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The Significance of The Ranch

Morning Chalk Up

October 17


Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up. The CrossFit Games are going home — the Ranch in Aromas, CA. Today, Tommy Marquez explains why it’s such a special location in the hearts of CrossFit athletes and fans. Emily Beers follows-up with some reminisces from athletes who competed in the 2007 Games at the Ranch; they are excited to see the Games come home and to watch how dramatically the level of competition has increased. 

  • CrossFit Siargao opened in the Philippines just before the COVID pandemic. In the absence of tourism, the owners leaned into the local community and found an amazing group of kids they could help through CrossFit.
  • And, the Ten Thousand is hosting the first of several online competitions soon. It’s one event and the winner takes home $5,000. Learn how to register below.

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Product News

Athlete News

  • Christian Harris is the newest Reebok athlete.

  • Inspiring Story: Chris Nikic is training to become the first Ironman finisher with Downs Syndrome. 

  • Olivia Kerstetter has joined the Barebells team. And there is a Barebells Protein bar giveaway contest happening now.

  • Chandler Smith and Zack George were included on a list of 13 Inspirational Black Men Who Are Paving the Way for the Next Generation” in Men’s Health.

Everything Else

  • Want to place a wager on the CrossFit Games Finals? You can do so here.

  • Barbells for Bullies is running a “Dubs for Bubs” fundraiser to raise awareness and money for National Pit Bull Awareness Month. It’s only $5 to enter and all proceeds go to the Underdog Fund.

  • The Community Coalition 50/50 Pledge continues. It includes product deals and 50% of the profits are returned to your gym.

  • CrossFit LLC is hiring management, design and HR positions.


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The Significance of The Ranch

  The Significance of The Ranch  

In less than a week the conclusion to a tumultuous 2020 CrossFit Games season will kick off at the Ranch in Aromas, CA. For the 14th time, the fittest man and woman will be crowned but for the first time in over a decade it will happen at the birthplace of the sport.

Longtime fans will revel in the nostalgia of the returning to the original home of the Games, but for many of the newer fans of the sport, the significance of hosting stage two on the grounds of Dave Castro’s family ranch might be lost.



Games Pioneers Reminisce on 13 Years of Growth Since ‘07 Games

  Games Pioneers Reminisce on 13 Years of Growth Since ‘07 Games  

On Monday, CrossFit’s Director of the Sport Dave Castro announced that day 1 of 2020 Games finals would include the three events that made up the entire 2007 CrossFit Games “and then some.”

Next weekend, when you watch the five men and five women crush the scores of those who competed 13 years ago — by literally hundreds of pounds — it’s worth remembering what the 2007 pioneers went through when they showed up to a ranch “in the middle of nowhere,” with “no idea what we were getting into,” as Chris Spealler put it, who competed at the first Games in 2007.


Giving Back to Build a Stronger Island: CrossFit Siargao

  Giving Back to Build a Stronger Island: CrossFit Siargao  

Two years ago, Dutch CrossFitters Mike Breuker and Daphne Oudshoorn set out to open the first CrossFit affiliate on the small, but quickly growing island of Siargao located deep in the heart of the Philippines. Siargao is a big travel destination for surfing and tropical island escapes that was recently nominated on the short list of World’s Leading Island Destinations category in the World Travel Awards.

The plan was to open a destination affiliate for tourists and digital nomads dropping into the tropical island then COVID hit before they could even open their doors and tourism ground to a halt.


One Workout, $5,000 On the Line; Ten Thousand Holds Online Competition

  One Workout, $5,000 On the Line; Ten Thousand Holds Online Competition  

Ten Thousand, a New York-based men’s activewear company, and WillyB CrossFit in New York City have partnered up to hold an online event called WORK with a winning prize purse of $5,000 on the line. CrossFitters of all skill levels will go head-to-head in the virtual workout, with payouts and prize packages for the top ten finishers.

One big thing: WORK will debut on Sunday, October 25 with registration on the Ten Thousand website. The virtual contest will feature just one workout which will be announced on November 1 and distributed to all registered participants. Those athletes will then have six days to submit a video of themselves completing the workout. The athlete with the best score will win the $5,000 purse from Ten Thousand.

  • There is no fee to enter the contest, no qualifiers or age restrictions. All participants will be put in one division.
  • There will also be chances for affiliates to win gear and equipment courtesy of Ten Thousand.
  • Ten Thousand is hoping to throw the WORK contest every six weeks to give athletes a chance to win money and prizes while they train.
  • “We are hoping to give the community something to be excited about coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Jared Stein, Director of Special Projects for Ten Thousand. “Between the end of the (CrossFit) Games and the Open, we want to rally everyone together.”



Podium Picks — Ranch Moments on Talking Elite Fitness

In this episode of “Podium Picks,” Tommy Marquez and Sean Woodland lay out their top moments at the CrossFit Ranch as we head into the CrossFit Games. Among the choices, struggles from a future star, an improbable comeback, an infamous workout and dominance on display all make an appearance.

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Your Hamstring Strength

We live in a quad-dominant world and hamstrings are often an afterthought. As a result, our hamstrings are often woefully underdeveloped and weak. In this T-Nation article, learn five steps to build bigger, stronger hammies.

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The Best Vegetarian Chili Ever

This recipe is so good, you won’t believe there isn’t any meat in it. It’s made with two kinds of beans, veggies, tender sweet potato and sweet corn. Perfectly spiced, thick and hearty, and easy to make on the stovetop or in the slow cooker.





Top Trending Stories on the Morning Chalk Up

Here are five of the top trending stories on the Morning Chalk Up this week:

Bonus video: Who will take the CrossFit Total? Toomey or Wells?

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