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Testing Games Events; What Does It Mean?

Morning Chalk Up

July 23

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Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up. This is your Sr. Managing Editor, Joe Genetin-Pilawa, back at the helm. Our stories today focus both on the sport side of CrossFit and the affiliate landscape, and highlight some teen Games entrepreneurs. Below:

  • Games veterans test 2020 events at the CrossFit Ranch.
  • California CrossFit gyms in 30 counties move workouts back outside and into the heat to abide by state regulations.
  • Teen employment is at an all-time low, but some elite teen Games athletes are finding success in fitness businesses.

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Sweeney, Carroll, Pichelli Testing Games Events at Ranch

  Sweeney, Carroll, Pichelli Testing Games Events at Ranch  

A handful of Games athletes who did not qualify for the 2020 CrossFit Games after the qualification rules were changed due to COVID-19 are at the CrossFit Ranch testing Games workouts.

Who’s up there: Sean Sweeney, Jason Carroll and Alessandra Pichelli were pictured in an Instagram story posted by CrossFit’s Director of Media Sevan Matossian. Dave Castro confirmed the intention of their trip in an Instagram post. Alison Scudds and Connor Schmitz were also seen testing at the Ranch back in June.

  • Castro often uses CrossFit Games athletes who missed that year’s cut to test out workouts, which allows him to fine-tune weights, distances or time domains.
  • Demo teams are largely made up of former Games athletes and athletes on the cusp of qualifying.
  • Jason Carroll made frequent trips to Castro’s secret San Diego-based planning facility back in 2018 when he failed to qualify at Regionals. Here’s more on that experience.
  • Julian Alcarez donned that honor back in 2017 when he declined his fourth-place Games qualifying spot at the California Regional because he was set to become a father in August.

Why it matters: Testing the events now signals CrossFit Games staff’s intention to continue moving forward with the planning for the event currently scheduled to take place in less than eight weeks.

  • As Tommy Marquez pointed out, there are a myriad of complications arising in Calfornia due to COVID-19, specifically in Monterey County where the CrossFit Ranch is located.
  • Notably, California Governor Gavin Newsom closed down fitness centers across 30 counties for the second time this year.
  • Also worth noting, according to a planner at the Resource Management Agency of Monterey County, the agency responsible for issuing permits, the formal permit application for the CrossFit Games has not yet been filed as of Monday. According to the planner, once the formal application is received, a 30-day review process begins before a hearing is scheduled.

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California Gyms Adapt to Current Climate

  California Gyms Adapt to Current Climate  

After Governor Gavin Newsom’s announcement on July 13, closing indoor operations for fitness centers, places of worship, hair salons and several other types of businesses in 30 counties of 58 counties, California gym owners have literally and figuratively acted quickly to adapt to the new climate in their state, one that includes moving their training outside amidst California’s summer heat.

Background: For many CA gyms, such as Boombox North Fitness in Escondido, CrossFit Inglewood and Double Barrel Fitness in San Marcos, this is a step backward. All three are located in counties that had been allowed to operate indoors for the last month.

  • “We were open for exactly one month before San Diego county gyms (were told they) have to operate outside [as of] July 15,” said Brittani Bauer, Boombox North Fitness owner.
  • Similarly, Benjamin Timm, Double Barrel Fitness owner, had been training clients inside since June 12, and Michael Taylor, CrossFit Inglewood owner, had been operating inside since June 16, with limited class sizes and masks. Both have been forced to pivot their businesses once again.

Meanwhile, other CA gyms were finally on the brink of reopening indoors, only to be hit with the news that this wouldn’t be happening.


CrossFit Teen Entrepreneurs Develop Business Sense Alongside Fitness

  CrossFit Teen Entrepreneurs Develop Business Sense Alongside Fitness  

Teen employment is at an historic low due to the COVID-19 pandemic; the New York Times reported that only 23% of 16 to 19-year-olds will work this summer. And while some high school and college students are reselling sneakers, running LEGO rental services, and mowing lawns (a classic), elite CrossFit teens are exercising their entrepreneurial spirits within the fitness ecosystem.

One big thing: Training for the CrossFit Games is expensive and with little additional free time and — due to the pandemic —  few opportunities for traditional summer jobs, some elite CrossFit teens have developed fitness and nutrition-based businesses to help the broader CrossFit community and earn extra money.

Three-time Fittest Teen on Earth Dallin Pepper, an incoming 18-year-old freshman at Utah State University first entered Spanish Fork CrossFit in 2015, where he would eventually qualify for his three consecutive teen Games appearances, all of which he won in a dominant fashion.

When Pepper retired triumphantly from the teen division and stared down the daunting jump to the individual division and the seemingly ever-changing Games qualification process, he realized he needed to take a career into account, too.

  • “I didn’t really want to get a job because I was training for the Games and still in school, so coaching and programming online were my best bet to be able to keep competing,” Pepper said of his original intent when starting his own programming company.

In June, Pepper launched the website for Pepper Programs. The pride and centerpiece of his new venture is the movement-specific guide, teaching customers to improve the likes of their muscle up, snatch, or assault bike endurance. These multi-week documents give athletes guidance to improve their weaknesses in addition to their regular programming. According to Pepper, this was much needed in the functional fitness space.




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