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Sigmundsdottir, Medeiros, and ROMWOD Win Filthy 150

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“Your brain is the most complex structure in the known universe. It’s time to have a body that’s ready for that supercomputer.” — Dr. Kelly Starrett

Sigmundsdottir, Medeiros, and ROMWOD win the Filthy 150, Solberg earns invite


Three days of competition have just wrapped up as the CrossFit Filthy 150 has come to a close, crowning it’s champions and officially awarding one man, one woman, and one team the first Sanctional invite to the 2020 CrossFit Games. The Punchestown Racecourse played host to nine events for individuals and teams, and the occasional rainfall and chilly temperature was no match for the heated competition and droves of dedicated fans.

Elite Teams

Despite entering the day in third overall – 26 points back from first – there wasn’t a hotter team than the ROMWOD meat squad. After a stumble out of the Gates in event 1, the crew of Brooke Haas, Christian Harris, Kelly Baker, and Dex Hopkins finished the next five events in 2nd place or better. The opening event of day three wasn’t any different, with ROMWOD cruising through the box jump overs, and final set of strict presses to win the event ahead of team Nation to snag the overall lead.

Both teams ROMWOD was chasing to start the day – The Athlete Program and The Program – had their worst event finishes of the weekend on day three, and it was enough to give ROMWOD breathing room in the final two events and they cruised to a pair of third place finishes to close the weekend and seal the deal on their invite to the Games.

Fun Fact: this is just the second time the ROMWOD meat squad team has competed together. The first? The 2019 French Throwdown where they finished second behind Invictus Boston.

Elite Women

The race for the top spot all weekend was between Iceland’s Sara Sigmundsdottir, and Norway’s Kristin Holte. The two Games podium athletes finished just one spot away from each other in seven of the nine events across the weekend. As expected, Holte – winner of the Triple 3 and Cyclocross events at the Games – took the top spot in the Trek Run, but Sigmundsdottir finished second ahead of Sam Briggs was a turning point in the battle between them.

Sigmundsdottir would outlast Holte in the next two events to stay win the weekend and stay perfect for the season after winning the Open.

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NOBULL Short, Games Documentary Premiere at First Fitness Fim Festival


Saturday night in Brooklyn, 700 spectators packed into the Greenpoint Terminal Warehouse for the first-ever film festival dedicated to the sport of fitness. 

NOBULL, the chic up and coming training shoe and apparel company started by two former Reebok execs, announced the community event back in September. The festival that welcomed the who’s who of CrossFit debuted “Who I’ve Always Been,” a short film inside the lives of Katrin Davidsdottir, Tia-Claire Toomey, and Brooke Wells — NOBULL’s three marquee athletes.

“The story of NOBULL, it didn’t start in the Alps, or in Iceland, not in the Midwest our Australia. It started before then. Before you were following. When Marcus Wilson and Michael Shaefer met at a diner outside of Boston and committed to building something together. And the culture that was born on that day, is the same culture that films this room today. The culture of no excuses and no gimmicks. No tomorrows and no bull shit. Because that is who Marcus and Michael have always been,” said Todd Meleney, VP of Marketing. 

The film festival, which garnered interest from Forbes, Men’s Health, ESPN, and CNBC (and ourselves) is a culmination of their foray from training upstart to full-blown newsmakers. Just this year alone, NOBULL has deepened their athlete roster to include Games champions Tia-Clair Toomey and Katrin Davidsdottir, as well as Carolina Panther Will Grier. They also opened their first brick and mortar in SoHo NYC. 

That culture he alluded to, radiated throughout the building, filling a Brooklyn warehouse space to the brim, with 700 tickets sold to a standing-room only audience of people eager to be part of this new normal. NOBULL had one objective for this event: to support artists and athletes. After hundreds of film submissions, the field was narrowed down to just under 10 films. 

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WATCH: Sara Sigmundsdottir After Winning Filthy 150
Tommy Marquez catches up with Sara Sigmundsdottir, the overall champion at CrossFit Filthy 150, just after the awards ceremony. Sigmundsdottir shares some of her favorite moments from the weekend and what the rest of her season looks like.


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Chalk Up Community

  • WALL BALLS FOR CLASS — Seth Whitehead, a PE teacher at at Sims Middle School in Union, SC is running a “Donors Choose” to get wall balls in his class to implement CrossFit. He is also hoping to start a CrossFit Club on campus. 
  • BIGGER LOCATION — CrossFit Epically Awesome in Fort Walton Beach, FL is holding a grand opening in their new location on Saturday, November 30. There will be raffles, giveaways, meals and WODs every hour.
  • RP STRENGTH PODCAST — RP Strength has launched their first podcast, the RP Strength Podcast. Episode one is out and covers chronic dieting. 

CHALK UP IN 2 MINUTES (a highlight reel around social media of CrossFit pros and average joes)

Ben Smith back squats 455 poundsMat Fraser got his chest tattooed • Happy fortieth birthday Thomas CintorinoJacob Heppner worked up to a 5 second eccentric jerk drive + split jerk + 5 second pause at 315 poundsChase Knight does a clean complez at 275 pounds • Sixteen-year-old Morgan McCullough cleans 425 poundsRodrigo Garcia front squats 305 pounds.

…and Annie Thorisdottir’s celebration dance looks just as good as her lift.

Tim Paulson on His Podium Finish at CrossFit Filthy 150 — Tim Paulson, who took 3rd place this weekend at the CrossFit Filthy 150 in Dublin, took to Instagram to celebrate. 

“HELL YES!!! Now that’s a start to the season I am beyond proud of. Hats off to the other boys on the podium and all the other competitors on an incredible weekend. Roman Khrennikov and Justin Medeiros were consistent machines.

— “Full reflections later, as I learned a lot this weekend, but it’s time for Guinness and no fitness for the next week until we head home!

— “I am proud – and I am very ready for this season.”

Build to a Better Pull-Up — If you can’t yet get a pull-up, or struggle to string a few together, here are six exercises to help you get there.

— “It takes an insane amount of strength to raise and lower the weight of your body while suspended,’ says Gabe Snow, a trainer at Performix House in New York City. ‘And the more you weigh, the stronger the muscles involved need to be.’”


“But Does Your Mother’s Medical Group Pay For CrossFit?” by Jessica Danger, Morning Chalk Up 

Jon Levell has coached at CrossFit by Overload in Murrieta, CA since 2009. He’s been in this game for a while now. In 2016 he took a step forward and bought the affiliate, with his wife Kira. But everyday, before coaching all afternoon and evening, Levell goes to his day job as a business manager in the Loma Linda Hospital System.

And then, about six months ago, Levell had an idea.

What if he blended both jobs together?

He knew that senior citizens were one of the largest groups treated in the Rancho Family Medical system. So, he went to one of the liaisons there and suggested that the medical system add CrossFit to their services offered to their senior citizens on Medicare.

“Most of the time, it’s cookie cutter. You get transportation, diabetes, discount on memberships to Country Clubs, it’s all over the place. CrossFit has never been a part of any of this stuff, this is the definitely the first one ever,” Levell told Morning Chalk Up.

Yes, CrossFit for senior citizens, paid for by their health insurance.

And, lucky for everyone, there was a CrossFitter on the inside too. “I am a member at CrossFit by Overload so it felt logical for me to reach out to Jon as a first step for the Murrieta/Temecula area. He and the coaches have just as much of a passion for the senior community as we do,” said Chandler Hall, Community Representative at Rancho Family Medical Group.


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