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Standardized Sanctional Payouts?

Morning Chalk Up

July 28

Element 26

Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up. Two inspiring stories from the affiliate community lead things off today, both center around different ways the CrossFit community works to help others. And, Brittney Kleyn addresses the issue of inconsistent payout protocols across Sanctioned events.

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“To me, true happiness comes from serving others. You can have all the money in the world, all the material possessions, but if you’re not serving someone besides yourself, you won’t have complete happiness.” – Brad McKee


Racial Injustice Brought to the Forefront of Invictus Boston Invitational

 Racial Injustice Brought to the Forefront of Invictus Boston Invitational 

Ninety degree temperatures couldn’t discourage a small crowd of CrossFit fans from attending the inaugural Invictus Boston Invitational on Saturday afternoon. They were there not only to watch a live, in-person competition but also to show their support and raise awareness for the social and racial injustices that African Americans and other people of color face.

More than a competition: The final standings and the podium positions took a backseat to the cause of the event; organized by Bern Prince, one of CrossFit Invictus Boston’s coaches, the purpose was to bring the community together and raise awareness and money for Campaign Zero.

  • According to its website, Campaign Zero, a nonprofit organization, supports the analysis of policing practices across the country, researches effective solutions to end police violence, provides technical assistance for organizers leading police accountability campaigns and the development of model legislation and advocacy to end police violence nationwide.
  • Prince concluded the competition by addressing the crowd, talking about his experiences with racism and why hosting a competition in support of the Black Live Matters movement was important.
  • All donations were made directly to Campaign Zero, but at the end of the day Prince said it was actually hosting the event and the support it garnered that was what hevalued the most.
  • “I want to thank all those who showed love, athletes, sponsors, judges, vendors,and the people that just sent a message through Instagram telling me, telling us that they appreciate what we are doing,” commented Prince. “I know that there is still more work to be done but that day, July 25 on a 90-degree day, people gathered with the firm understanding that black lives matter.”
  • Prince hopes to make the event an annual competition and reiterated that they were able to organize this event in a relatively short time and that other gyms could do the same, they just need the right motivation and belief in a cause to do so.

Competition Recap: The actual competition featured three events with nine men and 12 women competing in their respective RX division.

  • Invictus’ own Tola Morakinyo won the men’s division thanks in part to two event wins and a second place finish.
  • Anthony Franciosi finished in second just five points back of Morakinyo followed by Arnold Sevilla to round out the podium finishers.
  • On the female side Sierra Cameron secured her own five -oint victory but in comeback fashion with an event win in the finale.
  • Brittany Maready was a last minute sub for an injured Alexys D’Tiole and placed second followed by Collete Monique in third.

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“Actions are Everything:” Brad McKee Trains Youth Athletes in Louisiana

 “Actions are Everything:” Brad McKee Trains Youth Athletes in Louisiana 

Two weeks ago, Brad McKee noticed two young African American boys from the neighborhood poking their heads in his gym, looking intrigued by what they saw. “Look at that girl lifting all that weight,” said one of the boys.

  • “They were itching to get in here. I saw it in their face and their eyes. So I went out and talked to them,” said McKee, the owner of CrossFit Hammond in Hammond, LA.

McKee was so taken by their eagerness that he offered to start coaching the 10 and 11-year-old boys.

  • “I told them to come back the next day at 3:50 p.m. and not be late. Their faces lit up. Then they showed up the next day at 2 p.m.,” said McKee. “I told them to go home and come back at 3:50.”

Athletes Call for More Standardized Prize Payouts

 Athletes Call for More Standardized Prize Payouts 

Of the 25 Sanctionals held in the past two seasons, athletes and event organizers have shared wildly different prize payout methods, communication, and timetables that have left some athletes months without a word of when or how prize money will be delivered. The broad inconsistencies has given rise to calls for a more standardized payout process.

The big picture: In the past two seasons, 25 Sanctionals have taken place in nearly a dozen different countries without payouts ranging from just a couple of weeks to nearly six months. After speaking to a dozen athletes and organizers for eight events, it’s clear there’s no clearly defined process or standard for payouts.

  • While prize money may only represent a portion of an athlete’s annual income, some events award $50,000 to the top spot.
  • Several athletes described the situation of being left completely in the dark as to when payments would come, which proved stressful for those who make this sport their livelihood.
  • Pat Vellner told the Morning Chalk Up: “I have experienced a six month wait for prize money, but I have also received payment in cash while standing on the podium.”
  • “For those bigger events we’re filling out financial forms for wire transfer, sometimes even before the event starts. When events finish they set a self-imposed deadline to get all payments out on a deadline. That is the right idea. For most events, that should be their commitment,” he said.

Going deeper: It’s not always a lack of commitment however, event organizers said some factors are outside their control. A representative from Loud and Live Sports —  the host organization for Wodapalooza (WZA), West Coast Classic, Mayan Classic, Madrid Championship and Granite Games — told the Morning Chalk Up that the company’s goal is to pay out winnings within 30 days, but that’s not always possible.




A Day of Games Training with the Fittest Woman on Earth

Tia-Clair Toomey is in full-on Games training mode and in this video, watch her work through multiple sessions while Shane Orr talks about their approach and how he adjusts volume and intensity throughout the training schedule.

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Ben Davis Talk about Training Underserved Communities


Ben Davis Talk about Training Underserved Communities

On this episode of Open Gym, Ben Davis answers the question: Is individual design better for the underserved? Davis is the founder of Noble Clay Fitness in Atlanta, GA and together with his team, he’s working to build the YMCA of functional fitness. This is first part of a two-part conversation.

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Refreshing Pineapple Mango Smoothie

Depending on where you live, it’s hot out, like really hot and it has been for days and days. This pineapple mango smoothie is delicious and refreshing after that morning workout or as a mid-afternoon treat. The best part is that you only need three ingredients, frozen pineapple, frozen mango and coconut milk. Here’s a quick tip — use light coconut milk, full-fat coconut milk will be too thick.

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Good Read: Kara Saunders on Motherhood and Being a Consistent Competitor

A longtime fan favorite, Kara Saunders had a remarkable run at the CrossFit Games before taking the 2019 season off to welcome the birth of her daughter. Between 2012-2018 she qualified for the Games every year, finished in the top 10 four times and won the “Spirit of the Games” award. Yesterday, the South China Morning Post published a profile on Saunders by Patrick Blennerhassett that provides some great insights into Saunders’ mindset and approach to the 2020 Games season as well as some updates on her life. Here are some key takeaways:

  • Saunders on imposter syndrome: “I know I work hard but I never think it’s enough, so that leads me to believe it wasn’t me who earned it. Almost a decade into CrossFit and I still feel like I fluke it every time.”
  • On being a new mom: “Being a mum has changed me entirely, and for the better. I’m truly the best version of myself right now because of her. Motherhood forces you to look at your actions and make choices based on the example and the experiences you want for your children, and for that I’m so grateful…Being a mum is number one and then training has to work around feeding her, her sleeps, and just supporting her being a tiny person really.” 
  • On the recent changes in CrossFit, including the new owner, Eric Roza: “CrossFit is a community and it’s something that people actually really need, so with that in mind I think all will be set right and improve moving forward. Change is also inevitable, so you can either roll with it and do the best you can along the way, or you can simply remove yourself. Everyone has a choice.“For me, I love the sport and am riding along with them in support of improving and also standing by all of the good that has been done and continues to be done.”
  • On what it takes to perform at the highest levels in CrossFit competition: “Dedication, hard work and a little bit of OCD,…I honestly love what I do, it’s what I’m good at and it makes me feel good. I’m not very good at doing things I don’t like or things that I’m told to do, so I stick to areas that make me happy.” 

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