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The Biggest Surprises From Stage One of the Games

Morning Chalk Up

September 22


Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up. We are still digging through everything that happened during stage one of the CrossFit Games last weekend. Following her emphatic victory, reigning Fittest Woman on Earth, Tia-Clair Toomey sat down with the Morning Chalk Up’s Patrick Clark to discuss the weekend and her plans as she heads to Aromas, CA for the finals next month.

  • Tommy Marquez dives deep into the biggest surprises and disappointments we saw throughout the competition.
  • And, Emily Beers profiles two-time Games qualifier Jeffrey Adler and the role that consistency played in his top-five performance in stage one.

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Unstoppable, Toomey On Verge of Historic Fourth “Fittest” Title

  Unstoppable, Toomey On Verge of Historic Fourth "Fittest" Title  

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The Biggest Surprises From Stage One of the Games

  The Biggest Surprises From Stage One of the Games  

We’re now a few days removed from the first ever online portion of the CrossFit Games, and now that we’ve had some time to rest and digest from the weekend’s action there are some results that stand above the rest as the biggest surprises from the round one.

The big picture: Not all of these surprises are good — while some literally force us to reframe what is possible for human performance — it’s equally important to acknowledge the other side of the coin as context for what sets our expectations as fans to better recognize what’s truly noteworthy for better or worse.


Consistency Pays Off for CrossFit Games Finals Qualifier Jeffrey Adler

  Consistency Pays Off for CrossFit Games Finals Qualifier Jeffrey Adler  

Considering he was fifth overall in the 2020 CrossFit Games Open, it shouldn’t come as a total shock that Jeffrey Adler found himself in the top five last weekend. But for Adler, qualifying for the CrossFit Games Finals to be held October 19-25 in Aromas, CA, was admittedly a huge surprise.

  • “My personal goal was top 15. I wanted to be in the top half, but after the first four workouts that maybe changed to top 10. But then I knew the handstand hold event might make it hard for me to stay there,” said 26-year-old Adler, who had his lowest placing of the competition on the Max Handstand Hold — 27th.

Adler finished his Games stage one weekend with an event he knew would be a good one for him — Awful Annie — and although he felt good about his performance, he did not think it would land him in the top five.

  • “Alex Caron, Sam Cournoyer and I exchanged our scores the whole weekend, so I knew at that point that Sam had beaten me on the last workout by like 30 seconds. And when I heard that, I lost all faith of being in the top five. Then I was hoping I’d stay in the top 10,” Adler said.

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  Born Primitive Recognizes Healthcare Workers With 1000 Heroes Project  

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Good Read: Sara Sigmundsdottir Practices for Pressure

The South China Morning Post yesterday published a provocatively titled article by Mark Agnew. In “Sara Sigmundsdottir Chokes Again, But There is Hope for Her as She Unwittingly Practices for Pressure,” Agnew argues that while Sigmundsdottir’s fitness and skills have continued to improve, the stress of the CrossFit Games and the expectations and pressures she feels may be contributing to her lower finishes. Here are a few key takeaways from the article:

  • “Sigmundsdottir burst onto the CrossFit scene in 2015 with a third-place finish at the Games. She then backed up her performance with another third place in 2016. She was just 23 at her inaugural Games and everyone wondered how far she could go, but instead she dropped down the rankings, finishing fourth, 37th and 19th, with different reasons ranging from injury to format changes.”
  • “But these results do not suggest she is getting worse at CrossFit or her fitness is failing her. In the years that she has slipped down the Games rankings, she has also won three Regionals and the Open three times, including this season’s Open. The first leg of the Games was online as athletes competed remotely, so if her Open success is anything to go by then the format should have suited her.
  • In addition, Sigmundsdottir has won two of the Sanctional events this season, fuelling even more speculation that this could have been her year at the Games. So why has she come up short again?
  • Agnew goes on to assert that Sigmundsdottir has choked at the Games: “Choking is defined as underperforming in stressful situations, according to ’Choking interventions in sports: A systematic review’ in the ’International Review of Sport and Exercise Psychology.'”
  • Fortunately, though, he believes that many changes to the CrossFit season and to Sigmundsdottir’s practices are inadvertently beginning to address this issue: “Adding a routine and exposing herself to more pressure at incremental levels may have come too late this year, but they are both sure to pay dividends in years to come. Sigmundsdottir’s days of choking are hopefully behind her.
There’s much more in the article itself, be sure to give it a good read.
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