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Steph Hammer Was Probably the First at That Too

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Wodapalooza starts today.


“Miami is always super, duper lit.” — Post Malone

How CrossFitter Steph Hammerman Became Nike’s First Adaptive Sponsored Athlete


Some background.

Steph Hammerman, who is competing this weekend in the Adaptive division, became Nike’s first sponsored adaptive athlete in November of 2017, just before last year’s Wodapalooza. But it was actually kind of on accident.

It all started with shoes.

Steph, who lives with Cerebral Palsy, drags her feet when she walks and was tired of going through shoes every two to three weeks. So she reached out to Nike and asked if she could try a pair of Metcons. She wanted to see how they stacked up against all the other trainers she had tried.

They lasted almost three months.

So Steph called Nike to thank them and give them her feedback on the shoe’s performance as a whole. Instead, she got a sponsorship deal out of it.

Not what she expected. 

Steph was shocked. “When they told me they wanted to sign me as an athlete, I was like you wanna do WHAT?!” At a time when Steph felt like anything but an elite athlete, Nike treated her as though she already was one.

“The cool thing about Nike is that they don’t just say they’re going to do something. From the very beginning, everyone at Nike treated me as an elite athlete.”

One of many firsts.

But becoming Nike’s first adaptive athlete is one of many “firsts” for Steph, who has a background as a competitive hand cycler. When she got bored with her training, a friend suggested she try CrossFit.

In May of 2012, she did her first WOD. Laying on the ground winded, she said “I wanna do that again.”

One year later, she decided she wanted to become a coach. So she took the L1 course and then continued her CrossFit education in 2014, becoming the first CrossFit Level 2 coach with Cerebral Palsy.

A big year for Steph.

That same year was also the first year that Steph competed in Wodapalooza. There was one problem: there was no division for her. So she called up Guido Trinidad, Founder of Wodapalooza.

He made a division just for her. That year, Steph became the first athlete to sign up for the Wodapalooza Adaptive division. Two people competed in the Adaptive Division that year, but in 2015 Wodapalooza did it again, with Steph and Chris Stoutenburg of Wheel WOD working on the programming together.

Steph is competing again this year, even though she hesitated, having opening Hammer Driven Fitness just four months ago.

But Wodapalooza, and Nike, hold a special place for her. She decided she would give it another go. “I wanted to fall in love with fitness all over again.”


Kari Pearce: I “come here to win” Wodapalooza

Kari Pearce came to win.

Sixth Fittest Woman on Earth, Kari Pearce, sits down with Morning Chalk Up and discusses her plan for winning Wodapalooza and securing an invite to the CrossFit Games.

“Just go hard. We’ve been working on a just lot of little things in training just technique-wise. I think all of that is going to add up when you’re on the competition floor. I don’t think there’s any more pressure this year than last year. You’re a competitor you always want to win. Second is second. You come here to win, not take second place.”

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For your very meticulous friend…

The weekend is at hand. Here’s a helpful tip for your friend that always counts every single stinking macro, even on Friday nights. 

What to tell all your friends making bets on Wodapalooza athletes this weekend…

That’s cool, just don’t do this. We repeat: Don’t do this. 

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WATCH: Jared Stevens: Faith and Fitness Part 2 

In Episode 2 of this series with Active Life RX, Jared Stevens discusses his love of the moving Pumping Iron, why he decided against shoulder surgery, and how Active Life RX helped him not only get back to where he was in training but also gave him back his good spirits. 



HEAR: What Does it Take to be a Games Athlete?

If watching Wodapalooza has you pumped up for competitive exercise, take a minute to listen to Alex Parker and Meredith discuss just what it takes to be a CrossFit Games athlete on the Movement Maestro podcast. Also, they talk a little bit about how to balance a relationship while also competing against each other. 



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  • NEW CROSSFIT BOX — Kansa City, MO is getting a new CrossFit box on February 1, when Change Now CrossFit opens their doors to their community
  • HELP WITH A MEDICAL STUDY — Whitney Elks, a 2016 CrossFit Games athlete, is now an aspiring surgeon currently in medical school. She is conducting research with a team at the University of New Mexico on stress urinary incontinence in women during exercise and is looking for women that CrossFit and are willing to participate in an anonymous five-minute online survey.

CHALK UP IN 2 MINUTES (a highlight reel around social media of CrossFit pros and average joes)

Happy Birthday Mia MellonBecca Voigt, who is on the Legends roster for the upcoming Rogue Invitational, is finding creative ways to still train with a cast on right hand • Jared Fleming snatched 304 pounds in jeans at the Wodapalooza lift off • Kate Nye gets a 299 pound clean PR • Chase Knight hit a 330 pound clean and jerk yesterday at the Wodapalooza Lift Off • Games athlete Kelly Murray gets back in the gym after a year of recovery. 

Wodapalooza Kicks Off — Wodapalooza CrossFit Festival officially begins today at 6:30 AM ET this morning with Event One, Baywatch.

— Speaking of Baywatch: Wodapalooza made a bit of a splash today when they announced a surprise in Baywatch, the first event to take place this morning. Previously announced as a 5k run on the beach, now athletes must stop the run and swim to a marked buoy four separate times during the WOD.

— Follow Along: Here’s the final roster and our Games season leaderboard to follow along all weekend.

— Keep This Handy: The updated schedule and events for individual Elite athletes so far. There are three events today for the Elite Individuals, starting at 6:30 AM ET. And, don’t forget, you’ve got a few options to watch Wodapalooza from home.

— Here’s What’s Happening Today: Stop by the FITAID booth today for a free pair of sunglasses and if you’re there between 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM and 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM you’ll get to meet some of the FITAID athletes like Leah West, Nicole Roggow, Brenton Roggow, Hunter McIntyre, and Kenny Santucci.  

— We Made it Real Easy: Our new page housing our expanded Wodapalooza coverage and content.

Strength in Depth Invitation Confirmed —  Roman Khrennikov is Strength in Depth’s 11th confirmed invitational athlete.

Fittest in Cape Town Announces a Main Event WOD — The Fittest in Cape Town released their first main event WOD today. “Assualy Bike Infused Karen” will take place again in 2019, but with a twist

CONFIRMED: Asia CrossFit Championship — The dates for the Asia CrossFit Championship have been confirmed for April 27, 28, 29.

Online Qualifiers — The Asia CrossFit Championship announced the remainder of their online qualifier WODs yesterday. Registered athletes have until January 28 to submit their scores. 


15 Min AMRAP

3 Muscle-ups

6 Handstand push-ups

9 Overhead squats (95/65 pounds)

3 Muscle-ups

9 Handstand push-ups

12 Overhead squats (95/65 pounds)

3 Muscle-ups

12 Handstand push-ups

15 Overhead squats (95/65 pounds)

*Continue sequence until time is up


10 Minute clock

3 Rounds

21 Bar facing burpees

15 toes-to-bar

Then, in the remaining time:

Establish a 9RM clean and jerk

*After the first rep, the bar never touches the ground. However, it must pass below the knee before going on to the next rep.


20 Minute AMRAP

150 Double-Under

75 Pull-ups

50 Wall ball shots (20/14 pounds)



“EXCLUSIVE: Greg Glassman Opens Up About the New CrossFit Website,” by Jessica Danger, Morning Chalk Up

On New Year’s Day, CrossFit athletes everywhere woke up to a new, a site months in the making, and one that shows CrossFit’s refocused energy on what Founder Greg Glassman has planned ahead.

“CrossFitters, my trainers, are going to do interventions with mom and dad in the living room,” Glassman shared in an exclusive interview. “I had a doctor show his mom one of these living room videos and she wants to join a CrossFit gym.”

The video Glassman is referring to is of an elderly woman standing up out of a chair without using her hands. Essentially, it’s the scaled version of an air squat but filmed inside the home instead of the gym.

The new site — which is lined at the top with five key sections: Essentials, At Home, Health, Sport, and Battles — is really designed for veteran Affiliates, flowmasters (CF-L4), coaches, doctors and anyone looking to learn.

The new site is going “to encourage people to do the interventions,” Glassman said.

For those 10 year plus affiliates, the move is obvious.

“The affiliates and CrossFitters have not missed the point.  We are well aware of the need and the reasoning — we’ve been living it daily with our members,” said Craig Howard, owner of Diablo CrossFit, which opened in 2005. “Now that CrossFit has established itself as the best training method in the world, for the fittest athletes in the world, it is a great time to reveal its efficacy for ALL populations.”

After having spent more than a decade solidifying CrossFit’s place in the world of fitness, Glassman is going after the really big fish — the tens of millions sitting at home with ailing health and mobility.

In effect, he’s going after your parents and grandparents.



1/10 – 2/4: Row’d Royalty (Online)

1/17 – 1/20: Wodapalooza (Miami, FL)

1/19: New Year New Throwdown Event (El Mirage, AZ)

1/19: Battle For The Axe (Baxter, MN)

1/19: Warrior Affiliate League Fantastic Four (La Puente, CA)

1/19: Battle for the Axe (Baxter, MN)

1/19: Great Lakes Games 2018 (Detroit, MI)

1/19 – 1/20: Chiang Mai Throwdown (Chiang Mai, Thailand)

1/20: Det. Deidre Mengedoht Hero WOD (Louisville, KY)

1/21: Helen for Hounds at CrossFit Pretoria (Pretoria, South Africa)

1/25 – 1/27: Australian CrossFit Championships (Queensland, AUS)

1/25 – 1/27: Judgment Day Hawkes Bay (Napier, NZ)

1/26: The Force Wars 2 (Pembroke Pines, FL)

1/26: Lost River Rumble (Bowling Green, KY)

1/26: The Blizzard Bowl (Little Canada, MN)

1/26: 2019 IceBreather Classic (Springfield, IL)

1/26: ATCF Cancer Crackdown: Revival of The Fittest (Pasco, WA)

1/26: Hung Like Coff at PFC CrossFit (Las Vegas, NV)

1/26: Steel Rail Shootout 2019 (McComb, MS)

1/26: Woid Beast Fitness Challenge (Cham, Germany)

1/26: Brick NY Midtown Throwdown (New York, NY)

1/26: Fifth Annual Cold Steel Classic (Oswego, IL) 

1/26: New Year’s Revolution (Seminole, FL)

1/26: Three Rivers Throwdown (Rome, GA)

1/26 – 1/27: Cougars and Cradle Robbers (Salem, MA)

1/26 – 1/27: Game Day Eau Claire (Eau Claire, WI)

1/26 – 1/27: NorCal Masters (San Rafael, CA)

1/27: Big Dawgs Athlete Development Camp (Letchworth, England)

1/29 – 2/2: Fittest in Cape Town (Cape Town, South Africa)

2/1 – 2/2: Battle of the Brave III (North Kansas City, MO)

2/2: Golden State Games (Stockton, CA)

2/2: Left Coast Classic Competition (Laguna Niguel, CA)

2/2: Golden State Games (Stockton, CA)

2/2: A League of Their Own (San Antonio, TX)

2/2: True Paw III Crossfit Competition (Annapolis, MD)

2/3: Coffland Hero WOD (Norwalk, CT) 

2/9: Valentine’s Day Crush (North Hollywood, CA)

2/9: The Garage Games Master of the Masters (Suwanee, GA)

2/9: Cupid’s Roar Partner Competition (Melbourne, Australia)

2/9: 3rd Annual Black Ops Partner Competition (Wheaton, IL)

2/9: Bedrock Heart Breaker (Calgary, AB)

2/9: Battle of the Ages (Jacksonville, FL) 

2/9: Battle for Bae 2019 (San Mateo, CA)

2/9: Battle of the Fittest 6: NYC Throwdown (New York, NY)

2/9: My Bloody Valentine (Vidalia, OH)

2/9: 2nd Annual Battle of the Ages (Fruitland, ID)

2/9 – 2/10: The CrossFit Circus (Des Moines, IA)

2/16: Valentine’s Day Massacre (Kilgore, TX)

2/16: The Garage Games Xs & Ys (Valdosta, GA)

2/16: Couples Clash 2019 (Pensacola, FL)

2/16: Tuff Love (Boulder, CO)

2/16: Valentine’s Day Massacre (Selma, TX)

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