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The Story of Christmas Abbott

Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up. Today’s edition was chalked up while taking selfies with Rae Lynn in Nashville, TN.

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“I want to be a person someone looks at someday in the future and says ‘because of your love and encouragement, I am here today.’ Be that person.” — Melissa Doss, CrossFit Athlete



Camille Leblanc-Bazinet hit a 285 pound jerk PR. Alec Smith is getting really close to a 300 pound snatch. This doberman falling in love with a disabled vet might make you cry. Thuri Helgadottir hit a 244 pound jerk PR. A 15-year-old did Fran in 2 minutes and 15 seconds. Movember is coming to South China with an informal competition to raise money for prostate cancer. Powerlifter Meg Gallagher – who can deadlift nearly 400 pounds – originally got into CrossFit after seeing Camille Leblanc-Bazinet’s pictures on Instagram and said, “I wanted to look like that.”

All Wodapalooza teams have until tonight at 8PM Eastern to submit their qualifier scores. California Regional athlete Lisa Warren made this 190 pound snatch look really, really easy.


CrossFit Games Athlete Austin Malleolo up on his soapbox, talking about not making excuses and feeling sorry for yourself. It’s appropriate coming from him since he narrowly missed qualifying for the 2016 CrossFit Games. “It’s very easy to feel sorry for yourself but there’s no room, you have no right to feel sorry for yourself in my opinion if people are working harder than you…Someone is always bigger, faster stronger, harder working going through more so the minute you feel like you’re the only one going through it…you’re a loser, you’re losing.”

Christmas Abbott talk about why she got into CrossFit. “I remember watching this video of these three girls just doing these things I’ve never seen before…and they were small like me and super strong…whatever it is they’re doing, I need to do it.”


“CrossFit to prepare for and recover from total knee replacements with David Mendenhall,” from Julie Foucher’s podcast “Pursuing Health”

“CrossFit didn’t break me – it made me stronger and more resilient. Other sports broke me down. CrossFit continues to make me more ‘bulletproof’ for life and its challenges – my challenges. It continues to allow for controlled, strenuous activity that builds wicked strong bones and muscles while demanding precise, functional movement. My new knees thrive on that. And that means I get to do things like hike mountains, tele-ski, snowboard, and, of course, do more CrossFit.

“Choosing Fitness, Changing Lives” by the Casper Journal

Jedekiah May woke up from the blackout of a drunken Tuesday night. He looked at himself in the bathroom mirror, taking in the 80 extra pounds he carried and a face that looked older than it should. He’d been spending his time and money partying and living on whatever food he could find after the bars closed…’I’m done,’ he said to himself.

I really feel like I should have died multiple times over from overdoses and drinking too much or whatever,’ May said. ‘Through CrossFit and fitness, I have found a way I can give back to people and improve their health and their lives, and so I really feel like I was kept alive to do that.'”

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