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The Haley Adams Effect

Morning Chalk Up

November 16   |   POWERED BY


Happy Monday and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up. Haley Adams has made a big impact in the women’s division over the past two years, but what impact has her success had on the next generation of elite women’s athletes? Patrick Clark has more. And, Niki Brazier was skeptical of biomarker testing, but changed her mind after working with InsideTracker.

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  The Haley Adams Effect: The Future of the Women’s Division  


The Haley Adams Effect: The Future of the Women’s Division

Most 19-year old girls spend their time studying, watching and creating Tik Tok videos, Facetime, or shopping. Most do not have to worry about being a role model and the responsibilities that come with that. Haley Adams isn’t your typical 19-year old. On top of doing the things a normal teen does, she also holds the distinction of leading a new generation of women athletes in the sport.

Remind me: Though not the first athlete to make the transition from the CrossFit Games teen division to the individual competition, she has had the most success. After three years competing in the teen divisions culminating with a dominant performance in 2018 as a 17-year old, Adams went on to finish sixth in her debut as an individual Games athlete. She continued her rise amongst the women’s division this past season, finishing fourth at the Games in a gutsy performance not often seen from a person of her age.

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Introducing AIRWAAV

Introducing AIRWAAV

AIRWAAV is not just a product, a person, or a group. It is the universal drive inside every individual that turns failure into strength. It is the heart, the passion, and the fire that drives you to be your best.

The AIRWAAV Performance Mouthpiece creates an optimal airway opening which provides:

  • Increased Endurance: Reduces respiratory rate by 20%.
  • Increased Strength: Improves muscular endurance.
  • Faster Recovery: Reduces cortisol build up levels by up to 50%.

Built With Purpose | Backed By Science

  Bernsie Klaus and NOBULL Gives Back For The Holiday Season  

Bernsie Klaus and NOBULL Gives Back For The Holiday Season

For most, the holiday season is an exciting time of the year filled with festivities and presents. However, for many, the reality is that the cost of holiday presents, parties, and fun is too much of a financial strain for their family.

One big thing: When he was younger, Invictus Boston coach Bern Prince’s favorite thing to find under the tree on Christmas morning was a trendy new pair of sneakers. This year, he wanted to bring the same joy to kids of the Boston public school system. Thus, Prince’s alter ego, “Bernsie Klaus” was born.

  • Partnering with NOBULL, Prince’s event planning company, Freedom, Family, Future LLC, worked to organize and distribute shoes to 100 Boston Public School kids on November 14th.
  • “We all know 2020 has been a trying year, to say the least, so the thought process was that if we give these shoes away, it’s one less gift that the parents have to worry about or budget for the holiday season,” said Prince.
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  I Was Skeptical of Biomarker Testing… But Now I’m So Glad I Tried It.  

I Was Skeptical of Biomarker Testing… But Now I’m So Glad I Tried It.

Look, it’s safe to say I drank the kool-aid when it comes to CrossFit culture. Read: I’m a gear junkie. I’ll never be an elite athlete, but that doesn’t stop me from owning basically every training tool ever developed and tracking all my health data like I’m gearing up for Happy Star at the Ranch this weekend. Seriously — I won’t squat without my belt, I can’t snatch without my wrist wraps, and I track my sleep, my cycles, my macros, basically anything I can. But when I first heard about InsideTracker’s biomarker testing…. I just wasn’t sold. A blood test? Isn’t that kind of extreme?

Here’s the scoop: InsideTracker is a company founded by a group of experts in aging, genetics, and biometric data. Basically — they’re wicked smart scientists who understand a lot more about what the body should be doing than most of us. And they developed a series of different tests to bring that data to average athletes like myself.

  • The Ultimate Plan is the one I opted for. It’s a blood test that provides a report on 43 different biomarkers in your body. Everything from the typical readings your doc takes (like cholesterol) to some pretty athlete-specific markers like cortisol and inflammation.
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  I Was Skeptical of Biomarker Testing… But Now I’m So Glad I Tried It.  

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  Filthy 150 Launches The 12 Days of Filthy  

Filthy 150 Launches The 12 Days of Filthy

The CrossFit Filthy 150 is launching a new competition this holiday season, The 12 Days of Filthy.

The details: From December 1 to 12, teams around the world can compete in the Irish Sanctional’s online, three-workout competition, with or without access to a gym. All that’s needed to participate are two dumbbells and a jump rope.

  • Teams of four — two women and two men — are eligible to register as RX, scaled, or scaled plus in the open age or masters divisions.
  • All three workouts need to be completed between December 1 and 12. Teams can complete the workouts individually or together; the score for each WOD will be a total of each team member’s reps.
  • The registration fee is €25 and includes a festive tee, to help athletes get into the holiday spirit.
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Get Inside Kari Pearce's Head as She Recaps Her Atalanta Performance

In case you missed it last week, Justin LoFranco met up with Kari Pearce in Las Vegas to talk through her gritty, all-time great Atalanta performance from the 2020 CrossFit Games. It was do or die time and Pearce emptied the tank, learn more about her mindset in this interview.




2 Free Weeks of SugarWOD

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Five Presses for Irritated Shoulders

We've all been there. After a hard week or two of training, your shoulders are smashed. Shoulder pressing doesn't have to equal pain though. Here are five shoulder exercises that, based on the angles, minimize pain while maximizing gains.



The Ultimate Steak Sampler

Starting today and running through November 30, new ButcherBox subscription members will receive six grass-fed, grass-finished steaks (two New York strips + four top sirloins) for free in their first box.



Warm Brussels Sprouts Salad

This beautiful warm brussels sprouts salad tossed with crispy bacon, toasted hazelnuts, dried cranberries and a light lemon dressing is amazing! It's a twist on a classic shredded brussels sprouts salad and so full of flavor. It makes a wonderful lunch or holiday side dish!


Congratulations to Micah C., who was the first to correctly answer who was the tallest individual athlete to compete at the CrossFit Games since 2009. The correct answer was Aja Barto. He is 6’5″ and competed at the Games as an individual in 2011, 2012, and 2013.

  • Today’s question: Which women have won multiple individual Games events at the Ranch?

Submit your answer.


Community Round-Up

Our community round-up today focuses on a fundraiser and some COVID news:

  • Babylon CrossFit Honors Fallen Hero: On November 14, the Babylon CrossFit community in Long Island, NY took on “Murph,” CrossFit’s most famous workout. While most gyms schedule this workout on Memorial Day, many bumped it to Veterans Day due to COVID.
  •  CrossFit Catacombs Plans for COVID Restrictions: As county-level restrictions ebb-and-flow, many gym owners face an uncertain future. Daryl Philipp, owner of CrossFit Catacombs in La Plata County, CO is ready though. She learned lessons last spring and is ready to lean in to virtual classes and plans to maintain close connections to her members as key pillar moving forward.
  •  Fighting COVID on the Daily: River Valley CrossFit in Van Buren, AR is working hard to make sure their space is safe for everyone. Learn more and visit.
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