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Teens Jumping to the Individual Division

Morning Chalk Up

June 5

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Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up. The Teens and Masters International Competition is the latest to join the list of venues where Age Group athletes can show off their fitness. And, elite teens have struggled to make the leap into the individual division, our teen writer, Ava Kitzi has more below.

  • The TMIC is the latest competition offering a unique opportunity for Age Group athletes.
  • A tiny percentage of teen athletes make it in the individual division, Ava Kitzi explains why.

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Teen and Masters International Championships Offers Online Competition for Athletes

  Teen and Masters International Championships Offers Online Competition for Athletes  

The options for CrossFit athletes in the age group divisions to showcase their fitness continues to increase. The Teen and Masters International Championship is the latest competition to join the list. Like the other age group competitions, the TMIC looks to fill the void for the teen and master athletes who saw their season come to an end after HQ announced the cancelation of their divisions at the 2020 CrossFit Games.

One big thing: What separates the TMIC from other competitions is that it’s an invite-only,  international online competition.

  • The competition will be held from July 29-August 3, during the same time that the Games will be held and what would normally be the age group athletes’ time to show off a season’s worth of training.

The details:

  • The competition will feature six to eight workouts over the course of those six days.
  • The TMIC will consist of eight age group divisions for both men and women, 14-15, 16-17, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, and 60+.
  • The top 20 athletes in each division of the 2020 CrossFit Age Group Online Qualifier will receive invitations.
  • Age group division champions in any Sanctional competition are also invited.
  • Champions of The Teen Fitness League and Masters Legends Competition.
  • Athletes who are outside of the top-20 in the AGOQ are also eligible and are asked to email Connor Martin for more information.
  • Programming for the event will be provided by Bill Grundler and Chase Ingraham.
  • The Masters Legends Comp and the Teen Fitness League have also partnered for the event.
  • Athlete’s who have confirmed to compete at the TMIC include Ryan Elrod (35-39 masters AGOQ champion), Suzzana Etto (35-39 Masters AGOQ champion), Kelley Jackson (35-39 Masters 2nd AGOQ and CrossFit Games athlete), Stephanie Roy (40-44 two-time CrossFit Games age group champion), Janet Black (45-49 two-time CrossFit Games champion) and Laurie Meschinick (55-59 CrossFit Games champion).
  • The competition is free for all athletes and they can register on Competition Corner.

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Analysis: Making the Jump from the Teen to Individual Division

  Analysis: Making the Jump from the Teen to Individual Division  

Back in 2015 when the CrossFit Games debuted the teen division, it seemed that it could create a direct line to the Individual division, cultivating prodigies and an avid fanbase. However, six years after the introduction of the teen division, only eight of the 189 teen Games athletes have made the leap. A few of those athletes have made a significant mark and competed in the top echelon of competition.

Of the teen Games athletes, who has made it back as an individual?

  • Haraldur Holgersson (Team-CrossFit XY, 2017)
  • Filippa Ferm (Team- CrossFit Fabriken, 2018)
  • Ashleigh Wosney (Team- Reebok CrossFit One, 2018)
  • Gabriela Migala ( National Champion, Poland, 2019, 17th in the Open, 2020)
  • Haley Adams (32nd in the Open, 2019, 2020)
  • Guilherme Malheiros (National Champion, Brazil, 2019)
  • Bryan Hernández (National Champion, Colombia, 2019)
  • George Sterner (8th in the Open, 2019)

In addition, three more athletes were on track to return to Madison in 2020, but their trips were canceled due to the coronavirus outbreak.

  • Luis Oscar Mora (National Champion, Mexico)
  • Murtaza Nadeem (National Champion, Afghanistan)
  • Rees Machell (Team, Starr Strength Black)

But with only about six percent of teen athletes able to make the jump, what happened to the others?

Similar to other elite-level high school sports, competing at the top tier of CrossFit is almost a full-time job for these teens. After years of countless met cons and hours in the gym, psychological burnout can take a toll on any athlete, especially teenagers. Not to mention the toxicity many feel, whether it be from social media comparisons to getting badgered by friends and commenters about having “big muscles for a girl.”




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Colleen and the Fotsch Family Do Murph

Check out this quick video of Colleen Fotsch and her family hitting the hero WOD “Murph” on Memorial Day weekend. Don’t miss the kiddie pool soak at the end!



Everyone was stumped by Wednesday’s question of who won the most Regional Individual Events (female or male). The correct answer was Camille LeBlanc-Baszinet, she won 26 Events.

  • Today’s question: Which athlete (female or male) had the lowest worldwide point total to win the Open?

Submit your answer.



  • Viktor Munter clean and jerks 308 pounds.
  • Elisa Mogensen does a clean complex at 165 pounds.
  • Jadzia Onorati-Phillips cycles power cleans at 155 pounds.
  • Josh Latham snatches 225 pounds for a 20 pound PR.
  • Angel Gabriel push jerks 270 pounds for a PR.


Community Roundup

We are starting to hear about a number of memorial and fundraiser WODs in honor of George Floyd. Here are a few that have crossed our desks this week:

  • CrossFit Raeford: Raeford, NC affiliate, CrossFit Raeford is hosting a memorial WOD “In Honor of George Floyd” on June 6 at 10am. The event is free to enter and there are donation options. Learn more and sign-up.
  • Quarter Deck Athletics: On June 3, Quarter Deck Athletics in Buffalo, NY help a memorial/fundraiser WOD in memory of George Floyd. For every person who participates, the gym will donate $8.46 to the ACLU. One interesting aspect of the 20-minute workout is that, at the 8:26 mark, participants observe a minute of silent reflection. Learn more.
  • Black Power Cleans Lifting Club: The Washington DC-based lifting club, Black Power Cleans, is challenging the CrossFit community to complete the memorial WOD “Big Floyd” on June 6. An interesting aspect of this workout is that it includes a “buy in/cash out” asking participants to do some research and make a donation (they have included some suggestions for both. Learn more and join in.
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