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The (Unofficial) Age Group Awards

Morning Chalk Up

May 14


Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up. CrossFit HQ ended the age group season a couple of weeks ago and while there are replacement events in the works, we wanted to take some time to recognize their hard work throughout the Open and AGOQ, so below we present the “(Unofficial) Age Group Awards.” Today:

  • The Morning Chalk Up presents the first (we hope not annual because we want the CrossFit season to go back to normal) Age Group Awards.
  • The state of Missouri allowed gyms to re-open beginning May 4, check out what that looked like at several affiliates in Ava Kitzi’s photo essay.
  • VIDEO: UK National Champion Zack George Reacts to Rescinded Games Invite
  • Chipotle has Tia-Clair Toomey and Mat Fraser lifestyle bowls on the menu through May.

Is your affiliate closing permanently? Please let us know.

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The (Unofficial) Age Group Awards

  The (Unofficial) Age Group Awards  

The official age group season is over, and at least from the CrossFit Games end they won’t be handing out any awards for the 2020 season. Even though some potential replacement competitions are in the works, that doesn’t mean the hard work of the age groups through the Open and Age Group Online Qualifier (AGOQ) should go unnoticed.

Enter the Unofficial Age Group Awards.

We’ve selected noteworthy performances and awards in each age division broken into three distinct groups. The “Tip Of The Spear,” award highlights the top overall performer across the season and two stages of competition. The “Podium Worthy,” award recognizes the athlete(s) that had the podium and a shiny medal in their sights if things progressed to Madison. Last but certainly not least the “Spirit Of The Games,” represents an athlete whose performance and standing in the season exemplify the best of the sport regardless of placement.

Without further ado.


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The Early Days of Gym Re-Opening: A Photo Essay

  The Early Days of Gym Re-Opening: A Photo Essay  

On May 4, Missouri lifted its statewide stay-at-home order issued due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Governor provided very little guidance for businesses, so CrossFit affiliates were left to interpret local orders while creating their own policies and procedures.

The following photographs were taken at affiliates across mid-Missouri in the first week after the stay-at-home order was lifted.


Video: UK National Champion Zack George Weighs in on Rescinded Games Invitation

  Video: UK National Champion Zack George Weighs in on Rescinded Games Invitation  

Chipotle Delivers “The Fittest” Meals On Earth During COVID-19

  Chipotle Delivers “The Fittest” Meals On Earth During COVID-19  

Fast-casual chain Chipotle knows cooped-up-customers are finding it hard to keep their nutrition on track, and who better to provide that extra motivation to stay healthy than the Fittest On Earth.

Cue Chipotle’s newest ambassadors — Tia-Clair Toomey and Mat Fraser — with their custom bowls for those self-isolating and not wanting to return to the gym carrying the weight of COVID-19.

What’s on the menu? Fans at Wodapalooza in Miami got their first taste of these limited edition menu items. Now Chipotle has added the Toomey and Fraser lifestyle bowls — for purchase on the app or online — throughout May.  

  • In a statement, Chipotle’s Chris Brandt saId: “We’re encouraging our fans to eat healthy their way with new menu options inspired by orders from some of our most influential fans in the fitness world.”
  • The brand has also been promoting live workouts and Q&A’s including ones with 2019 CrossFit Games Champions, Mat Fraser and Tia-Clair Toomey during COVID-19.

But why? Chipotle said it developed the new menu — which also includes 3 other meals from fitness coach Chris Brickley, cycling instructor Cody Rigsby and Dr. Mark Hyman — after finding that consumers were struggling to keep up their healthy habits during COVID-19.

Chipotle, alongside YouGov, surveyed 1,175 people and found that a third of respondents were eating more “junk food” while self-isolating; 44 percent also said they’d fallen off their workout schedule and 67 percent were trying to limit heading to the grocery store.

What’s in it for the champs? It’s pretty cool having a menu item at Chipotle carrying your name. Mat Fraser’s also been enjoying the paid perks of his partnership with Chipotle since earlier this year and it’s likely Toomey is also on the payroll.




Justin LoFranco and Niki Brazier Discuss this Weekend’s CrossFit Games Announcements with Special Guest Patrick Vellner

On this episode of The Bottom Line, hosts Justin LoFranco and Niki Brazier break down the  news coming out of CrossFit over the weekend as HQ announced that the Games will move forward with a roster of 30 men and 30 women and no team events.

  Morning Chalk Up  


Live Nutrition Coaching Call

Adee Cazayoux of Working Against Gravity is doing an experiment. She’s offering a number of WAG Podcast listeners free nutrition coaching calls and publishing the calls. The first episode is called “How to shift from tracking macros to intuitive eating,” and it is fiiiire.

  Morning Chalk Up  


Organizers of the Teen Games Talk about Their Plans

On The Functional Times podcast, Brock and Autumn Yost, and Azariah and Stephanie Price talk about how the idea for the Teen Games (proposed to take place this summer, September 3-6, 2020 at the Pit Fitness Ranch in Three Rivers, MI) came together and what they are planning.

  Morning Chalk Up  


Brown Butter Pistachio Pesto Pasta with Chickpeas

Check out this delicious recipe for vegetarian pistachio pesto pasta with chickpeas tossed with warm brown butter. It’s a healthy, comforting pasta dinner you’ll make again and again. This easy pistachio pesto pasta has just six simple ingredients, plant-based protein and can be made gluten-free! Plenty of options to add more delicious mix-ins and protein substitutes too.



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