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Six Key Takeaways from Team Semifinals

Morning Chalk Up

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Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up.

In today’s edition:

  • Six key moments from the first Semifinal team competitions.
  • Dr. Sean Pastuch, the Founder of Active Life RX, publishes new book “Turn Pro: The Fitness Professional’s Guide to Ethical Sales and Career Fulfillment.”
  • The state of college CrossFit.
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  Six Key Moments From the First Semifinal Weekend of Team Competition 

Six Key Moments From the First Semifinal Weekend of Team Competition

This weekend, the 50 teams across two continents took the floor to compete for the first eight spots at the CrossFit Games. Today, we break down six of our favorite moments in the team competition from the Torian Pro and the Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge.

1. Plus64 Fitness’s Leaderboard Takeover: If you were seeing double on the Torian Pro leaderboard, it’s not because you need to get your eyes checked. It’s because this year, Plus64 Fitness qualified four teams to the Torian Pro to compete in the Semifinals for one of the three coveted CrossFit Games spots.

  • The army runs strong: Not only did Plus64 Fitness have four teams on the leaderboard, at the close of day two, two of those teams, 64 Army Gold and 64 Army Steel sat in the top four.
  • The New Zealand-based team initially submitted 31 teams to compete in the CrossFit Open.
  • Of those teams, four of them qualified for Quarterfinals and all four teams competing at Quarterfinals made it to Semifinals.
  • At the end of the weekend, 64 Army Gold broke the tie with Team Urban to take first overall while 64 Army Steel finished in 8th, 64 Army Smoke finished in 12th, and 64 Army Indigo finished in 16th.
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  Dr. Sean Pastuch, Active Life Rx Founder, Publishes Book to Help Coaches Become Professionals, Live More Fulfilling Careers 


Dr. Sean Pastuch, Active Life Rx Founder, Publishes Book to Help Coaches Become Professionals, Live More Fulfilling Careers

Dr Sean Pastuch, the founder of Active Life RX has released a new book, Turn Pro: The Fitness Professional’s Guide to Ethical Sales and Career Fulfillment.

Remind me: Active Life Rx provides education and mentorship to both coaches and gym owners, and currently has close to 100 CrossFit gyms and more than 1,000 coaches in their network.

The details: Pastuch wrote his new book to help more CrossFit and other fitness coaches earn a professional living as a career coach.

  • “I believe that the healthcare clinic of the future is the gym and the healthcare provider of the future is the coach…if this is to become true, it will require a pathway for these fitness professionals to make money,” said Pastuch, a chiropractic doctor. And this starts with coaches improving their ability to sell the incredible value they have to offer, he explained.
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  The State of College CrossFit 

The State of College CrossFit

When Gemma Morrison was making her college decision, she kept CrossFit in mind. “There had to be a gym within walking distance or something on campus,” she said.

Morrison, a rising sophomore, landed at Penn State University, one of the many colleges with a CrossFit club on campus; she is now on the leadership team of the Penn State CrossFit Club.

CrossFit in College: These clubs, though run by students, hold to the values of the sport. There’s an emphasis on healthier lifestyles and hitting a WOD hard, accompanied by the kindness and support that you’d expect of any CrossFit community.

  • “I know for me, at least, CrossFit was kind of the one hour a day… we didn’t have to think about school or the stress that comes with school, we’re all just kind of there to hang out and get a good workout in,” says Haley Flambaum, Health and Wellness officer for the Penn State CrossFit Club.
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Should You Be Taking Vitamin D?

The essential vitamin plays a role in so many vital functions of the body, from your immune system to muscle function. But some still doubt its importance. So, how important is it? And should you be getting extra Vitamin D?




What's Rich Wearing?

Did you watch the MACC this past weekend and wonder what the red mouthpiece Rich Froning used during workouts was? It’s the AIRWAAV Performance Mouthpiece, which is clinically proven to increase endurance, reduce respiratory rate, and boost your recovery.



The Best 100 Rep Exercise

If your programming calls for 100 reps of anything consistently, you may need to find new programming. But this exercise has so many benefits to performing high volume sets you can include it anytime. Build your shoulders, strengthen your back, and fix your posture all in one movement.



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Grandma's Chicken Salad

For those of you who don't polish off a whole one in a sitting, here's a super simple chicken salad recipe for an easy way to repurpose your leftovers. Toss with some greens, mix into some cold pasta, or throw on a sandwich. This recipe is perfect for adapting to go in anything.


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