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The Warrior Mindset

Happy Fri-YAY and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up. Today’s edition was chalked up while Eric was sitting on a beach in the Virgin Islands building some cool new tools for the Chalk Up community.


“Character is higher than intellect. A great soul will be strong to live as well as think.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson



Congratulations to Elijah Muhammad and his family who welcomed a new baby boy late – Kaizen – to the world. You can hang out with Mat Fraser, Alex Anderson and Nick Paladino and (maybe) play some mini golf with them tonight in downtown Boston. PopSugar thinks that Elizabeth Akinwale’s abs should have their own Instagram account. This video on CrossFit, body image and the definition of beauty we made two months ago just hit 100,000 views yesterday. Alec Smith did120 clean and jerks at 225 pounds for time. Emily Bridgers shows it doesn’t need to be fancy to get you fit; this is her backyard gymAngelo DiCicco with an easy 300 pound snatch balance. Misfit Athletics’ Mock Regionals kicks off today through Sunday. Sarah Loogman can do 20 unbroken strict pull-ups. CrossFit gets in on the Mannequin Challenge featuring athletes from the Invitational.


Alyssa Ritchey dropped to 48kg and hitting 90% 1RM clean and jerks all day. Sarah Loogman hitting 90% 1RM snatches. Mattie Rogers still smashing after her back to back to back competitions. Elijah Muhammad putting finishing touches onto his 395 split jerk.


The “Warrior Mindset” featuring Rich Froning and Elliot Hulse.


 “How I Became Stronger Than Ever Before” by The Sweet Life with Ericka

“I’m gonna go on record saying I’ve never been stronger in my entire life. At one point in 2014, I thought I was at my peak (which by the way, isn’t impressive) but today I’m 100% sure I’m stronger than ever — and feeling awesome about it. Also, if I keep it up, this is not my peak either… I still am on the low end for someone that does this as much as I do but…it feels amazing to see and feel real, true strength gains.”

I spent over 3 years prior to this doing CrossFit, so what changed?I’ve now PR’d my back squat, clean, bench press and more than that, I just regularly choose higher weights for standard workouts. I’m better at double unders, can now do A REAL PULL-UP, and fly through kipping pull ups with real strength…Perhaps you have struggled with frustration in making strength gains. Here ‘s what made the difference for me.
“2020 CrossFit: ‘Hey out-of-shape baby boomers: read this!'” by John McCleese

“For the 10 months prior to joining 2020 I was a slug, my excuse for not exercising was a ‘pulled hamstring’. Before that my excuse for not exercising was a strained rotator cuff. I finally bit the bullet and joined 2020 two months ago on September 10th. Now my hamstring issue is non-existent and my shoulder problem is diminishing rapidly with the daily mobility work we do in class. I may not have a ‘full testimonial’ to share as my final results are far from being achieved but I have to admit the hardest part about 2020 was just getting started. The reservations I had in my mind have all been resolved and I’m encouraged to see where the next two months take me!”


Theresa Allen of CrossFit Port Byron found out she had ovarian cancer back in July and she’s undergoing chemotherapy treatments now. The owners of Port Byron have been making meals the Allens can freeze to lighten the load at home.

What does a sport that’s often been compared to a cult need to make it official — take up residence in a church, like Huguenot Strength & Conditioning in New Paltz, New York.



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