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The CrossFit Games Face Major Hurtles

Morning Chalk Up

June 20

Competition Corner

Good morning and welcome to the weekend edition of the Morning Chalk Up. Tommy Marquez breaks down the three major hurdles facing the CrossFit Games right now. And, learn about “WODs for Wishes,” a charity doing great work within the CrossFit community. Today:

  • Major hurdles facing the CrossFit Games.
  • WODs for Wishes raises thousands for terminally ill children.
  • Teen athletes confront body dysmorphia and pressure to conform to beauty and body standards.

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Three Major Hurdles For The 2020 CrossFit Games

  Three Major Hurdles For The 2020 CrossFit Games  

The Rogue Invitational gave us a small taste of what life was before the insanity of the last few months set in, with compelling competition between elite athletes throwing down in a new, but still entertaining setting.

The only thing left on the schedule now as far as competition is concerned is the CrossFit Games. Typically this would be cause for excitement but the entire sport (and community) is currently in a state of flux, and when examining the landscape on the path to Aromas, there are three major hurdles standing in the way.

Hurdle #1 – Red Tape

The thing no one is talking about is the fact that despite all the other issues that have been swirling is the need for an actual event permit and legislative permission for the event to happen in the first place. Any natural timeframe for doing so has undoubtedly been delayed or muddled by the restrictions and processes put in place by the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Monterey County which is where the Ranch in Aromas is zoned, is one of only a handful of counties in California that has moved into stage 3 of reopening which includes business offices like the county administrative offices, and has cleared the way for events like the Games to take place.
  • The Games team announced on April 16th that they were evaluating options for hosting the Games in Aromas – giving them more than 3 months to plan.
  • The Games permit was filed April 27 with the county having signed the application as officially received on May 1st.
  • Per our conversations with the county, in a “typical year” it is recommended that six months be budgeted for the permitting process, with construction permit applications needing to be submitted 60 days prior, and processing times for additional permits taking up to 45 days. However office closures have undoubtedly extended that timeline.

Time To Shake Up The Leaderboards

Competition Corner
Time To Shake Up The Leaderboards

We’re excited to announce a new scoring feature to the Competition Corner platform, ‘absolute scoring’.

On top of our current scoring stack, you can now rank competitors based on their raw performance. 

This new scoring format will challenge athletes to earn and make every second, pound and repetition count!

This feature opens up more opportunities for Event Organizers to expand their playbook and event portfolio within other sports such as weightlifting, powerlifting, and many more.

To learn more, head over to Competition Corner


CrossFit Alchemy’s Charity Fundraiser Goes Virtual and Breaks Record

  CrossFit Alchemy’s Charity Fundraiser Goes Virtual and Breaks Record  

Heading into their annual “WODs for Wishes” charity competition on June 13 — an event that raises money for children with life-threatening illnesses — organizer Craig Latendresse wasn’t sure what to expect.

His gym in Hamilton, Ontario is still closed due to COVID-19, and Latendresse and his partner Leanne Owen were concerned that turning it into an online Zoom competition would deter folks.

  • “With the gym being closed this year due to COVID-19, we didn’t know if we’d be able to get as many participants and donations as previous years,” said Owen, who has participated in the event the last six years.

Zoom leads to a record-breaking year: To their pleasant surprise, this year’s event raised more money than any other year so far.

The event attracted more than 100 participants and raised $22,285 CAD for the Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada, a charitable organization that provides wishes to children facing life-threatening illnesses.

  • “It turned out to be the most successful charity event to date,” Owen said.

The day kicked off with a partner competition via Zoom, which involved three workouts. After that, Latendresse completed another 21 workouts in just 12 hours. Members joined in on workouts throughout the day to provide support. The third component of the day involved a Burpee Drive-By, where people went to the gym and picked up a card, which told them how many burpees they needed to do, as well as how much money they needed to donate.

Fundraiser background: Latendresse has been hosting the fundraiser since 2013 to honor his brother Jenner, who died of liver cancer one day before his 12th birthday. Prior to his death, Jenner received a wish from the Children’s Wish Foundation — a laptop and Toronto Maple Leafs memorabilia. This gesture always stuck with Latendresse and his family, he explained.


“Fitness has Nothing to Do with Fatness”: Teen Athletes Speak Out about Body Positivity

  "Fitness has Nothing to Do with Fatness": Teen Athletes Speak Out about Body Positivity  

If the older generations looked to magazines like Vogue and Cosmopolitan to see prevailing beauty standards, teens today have a guide to the model body, how to (unhealthily) achieve it, and their self-worth if they can’t, in their pockets all day, with no escape. Social media. It’s flooded with get-fit-quick schemes, detox teas, and photoshop, and it’s no secret that the perfected bodies teens see on Instagram are a major prompter for eating disorders and body image issues. And while teen CrossFitters probably aren’t obsessed with fashion models like their peers, the people they see as they scroll do create a high standard that can be just as destructive.

17-year-old Emma Spath knows the consequences of this new cultural touchpoint particularly well. Spath qualified for the 2018 CrossFit Games in the 14-15 division, years after setting her mind on getting to the Games when gymmate Brooke Ence earned a trip in 2015.

  • “Watching Brooke compete was definitely when I decided I wanted to go to the Games,” Spath said. “Seeing her on TV, I knew that’s where I wanted to be.”

In the 2017 Age Group Online Qualifier, 14-year-old Spath placed 36 worldwide, just 16 spots out of the Games. So when the 2018 Open and AGOQ rolled around, she came out with a vengeance and ambition that seemed to surprise even her.

  • “I think I redid one of the workouts three times,” Spath laughed, recalling that she tried to give herself as many tries as possible to qualify for the Games.

Spath recalled deleting social media, advising her friends not to talk to her, and avoiding the leaderboard in order to stay focused during the weekend of the Qualifier. And in the end, it paid off. Spath placed 18 in the AGOQ in 2018, punching her ticket to Madison. After scores had been finalized the Wednesday after the AGOQ, Spath got the good news surrounded by her favorite people.




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