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Sigmundsdottir Out For 2021

Morning Chalk Up

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Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up.

In today’s edition:

  • Sara Sigmundsdottir is out for 2021.
  • The CompTrain team posts early in 21.1.
  • Sam Briggs is chasing a new official title: “Fittest 40-Year-Old in History.”
  • Four big takeaways from Mat Fraser’s interview on the Joe Rogan Experience.
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  • REMINDER: Score submission for 21.1 is due by 5 PM PT (8 PM PT) today.
  • MUST WATCH: Logan Aldridge take on 21.1 in the upper extremity, adaptive division.
  • Some notable names on the leaderboard right now:
    • Tudor Magda (12:47), Roman Krennikov (14:18), Samuel Kwant (14:39), Joe Scali (585 reps).
    • Katrin Davidsdottir (12:30), Kari Pearce (13:05), Laura Horvath (14:11), Amanda Barnhart (14:18), Emma Gardner (550 reps),
  • Reminder: Stay disciplined under fatigue during the wall walks, according to Competition Director, Adrian Bozman. Also, as written, the workout begins with “the athlete standing behind the furthest line from the wall and facing the wall. After the call of ‘3, 2, 1… go,’ the athlete may step over the line, turn around and perform 1 wall walk followed by 10 double-unders.” Review the standards here.

Here are few more Speed Reads:

  • O2 is hiring a Brand Marketing Director. Do you identify with O2’s values, have a passion for brand marketing, and are fed up with the status quo in consumer goods? Apply now.
  • The Norwegian CrossFit Throwdown just announced its Summer Throwdown which will take place on August 14-15. It’s a two-person competition with multiple divisions.
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  Breaking: Sara Sigmundsdottir Tears Ligament In Knee, Out For 2021 Season  

Breaking: Sara Sigmundsdottir Tears Ligament In Knee, Out For 2021 Season

Fans of Sara Sigmundsdottir received some heartbreaking news Sunday morning.

The two-time podium finisher and fan-favorite revealed via Instagram that she ruptured her anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) during training earlier this week and the injury will require surgery, effectively ending her 2021 season before it even began.

  • Sigmundsdottir: “I experienced my biggest nightmare earlier this week when I hurt my knee in training. I felt a click in my knee during a split jerk and went straight to get an MRI scan. The results showed a ruptured ACL.”

It is another tough break for Sigmundsdottir, as the injury occurred just days before the first Open announcement. Perhaps more frustrating is the compounding fact that it follows a 2020 CrossFit Games where she was hampered by the effects from adrenal insufficiency and from a bacterial infection that resulted from a mishap in training.

  • Sigmundsdottir also switched coaches prior to the 2021 season, and many were hoping that the fresh approach would result in a return to the top of the Games leaderboard following three consecutive seasons outside of the top ten.
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  CompTrain Camp Posts Early for 21.1  

CompTrain Camp Posts Early for 21.1

In the old CrossFit Games qualification format when a select group of athletes in each Region qualified for Regionals, hardly any big name athletes would post scores early. Quite frankly, it was simply too risky. When an athlete has a score or time to beat, it always makes it a little easier to go after it. Chasing an unknown score is always harder.

Early Saturday evening, the first really big names in the sport (aside from Kari Pearce and Kristi Eramo-O’Connell who did the workout as part of the live Open announcement) showed up on the leaderboard — Katrin Davidsdottir, Amanda Barnhart, and Samuel Kwant; the three of the five Comptrain Camp athletes (three of the five, counting Emma Gardner).

One big thing: The Open is a lot less meaningful than it was last year, in terms of qualification for the next stage of competition (for the top athletes in the sport), perhaps we will see more of those big names entering scores earlier and earlier; and it makes sense for them to do so. Do the workout once, execute it “good enough,” and then get on with their training day, week, and cycle.

Katrin Davidsdottir
When this workout was announced, Katrin immediately came to mind as someone who could potentially set the world record on this event.

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  Sam Briggs Chasing CrossFit’s Official “Fittest 40 Year-Old in History” Title  


Sam Briggs Chasing CrossFit’s Official “Fittest 40 Year-Old in History” Title

Sam Briggs gets quizzed on the same subject, all the time.

“I get asked a lot when am I going to retire or will I go into the masters category,” said the English native who now lives in the US. “I still enjoy training and pushing my body to the extreme it takes to go individual, but realistically it just gets harder and harder each year as I get older.”

Briggs, who won the 2013 CrossFit Games, decided to turn the constant nagging into a challenge. On March 14 after the 2021 CrossFit Open begins, Briggs will turn 39, and has set herself the goal of qualifying for the games the next two seasons. This will mean Briggs will have competed in the elite category a record 10 times, eight of which were when she was over the age of 30.

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  Four Takeaways From Mathew Fraser’s Interview on the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast  

Four Takeaways From Mathew Fraser’s Interview on the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast

When Mathew Fraser said “you’ll see more of me after retirement than you ever have before,” over a month ago in his “Why I’m Retiring” letter, little did the community know that he meant that he would be making an appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience, the most popular podcast in the world, this past Thursday.

In the nearly three hour episode, Rogan and Fraser delved into topics such as his beginnings as an Olympic weightlifter, what drove him to winning five CrossFit Games titles, training and recovery and why he decided to step away from the sport at the peak of his athletic career. Here are four takeaways from the podcast.

No love lost for Dave Castro: Fraser was discussing what motivates him and how certain people were calling his Games performances “flukes” which led to a response from Rogan of “how can anybody say it’s a fluke to win the CrossFit Games, that is literally the dumbest fucking thing.”

  • That prompted Fraser to discuss the infamous “he’s slipping” comment about Fraser by CrossFit General Manager of Sport Dave Castro prior to the 2020 Games.
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