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The Implications of Moving The Open

Morning Chalk Up

August 3

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Happy Monday and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up. If not for a global pandemic, we would’ve wrapped up the 2020 CrossFit Games yesterday, so we are all feeling a bit nostalgic. As a result, we are running a week-long series of “my favorite CrossFit Games moment” this week. First up is our fearless leader, Justin LoFranco with a memory from the first time he went to the Games. We’ve got some great moments lined up from our staff writers and few special guests. Be sure to check in each day for a new installment. 

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July 25, 2014: Maybe the Biggest Comeback in Games History

 July 25, 2014: Maybe the Biggest Comeback in Games History 

Setting the stage: It’s Friday afternoon in the Tennis Stadium at the Stub Hub Center in Carson, CA. The hallowed ground that had played host to so many memorable Friday Night Lights moments, would deliver another: the start of one of the biggest comebacks in CrossFit Games history.

Let’s back up for a second: It’s 2014 and Rich Froning is going for his fourth consecutive CrossFit Games title. Things aren’t going so well. Earlier that day, Froning notched his worst finish in Games history with a 37th place finish in Triple-3 (3K meter row, 300 double-unders, 3-mile run). He followed that up with relatively decent 12th place on Sprint Sled-1 but then slipped way back down with a 27th on Sprint Sled-2. All in all, he’s still in 12th place and after all he’s the champ.

  • FUN FACT: This was my first ever time at the CrossFit Games and Triple-3 was the first event I ever watched live; I’d just flown in from Washington, D.C. I’m standing there watching Rich Froning walking with his hands on his head, getting lapped. I’m like,”‘I don’t even know what world I’m living in right now.”

The workout: 21-15-9 Complex


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The Implications of Moving The Open

 The Implications of Moving The Open 

In recent weeks, talk about the timeframe for the 2021 Open has picked up considerable steam as Director of the CrossFit Games Dave Castro mentioned on multiple occasions his belief that the Open next season could return to its original home in the months of February and March.

Nothing has been decided yet for the 2021 season, and Castro recently said on the Masters Fitness Collective podcast that despite next season being very different, they “haven’t committed to what very different is.” Still, the probability that the Open will shift once again has been mentioned multiple times by Castro in the media, and it brings up the question of what that change will mean for the Sanctional events that presumably would happen before or during the 2021 Open timeframe.


Going Mobile: When One Gym Door Closes, Another One Opens

 Going Mobile: When One Gym Door Closes, Another One Opens 

As the story has gone for many gym owners in recent weeks, the ongoing pandemic led Darwin Rojas to close his gym in Juncos, Puerto Rico, a gym he had owned for 18 years.

In Rojas’ case, however, this hasn’t meant the end of gym ownership. It has meant reinventing his space into a cleverly-designed mobile gym, housed in a 8.5 by 16-foot trailer.

  • “I decided not to reopen my gym and make this new concept. The high prices of light, rent, water and maintenance required with a location (was hard). This (also) gives me the freedom to take my gym anywhere,” said Rojas.

The details: PR Mobile Fitness officially opens today with his first 5 a.m. class. He will travel around with his trailer to “different parks, tracks and beaches,” he said, offering eight group classes a day, as well as one-on-one personal training.

  • Rojas already has 115 existing members, but is planning on growing his mobile gym “to reach any town in Puerto Rico where they need me,” he said.

One big thing: Rojas has spent upwards of $22,500 putting his mobile gym together, which includes everything you’d find in a CrossFit affiliate, including pull-up bars, ropes to climb and targets for wall balls, all of which extend from the trailer.

Though he admits he’s a bit anxious to get going with his new concept, his overarching feeling is excitement.

  • “I am the most excited by the response of the people, many being interested in being a part of a mobile box, and (one) that gives me freedom to move around,” he said.

(Rojas comments were translated from Spanish).




The Hang Clean or Hang Snatch

Here’s a quick set of premium tips from Brent Fikowski and The Professor Project to help you get better at Olympic lifts from the hang position. Check it out and learn more at

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Lunges! (Because They Are So Good For You)

Lunges are hard, and we hate them, but we do them anyway because they build our glutes and hamstrings and improve our squats and deadlifts. This article explains why you should be lunging more and shows you four challenging lunge variations to keep things fresh.

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The Garlic Lover’s Burger

This one may not be the best for date night, but if you love garlic, this recipe is for you! It combines a thick, juicy burger with a garlicky bruschetta topping and a garlic sauce. On second thought, the recipe only calls for 6 cloves, plus garlic powder, maybe date night is ok after all.



Congratulations to Jeff A., who was the first to correctly answer who was the first Individual to win the first two Events at a CrossFit Games. The correct answer was Mathew Fraser. He won the first two Events at the 2019 CrossFit Games.

  • Today’s question: Which man and woman won the first non-salt water swimming event at the CrossFit Games?

Submit your answer.





Community Round-Up

We’ve been picking up a lot of tips from the community recently, keep them coming! Here are a few of the interesting items we’ve seen lately:

  • The Best Hour of Your Day: Courtney Parker, a member of CrossFit 386 in Daytona, FL created a video tribute to her gym for a college project. Check it out! Hat tip to Robert Gump, CF-L1 at CF 386 and a longtime Morning Chalk Up reader.
  • Burpee Challenge: College Station CrossFit in College Station, TX is challenging members and others to three minutes of burpees to raise money for the Ronald McDonald House of Central Texas. The challenge runs from Aug. 1-8 and is in conjunction with the BCS Fundraiser.
  • CrossFit Le Mars Opens: We’ve followed several new affiliates as they’ve navigated the rough pandemic waters, and CrossFit Le Mars in Le Mars, IA is one of them. Several Le Mars athletes began planning to open their gym in January and February of 2020 and once the pandemic hit, decided to power through. CrossFit Le Mars started operation in late-June. 
  • “The Dodd:” CrossFit Oneonta lost a long-time member this week, Captain Kyle Dodd of the Center Point Fire Department. Not only was he a member of the CF Oneonta, but he also helped create a gym inside the fire station for fellow firefighters to do CrossFit WODs. Check out the Hero workout they created and honor his with your sweat equity.
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