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Stop Having Dumb Debates About CrossFit

Good morning and welcome to the weekend edition of the Morning Chalk Up. This is Justin LoFranco, your Editor-in-Chief, to bring you a quick wrap-up of the major news items throughout the week.

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“Momentum requires continuous action, big or small.” — Hanna Look

Stop Having Dumb Debates About CrossFit

By Russ Greene, Director of Government Relations and Research at CrossFit, Inc.

Let’s get your objections out of the way. Yes, the author counts among the most prolific fitness debaters of the past decade. And yes, trainers and companies need to differentiate themselves.

The problem is not with debates, though, just with dumb ones. Unfortunately, the same old arguments keep popping up. And they’re based on false dilemmas.

One example of a false dilemma would be to ask an American: “Are you a Republican or a Democrat,” as if no other options existed. We often make this type of mistake in fitness, too. Below are some examples.

Personal Training vs. Group Classes

This debate presupposes that there is an official CrossFit model that consists of coached group classes, and then juxtaposes that model with personal training. You might have heard of an affiliate that tried an exlusive group class format, then found more success with a different class structure, and people falsely concluded that the gym was no long engaging in CrossFit’s methodology.

But who said anyone had to choose between personal and group training? A gym or trainer can and should offer both formats. And members can benefit from both as well.

Nor is personal training foreign to CrossFit. In fact, CrossFit founder Greg Glassman developed his practice through personal training first. He only developed the CrossFit group class model after a couple of decades coaching, and transitioned to it gradually, while still retaining some personal training clients. I cannot better summarize Greg’s conclusions than he already did, so I won’t try.

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CrossFit Open 20.2 Workout Description and Strategies
Morning Chalk Up

The second workout of the 2020 CrossFit Open is here. Make sure you’ve got the movement standards sorted out and take a moment to form a strategy before giving 20.2 a go. 

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Open Hashtags Build an Even Stronger CrossFit Community
Jessica Danger

The Open, in its tenth iteration this year, is the CrossFit community’s time to shine. With customizable leaderboards, this year athletes can choose to compete with specific groups within the broader community and some of these sub-communities are taking full advantage of the Open.

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One Foot, Two Foot, Ready For Takeoff
Tommy Marquez

“Must jump over the barbell using a two-foot takeoff. Single-legged jumping or stepping over the bar is not permitted,” is the explicit language in the movement standards for the bar-facing burpee in Open workout 20.1. The current debate amongst the community is whether or not a significant portion of athletes – top performers included – are actually adhering to that standard in their workout submissions.

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The 2020 Power Rankings: How The Stats Say The Top 10 Will Play Out
Brittney Kleyn

Forget leaderboarding, we’ve crunched the numbers to scrap the guessing game and reveal the Power Rankings for the 2020 CrossFit Games Season. We’ve done the hard work for you, reviewing athletes past performances to map out these power rankings for the 2019-2020 Games season.

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“Sport as a tool for social change”; How CrossFit and ULIFTU is Serving the Greater Philadelphia Area
Jessica Danger

In the greater Philadelphia area, affiliate owner and founder of ULIFTU, Wylie Belasik, is using CrossFit to work with citizens re-entering the community after incarceration, empowering them to become strong leaders in their own lives and communities.

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Athlete Predictions: Probability of Finishing Top 30 After 20.1
Scott Henderson

Once the 20.1 scores were in, we got down to it, working to analyze the probability of an athlete finishing in the top 30 worldwide given their week 1 performance. If you only pay attention to one of these stats, let is be this one: the past five years, only 12 athletes who placed outside the top 300 in week 1 finished 30th or better worldwide.

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THINGS TO BE: A Certified WAG Coach
Only a few spots left for the next WAG Coach Certification program. WAG certified coaches are nutrition science experts who have learned their macro-focused methodology and are equipped to instruct and lead clients to reach the physical, mental and emotional health goals.

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Week Two of the 2020 CrossFit Open is here, folks. Let’s get through this weekend of WODs and re-do’s together. We got you covered with what you need to know and a few things to keep your spirits high.

1. Here is the description of 20.2 and a list of strategies to consider.

2. Make sure you enter your score by Monday at 5:00 PM PT.

3. Bookmark our 2020 Open Movement Tracker.

4. Feel solidarity once you realize that Dave Castro does these Open WODs too.

5. Make these pumpkin cinnamon rolls when you’re done with 20.2. You earned these bad boys. 

6. Margaux Alvarez shared her scars from the Ruck event alongside a powerful message.

7. Watch Ben Smith clean 330 pounds in a pair of Nano 4s.

8. Sanctionals are right around the corner. Get pumped with Reykjavik CrossFit Championship Episode 1.

…and if you’re kicking 20.2 off for someone, don’t forget the GO in 3…2..1 GO.

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