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Ten-Year Affiliate Owner: It was “death by 1,000 cuts”

Morning Chalk Up

June 12


Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up. Yesterday a capacity virtual audience listened to a panel of ten-plus year affiliate owners and some of the most respected names in the sport and community of CrossFit as they discussed (at times emotionally) the future of their gyms and changes they require to remain connected to CrossFit Inc. And, after a three-month drought, elite-level CrossFit competition returns this weekend with the Rogue Invitational, Patrick Clark has more. Today:

  • Ten-Year affiliate panel gets raw and emotional, offers a message of hope for the future.
  • The Rogue Invitational kicks off tomorrow, we’ve got all the details below.
  • Katrin Davidsdottir issues a strong statement: “What we have right now is not a change I can stand by.”
  • ICYMI: CrossFit HQ on Tuesday provided a letter to the community entitled “Why Didn’t CrossFit Just Say Something?” Read it below.

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Ten-Year Affiliate Owners: It Wasn’t the Tweet or the Email. It was “death by 1,000 cuts”

  Ten-Year Affiliate Owners: It Wasn’t the Tweet or the Email. It was “death by 1,000 cuts”  

We can forgive Greg Glassman, but we can’t forget: This was four-time CrossFit Games Champion Rich Froning’s message on an Affiliate Panel held via Zoom on Thursday.

The purpose: Froning was accompanied on the panel by eight other 10-plus year affiliate owners, who discussed their position in the CrossFit community today, as well as what it would take for them to remain connected to the CrossFit brand in the future. The two-hour panel, with a maximum capacity of virtual attendees, was at times emotional and raw. The men and women on the panel have devoted their lives to fitness and the business and community of CrossFit and it showed.

  • According to Beyond the Whiteboard, Dave Castro’s “team was not only listening but welcomed the feedback during their planning process.”

The panelists included:

  • Pat Sherwood: An affiliate owner for 14 years and a long-time CrossFit HQ employee. Although Sherwood recently announced he was disaffiliating his gym, he remains a CrossFit HQ employee.
  • Chris Spealler: A 13-year affiliate owner, former CrossFit Seminar Staff and eight-time CrossFit Games athlete.
  • Chriss Smith: Long-time affiliate owner and former CrossFit Regionals director and Seminar Staff.
  • Annie Sakamoto: Long-time affiliate owner and manager of Glassman’s original CrossFit gym in Santa Cruz, CA.
  • Jennifer Hunter-Marshall: Ten-year affiliate owner, former Seminar Staff, former Regionals competitor and CrossFit Games master’s athlete.
  • David Osorio: A 13-year affiliate owner, who’s gym has 1,000 active members.

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Rogue Invitational Gathers Top Athletes for Online Competition

  Rogue Invitational Gathers Top Athletes for Online Competition  

It’s been just over three months since CrossFit fans were able to watch top athletes compete in an official competition. This weekend, June 13-14, Rogue puts an end to the competition drought caused by the COVID-19 pandemic with the second annual Rogue Invitational. This year’s iteration has a dramatically different look than last year, electing to throw a live, online competition from the homes and home gyms of top CrossFit athletes around the world.

What’s on the line: This year’s competition has dealt with a date change, a change of format from a live event to an online event, cancelation of the team and Legends divisions and most recently disaffiliation from CrossFit for this season. But in true Rogue fashion, it has kept persevering and has pulled out all the stops to throw a top-notch event with the best athletes and with it a total individual prize purse of $375,000.

  1. $50,000
  2. $40,000
  3. $30,000
  4. $20,000
  5. $15,000
  6. $10,000
  7. $5,000
  8. $3,000
  9. $2,000
  10. $1,000

Event wins for the athletes will also receive $5,000.

The format: Rogue continues to adapt and has adopted a unique set-up for their competition.


Davidsdottir Not Satisfied with CrossFit Change

  Davidsdottir Not Satisfied with CrossFit Change  

Without directly referring to newly installed CEO Dave Castro by name, two-time CrossFit Games champion Katrin Davidsdottir said “I am disappointed, to say the least, with the solution that was provided & I do not see change.” Davidsdottir is the first Games athlete to double-down on a call for more change at CrossFit HQ. 


  • “Earlier this week I posted a very hopeful post, because that was what I was. I BELIEVED there was going to be change for the better. I believed we were on a path to rebuild our sport & community.”
  • “I am disappointed, to say the least, with the solution that was provided & I do not see change. This might have given the worldwide press a headline that they wanted, but fundamentally there was no change. Doesn’t Greg Glassman still own 100% of CrossFit?”
  • “I believe we need LEADERSHIP, to be led with integrity and morals. A sport driven by unity and inclusivity. To have core values in the right place.”
  • What we have right now is not a change I can stand by. I believe we can & should do better than this.”

What happened: On Tuesday, Greg Glassman stepped down as CEO of CrossFit, Inc. and was replaced by longtime CrossFit Games director Dave Castro. In the time since Glassman’s resignation and retirement, more details emerged about a Zoom call with affiliate owners where Glassman said “We’re not mourning for George Floyd, I don’t think me or any of my staff are.” 

  • Many in the community initially praised the move to install Castro at the helm, while others pointed out that Glassman still owns 100% of the company and technically remains in control. 

Why Didn’t CrossFit Just Say Something?

  Why Didn’t CrossFit Just Say Something?  

By CrossFit

This letter is from CrossFit Headquarters, which plays host to a cadre of independent thinkers who come from all walks of life and hold many different beliefs. Despite our differences, we are united in our commitment to a visionary approach to health and fitness and our mission to bring that vision to the larger community. We love CrossFit. It is our common ground.

We disappointed you.

It hurt you and us. We need to talk.

The CrossFit community is in need of peace. This year has put unrelenting pressure on us all, exposed unaddressed flaws, and been near unbearable for many.

Change is needed. We all need healing.

Exhaustion and a long history of silent grievances have been laid bare on social media. We cannot change what has happened, but we ask for forgiveness while we thoroughly examine ourselves.

Why Did Greg Say That?

Greg Glassman founded CrossFit and is responsible for delivering a life-changing and paradigm-altering truth. The methodology he created provides an elegant solution to the problem of chronic disease ravaging our world today. He is passionately focused on that message and its implications. He relentlessly attacks those who dilute or deny essential truths.

That does not excuse the fact that Greg’s statements were incredibly insensitive and hurtful. Please accept our deepest apology for contributing to the pain and confusion permeating our community — a community we love and respect for its vibrancy, strength of spirit, and diversity.




Colleen Fotsch Takes On…the Peloton Bike

In this episode of her vlog, Games athlete Colleen Fotsch hits her first-ever Peloton workout the day after Murph, works out with her family, and hikes in Santa Cruz.

  Morning Chalk Up  


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Sean and Tommy Discuss the CrossFit HQ Shake-Up

Following the big news earlier this week, Talking Elite Fitness Hosts Tommy Marquez and Sean Woodland sat down to talk about Dave Castro as the new CEO of CrossFit Inc., broke-down the most recent episode of the Titan Games and previewed the Rogue Invitational.

  Morning Chalk Up  



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Congratulations to Brandon M., who was the first to correctly answer which two athletes competed in all Ten Regionals as an Individual. The correct answer was Rebecca Voigt Miller and Ben Smith. They competed in all 10 Regionals as Individuals.

  • Today’s question: Which man and woman won the inaugural 2019 Rogue Invitational?

Submit your answer.



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