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The Cardio CrossFit Games 2.0?

Morning Chalk Up

October 10


Welcome to the weekend edition of the Morning Chalk Up. Intermittent fasting is a nutrition trend and many people swear by it; Hilary Achauer gave it a try and relates her story below. And, Sara Sigmundsdottir suffered a box jump shin injury that evolved into an infection and ultimately an adrenal issue that impacted her Games performance.

  • Also, Patrick Clark follows up on his odd object analysis with a deep dive into cardio-based events at the Ranch.

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Worth Noting


Product News

  • RX Smart Gear has released a new Air Mat that will not only protect your rope as you jump but also your calves and Achilles tendons. And, it will help improve your jump and turn-over rate.

  • LRX Apparel has released a “statement t-shirt.” They envision the shirt to be an invitation to build a relationship with a new apparel brand. 

  • NBA and NFL investments push recovery company Hyperice’s valuation to $700 million.

  • Butcher Box is offering two free 5 oz. lobster tails and two 6 oz. filet mignons in your first box if you sign up now.

Athlete News

  • Meg Reardon had her knee scoped yesterday. She’s been dealing with a cartilage issue for a year this procedure should clean it up.

  • Low cortisol was the cause of Sara Sigmundsdottir’s poor performance in stage one.

  • Hillary Froning published her first book entitled Blessed by Adoption.

Everything Else

  • Mayhem Mission is a non-profit created by Rich Froning and friends with the objective to impact communities both domestic and abroad. Last weekend they partnered with Reebok to give away 100 pairs of Nanos.

  • VETWOD has teamed up with Operation RSF and CronusFit to put together a special event to benefit the All Secure Mission Foundation on World Mental Health Day.


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Intermittent Fasting Isn’t Magic — A Closer Look at the Popular Diet Trend

  Intermittent Fasting Isn’t Magic -- A Closer Look at the Popular Diet Trend  

Intermittent fasting is one of the biggest diet trends of the last few years — in 2019 it was the top diet-related search term, according to Google. Unlike many new diet fads, however, as intermittent fasting grew in popularity it seemed as if science was starting to support the benefits of the diet. In early 2020 the New York Times published an article about the benefits of intermittent fasting, saying it helps your body burn fat, reduces inflammation, and even improves high blood pressure and insulin resistance. 

Many of my friends in the gym told me how much they loved intermittent fasting, how it improved their focus, sharpened their minds, and helped them lose or maintain weight. After resisting for a year — I really do love breakfast — I decided to give intermittent fasting a try.  


Low Cortisol Cause of Sigmundsdottir’s Lackluster Performance

  Low Cortisol Cause of Sigmundsdottir’s Lackluster Performance  

Nearly three weeks after fans were left baffled by Sara Sigmundsdottir’s performance during stage 1 of the CrossFit Games, it’s been revealed that a May 2020 box jump inury that later turned into an infection and emergency room visit were the cause of serious performance related issues, according to a series of Instagram posts by the five-time Games athlete.

What happened: “I have been dealing with an issue that originated in one clumsy box jump in May, where I split my shin wide open and ended up in the emergency room with 12 stitches,” Sigmundsdottir wrote in an Intagram post.

  • “This was just few weeks before the @rogueinvitational, so I was in a race against time and allowed a shorter time than I should have to let the wound heal. 8 weeks later, after the wound had totally closed, an infection emerged. The swelling progressed rapidly and within hours it looked like I had a second knee on my left leg. Again I had to rush to the emergency room, this time for a minimal surgery which was followed by a cycle of strong antibiotics. “

CrossFit Games Event Analysis: The Cardio Games 2.0?

  CrossFit Games Event Analysis: The Cardio Games 2.0?  

We looked at how the men and women stack up against each other when it comes to “Odd Object” workouts at the Games on Wednesday. Today we analyze workouts that test aerobic capacity: monostructural workouts (i.e. swimming, a sprint, or biking) or workouts that include cardiovascular endurance mixed with other movements (i.e. Murph or last year’s “First Cut” workout at the Games). We will use historical data in those defined workouts going back to the 2016 Games to analyze what awaits the five men and women in the live stage of the Games at the Ranch in Aromas, CA on Oct. 19-25

The big picture: Since 2016 the Games has averaged five aerobic capacity workouts during the week of testing to find the “Fittest.” Expect Dave Castro to utilize every acre of the Ranch to test the ten athletes in the finals this year.

Aerobic capacity workouts: Since the 2016 Games, there have been 22 workouts that test aerobic capacity. Last year many dubbed the Games, “the Cardio Games” due to the many aerobic workouts but in actuality it was about par for the course over the last four years. What might have been the reason for that was that four of the first six workouts featured some form of test of cardiovascular endurance (five if you count the short row and handstand walks of “Second Cut” but we are counting it more as a gymnastics/skills test).




A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Justin Medeiros’ Stage One Performance

By qualifying for the 2020 CrossFit Games finals out of stage one, Justin Medeiros already won rookie of the year honors. In this film, “In the Hunt,” you get an all-access view as the 21-year-old put in one of the greatest rookie performances we’ve ever seen.

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Your Gym WAG Certified

Looking to offer your members one-on-one nutrition coaching at the gym? The Working Against Gravity business program allows box owners to offer nutrition coaching to their members without having to reinvent the wheel. The first step is to get WAG Coach Certified.

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Kara Saunders Thoughts on Her Stage One Performance

Eighth-place finisher in the 2020 CrossFit Games, Kara Saunders, recorded a very personal and honest assessment of her performance and the overall experience of stage one. In a word, she was disappointed but grateful and optimistic after a long tough season and coming back from having a baby.

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The Landmine Box Squat

If the back rack position doesn’t work for you many coaches will substitute front rack or goblet squats. And while those are great, each have their drawbacks. You can still develop strong legs and glutes with another squat variation — the landmine box squat. Learn how in this quick article, with instructional videos, by T-Nation.



  • Jason Ray front squats 415 pounds for a 10 pound PR.
  • Terrii Wachala deadlifts 200 pounds for a PR.
  • Congratulations to Emily Molnar who has been cancer-free for 2 years.
  • Shannon Gallina-Conners snatches 140 pounds for a 5 pound PR.
  • Seb Ischnei backsquats 385 pounds for a new 5RM.
  • Ragnhild Hartviksen jerks 154 pounds for a PR. 


Top Trending Stories at the Morning Chalk Up

In case you missed them, here are five of the top trending stories at the Morning Chalk Up this week:

Bonus video: Predictions on the Women’s Side of Phase Two of the 2020 CrossFit Games.

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