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up.

In today’s edition:

  • Seung-Yeon Choi is amped for her sophomore run at the Games.
  • Sam Briggs would compete for another decade, if her body would allow it.
  • Dani Horan bows out after a storied career.
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  Seung-Yeon Choi Qualifies for Sophomore Appearance at CrossFit Games  

Seung-Yeon Choi Qualifies for Sophomore Appearance at CrossFit Games

Allow the Champion of last weekend’s Far East Throwdown to introduce herself:

“My name is Seung-Yeon Choi and I am a CrossFit athlete. Now, I’m (going to the) CrossFit Games for the second year in a row. My life in Korea is simple: I wake up, eat, exercise, and sleep.”

Calling Choi’s training program “exercise” severely undercuts both her efforts to get back to Madison, WI for her second Games appearance and her dominant performance in Busan during week three of Semifinals. Choi racked up four first-place finishes, sweeping days one and two of competition, and ending out the weekend with a third and second-place finish in the final two events.

Despite the masterclass performance Choi put up for the rest of the women’s field, 28-points ahead of second place and 80 ahead of third, the weekend wasn’t a smooth race. With a sprained ankle and injured back, Choi wasn’t fully confident in her abilities going into the weekend but was able to deliver the results she needed to reach her goal, which was to punch her ticket back to the Games.

“I’m so happy for now. I was worried a lot because my back was not good, but I am honored to get a good result,” she said.

With the competition just barely behind her, Choi admits that the gravity of her performance, and what it means for the rest of her summer, hasn’t fully sunk in yet. In fact, Choi doesn’t think the experience will fully sink in until she sets foot on American soil. Her plan is to leave her hometown of Jeju Island and CrossFit Rikka to go to the United States early and train for the Games following the Mayhem Athlete programming.

Choi saw major improvements in her Semifinals performance from last year when she barely locked up second place and ended her season at the CrossFit Games in 34th. With this knowledge and confidence in her fitness, Choi has big goals for the 2022 Games.

“My goal is to be in the top ranks of the Games on behalf of Asia. For that goal, I will make every effort,” Choi declared.

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In case you missed it: The Bottom Line host, Lauren Kalil, Greg Lanctot and Brian Friend run down all the details on the final day of the Atlas Games.

A Final Tribute: Samantha Briggs ended her 12-year career at Strength in Depth this year. The organizer, Ollie Mansbridge and Rogue fitness honored her with this video.

A New Nano: A first of its kind Nano training shoe featuring design inspiration from the Reebok archives. The Nano 6000 fuses Reebok’s iconic lifestyle design heritage with the key performance features of the new Nano X2.

Noah Ohlsen has joined the Hybrid Performance Method team as a new coach. And he offered a sincere congrats to all the Games qualifiers.

Here are 14 Gift Ideas for CrossFit dads this Father’s Day.

  Sam Briggs On Retiring after Strength In Depth: ‘If my body could still handle it, I’d do another 10 years.’  


Sam Briggs On Retiring after Strength In Depth: ‘If my body could still handle it, I’d do another 10 years.’

CrossFit legend Samantha Briggs has retired, bidding farewell to the sport after Strength In Depth in London.

“What a ride! This weekend will forever hold a special place in my heart. Feeling the love from the home crowd made it even harder to call it a day. As sad as it is to leave one chapter behind me I’m ready to begin the next. Don’t forget to follow your dreams, you never know where they’ll take you,” 40-year-old Briggs said.

Briggs first competed at the CrossFit Games in 2010 and fell in love with the sport. She won the Games in 2013 and is still the only British winner. She harbored an outside hope of making the Games one final time by qualifying through Strength In Depth this week, but finished seventh and was happy to have her swan song in front of her home crowd.

“It’s a little bit saddening, like it’s the end of an era. If my body could take it, I’d still do it. Sign me up for another 10 years, let’s go. But unfortunately, you can only handle so much. I’ve been doing it since 2010, I think it’s time to give my body a rest,” Briggs said.

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  Games Veteran Dani Horan a Class Act in her Final Competition at the Atlas Games  

Games Veteran Dani Horan a Class Act in her Final Competition at the Atlas Games

The other athletes in her heat finished their final barbell complex attempt and exited the floor the moment the heat was over.

But Dani Horan did not.

The five-time CrossFit Games veteran took the time to diligently strip the weight off her barbell on Saturday night at the Atlas Games in Montreal, Quebec, leaving it in its default position with 45-pound bumper plates and collars. Ready for the next heat.

She did the same after the toes-to-bar and sandbag clean event on Friday, taking the time to place her sandbag back at its starting position after she completed the workout.

And after the muscle-up, burpee and snatch event: Horan rolled her barbell back to its original place, ready for the athlete in the next heat.

For Horan, it’s a simple gesture of appreciation to the volunteers.

“I just feel like the volunteers do enough for us, so any little thing we can do to help them out we should. And it’s not that hard to do,” Horan shrugged.

It’s a small thing. But sometimes the small things are the big things.

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