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The Reebok Fit Barge Will Be Back

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The only people who achieve much are those who want knowledge so badly that they seek it while the conditions are still unfavorable. Favorable conditions never come.” — C.S. Lewis


Down Under, Brazil, Rogue Recap

You get an invite, you get an invite, EVERYBODY GETS AN INVITE!

Just kidding, but with three sanctioned events and nine invites on the line this past weekend, there was enough up for grabs over the last three days to keep fans feeling like CrossFit Oprah was doling out prizes left and right.

Three countries on three different continents played host to the weekend’s events and all put forth a formidable tests, and now that the dust has settled, we’ve got the lowdown on the biggest takeaways from the busiest sancional weekend of the year.

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The Return of the Reebok Fit Barge


The story.

The Reebok Fit Barge is returning to Madison this summer for the 2019 CrossFit Games.

From July 29 through August 5, residents and CrossFit Games attendees can hop on board for free WODs and fitness fun from sunrise to sunset aboard the 2019 Reebok Fit Barge on Lake Monona in Madison, WI.

Fitness just to get there.

The Fit Barge is just a quick 15-minute paddle from Brittingham Boats, or you can opt to swim which is what Blair Morrison did last year. Seriously tho.

Registered class participants will get a free shuttle from Olin Park to the Reebok Fit Barge. Brittingham Boats will also have paddle crafts at Olin Park, just make sure to leave plenty of extra time to paddle out to the Fit Barge before your class starts.

What kind of fitness?

Anything from CrossFit to yoga to stand up paddleboard and boot camp style workouts. And if you already got your WOD in that day, the Fit Barge will also host special athlete appearances and get-togethers, too.

Registration and schedule are coming soon, so if you plan on being in Madison, plan ahead for some Fit Barge fun.

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WATCH: Tommy Marquez and Will Moorad 

Our Senior Games Analyst, Tommy Marquez, caught up with Will Moorad just moments after earning his ticket to the CrossFit Games. Moorad opens up about what this season has meant for him and how he’ll continue to prepare for his trip to Madison this summer.



HEAR: Chuck Carswell on The Best Hour of Their Day

CrossFit L1 and L2 Flowmaster Chuck Carswell is well-respected and beloved throughout the CrossFit community. Chuck makes everyone feel like a friend that he’s known forever, even though he’s taught more than 500 CrossFit seminars judges at the CrossFit Games.



GET: The Benefits of CBD

CBD and the other phytocannabinoids found in hemp can help with recovery from training, help inflammation, provide relief from anxiety and help with sleep issues. And when you use hemp that’s organically grown in CO, you get nothing but the highest quality, third-party tested CBD.



EAT: One Pan Chicken and Mushrooms

This one-pan chicken and mushrooms dish is delicious and easy to make. Not only is it delicious, with hearty shiitake, oyster, and sliced king trumpet mushrooms, marinated onions, and crispy chicken, clean-up is a breeze too. Serve with a big green salad, stir-fry some vegetables, or heat up some cauliflower rice.




Today’s edition of the Morning Chalk Up is fueled by

Chalk Up Community

  • FREE CROSSFIT FOR SENIORS — CrossFit ENG in Cape Coral, FL offers free CrossFit to seniors every Tuesday and Thursday morning. 
  • THIRD ANNUAL ROMEO CHARITY ROW — On June 22 at Romeo Athletics in Enfield, CT teams of five from across the country will come together to row a marathon to raise funds and awareness about the fatal neurodegenerative disease, ALS. All proceeds will go to a member of their community who is suffering from ALS.
  • GRAND OPENING COMPETITION — CrossFit SoulFire in Grand Forks, ND just opened for business on May 6. They’re hosting a grand opening competition June 22 to celebrate. 
  • MURPH OPENING DAY CELEBRATION — Premonition CrossFit in Clackamas, OR is celebrating their grand opening with Murph. There will be a raffle to support the Keaton Coffey Project and K9’s for Vets.
  • RFA GAMES ISRAEL — The RFA Games Israel will take place June 21 – 22 in Tel Aviv, featuring 196 elite competitors and the RFA Expo, a sports fair with shopping, activities for children, food stalls, drinks, beer and music.

CHALK UP IN 2 MINUTES (a highlight reel around social media of CrossFit pros and average joes)

Congratulations to Dan Clement and Roger and Jenn Sharp, who ran their first 5k at CrossFit Fenton in Fenton, MI • Josh Bridges, Dan Bailey and Rich Froning’s company Good Dudes Coffee has shirts for pre-sale • Congratulations to Zach Salters on his graduation • Happy birthday Loki Hammer
• Wes Kitts back squats 573 pounds for three • Congratulations to Alex Anderson on the birth of his daughter Ava GraceMorgan McCullough gets
a 412 pound clean and jerk PR •  CJ Cummings front squats 507 pounds.

…and your PR this weekend might have been cool, but it is not as cool as Dennis’s. 

SteadyMD Adds New CFL1 Doctor — SteadyMD added a new doctor to their list; Doctor Allyn Harris. She’s a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, a mom and can be your personal doctor, online, too. Dr. Harris is a board-certified physician who specializes in Internal and Pulmonary Medicine and has helped hundreds of veterans with lung disease, follows a keto diet and has completed a Whole30.

Margaux Alvarez Says Goodbye to Eight Seasons — In an email sent to her Vine Yard subscribers, Margaux Alvarez said goodbye to eight seasons of CrossFit as she prepared for her last competition as an individual competitor at Rogue Invitational.

“– 8 seasons have come and gone as I blink one last time as an individual competitor. The next 8 seasons I will spend golfing, maybe helping a team. I will grow my wine company to 100,000 case production and I will be known for my business, my golf game as well as my strength and endurance.

— “I thank this sport, for making me tougher and always reminding me nothing is guaranteed. 8 seasons I sacrificed my time and my body for the love of the sport and it is now time to switch the focus.

— “Thank you all who have supported me, believed in me and cheered me on the last 8 seasons. You will forever be in my heart and as I compete in my final individual competition, my heart is happy because I gave it my all.”

The CrossFit Jump Rope Course is More Than Just Double-Unders — Chris Rawlins, the instructor for the CrossFit Jump Rope course, spoke with Box Pro Magazine on the importance of the course

–” The goal of the course is not to just get an athlete to a double under. The goal of our course is to make a double under incidental, meaning it’s just another skill to do with your jump rope. And when learned properly via the Buddy Lee system, the double under becomes a low-impact resting and recovery movement.

— “CrossFit has utilized two jump rope skills from the beginning: the single under and the double under. In proper jump rope training, there are a minimum of 12 skills that should be learned between the single and the double under. Our course brings the proven Buddy Lee three-step system of jump rope training to CrossFit.”



“The Best Thing You Can Do For Your Health: Sleep Well,” by Matthew Walker, The Guardian

Do you think you got enough sleep this past week? Can you remember the last time you woke up without an alarm clock, feeling refreshed, not needing caffeine? If the answer to any of these questions is “no,” you are not alone. Two-thirds of adults throughout all developed nations fail to obtain the recommended eight hours of nightly sleep.

Indeed, surveys by the UK Sleep Council and YouGov reveal that one out of every three people you pass on the streets of Britain regularly suffer from poor sleep. I doubt you are surprised by these facts, but you may be surprised by the consequences.

Insufficient sleep is now one of the most significant lifestyle factors influencing whether or not you will develop Alzheimer’s disease. During sleep, a remarkable sewage system in the brain, called the glymphatic system, kicks into high gear.

As you enter deep sleep, this sanitisation system cleanses the brain of a sticky, toxic protein linked to Alzheimer’s, known as beta amyloid. Without sufficient sleep, you fail to get that power cleanse. With each passing night of insufficient sleep, that Alzheimer’s disease risk escalates, like compounding interest on a loan.

Parenthetically, and unscientifically, I have always found it curious that Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan — two leaders who were very vocal, if not proud, about sleeping only four to five hours a night — both went on to develop the ruthless disease of Alzheimer’s. The current US president, Donald Trump — also a vociferous proclaimer of sleeping just a few hours each night — may want to take note.



5/21: Brady’s Border2Border Ruck March (Beach, ND)

5/24: 24 Heroes in 24 Hours (Ardmore, PA)

5/25: Battle of the Barn 2019 (Bright, ON)

5/26: 24 Heroes in 24 Hours 2019 (Southborough, MA)

5/27: ValorFit Community Murph (Urbandale, IA)

5/30 – 6/2: Granite Games (St. Cloud, MN)

5/31: OUTWOD at Roy CrossFit (Roy, UT)

5/31 – 6/2: CrossFit Lowlands Throwdown (Apeldoorn, Netherlands)

6/1: Warrior Affiliate League Terrible Two (Murrietta, CA)

6/1: Warrior Affiliate League Terrible Two (Victorville, CA)

6/1: The Burn Out 4 Person Team Competition (New Bern, NC)

6/1: Battle of the Vikings (Frederick, MD)

6/1: The Hound and The Mountain Team Competition (Sudbury, MA)

6/1: 2019 Hammy (Hudson, OH)

6/1: Rise of the Masters (Statesboro,GA)

6/1: 7th annual Battle Beyond the Barbell (Sudbury, ON)

6/1 – 6/2: River Ruckus VI (Asheville, NC)

6/7 – 6/8: Bricktown Throwdown 2019 (Bricktown, OK)

6/8: The Mountain Meltdown (Park City, UT)

6/8: Battle In The Basin 2 2019 (Joshua Tree, CA)

6/8: Battle on the Creek (John’s Creek, GA) 

6/8: Supergiant Meltdown (Westerville, OH)

6/8: Double Down Skylands Showdown (Sparta, NJ)

6/8: CFE’s Summer Sizzler 2 Masters Competition (Burlington, MA)

6/8: The Charlotte Throwdown for Mental Health Awareness (Charlotte, NC)

6/8: 3rd Annual WODing for SuperTy (Pawling, NY)

6/8: OUTWOD Showdown at Brick (West Hollywood, CA)

6/8 – 6/9: CFCC Triple Threat (Denver, CO)

6/14: 2019 Summer Splashdown (Tuscon, AZ)

6/14 – 6/15: CanEast Games (Hamilton, ON)

6/15: Best of the Midwest Team Series (Greenwood, IN)

6/15: AZFITCOM (Phoenix, AZ)

6/15: Rep Your Box 8 (Jacksonville, FL)

6/15: Rookie Rumble at CrossFit Mercenary (Owings Mill, MD)

6/15: SweetTatas (Newtown,CT)

6/15 – FireTeam 4 Challenge and Fundraiser (Wheaton, IL)

6/15: Gameday (Rochester, MN)

6/15: Summer Slam 2019 (Staten Island, NY)

6/15: The East Coast Gambit (Brooklyn, NY)

6/15: Tribal Clash USA 2019 (Huntington Beach, CA)

6/16: Three Fathers RCMP Memorial Challenge (Bedford, NS)

6/21 – 6/22: RFA Games Israel (Tel Aviv, Israel)

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