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Morning Chalk Up

July 25

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The workweek is over, welcome to the weekend edition of the Morning Chalk Up. Big news dropped yesterday, Eric Roza and Berkshire Partners have signed the legally binding agreement to acquire 100% of CrossFit Inc. And, what does the future of the teen divisions look like? Tommy Marquez explores. Today:

  • A new day is dawning as the ink dries on the finalized contract between Eric Roza and Greg Glassman.
  • The International Functional Fitness Federation’s President, four-time Games athlete Gretchen Kittelberger, shares her thoughts on the future of the teen divisions.
  • Brand-new affiliates open despite COVID-19 restrictions, Emily Beers profiles their trials and triumphs below.

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“I see a nearly boundless opportunity for CrossFit to become the world’s leading platform for Health, Happiness and Performance.” – Eric Roza


Roza, Glassman Sign Final Deal for 100% of CrossFit, Inc.

  Roza, Glassman Sign Final Deal for 100% of CrossFit, Inc.  

Today, Eric Roza announced on Twitter that he and Greg Glassman signed a legally binding agreement to finalize a deal to purchase 100% of CrossFit, Inc. from its founder Greg Glassman. 

Why it matters: The penultimate hurdle follows the letter of intent accepted by Glassman back in late June. The deal now signed by both parties is legally binding which means neither party can back out. Roza is only waiting on a pro forma government clearance from the Federal Trade Commission and Department of Justice which could take a few more weeks. Afterward, the money would be transferred and the sale complete. 

The details: 

  • Roza’s not alone in his ownership of CrossFit. Berkshire Partners, a Boston-based private equity firm with more than $16 billion in private equity investments is also behind the deal. 
  • One percent of the stock will be set aside in a non-voting trust for Maggie Glassman and their kids. 
  • The final hurdle of the deal is government approval from the FTC/DOJ, which is expected in the next couple of weeks. 

The big picture: The announcement of Roza’s ownership last month immediately quelled the mass exodus from CrossFit as a result of Glassman’s remarks. Long-standing members of the CrossFit community noticed an immediate change in approach to communication. 

  • Roza’s first order of business was to conduct a public townhall, a fast departure from CrossFit HQ’s typical reticence toward open dialogue. 
  • Roza also gave out his email address and encouraged feedback. 

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Mechanics, Consistency, Intensity: Reshaping The Teenage Divisions

  Mechanics, Consistency, Intensity: Reshaping The Teenage Divisions  

President of the International Functional Fitness Federation (IF3) Gretchen Kittelberger joined the Talking Elite Fitness podcast this week where she discussed some of the happenings and developments within the organization on the competition side, including one thought-provoking detail.

Kittelberger, a four-time individual Games athlete in her own right, revealed that they were looking into adding a technique component into the IF3 competition for the teenage divisions to encourage better movement quality and re-shift the focus of the teenage division.

  • Kittelberger: “(we want) to try to really encourage good development and good habits and proper movement patterns, and the technique things are…above and beyond just meeting the range of motion standards. So you still gotta squat below parallel right, but if you’re let’s say doing a clean or a squat clean below parallel but you stood up and your back rounded like this, ok well you lost that technique point for keeping your chest up.”

A growing trend: Since it’s formal inception into the entirety of the CrossFit Games season in 2015, the teenage division has seen significant growth in all areas. The level of fitness being developed by the teenagers through competition was on full display last season when Haley Adams finished inside the top-10 at the Games in her first year in the women’s division a year after winning the 16-17 year old title in Madison.

  • By 2018 the registration numbers for teenage athletes in the Open had nearly doubled, athletes were qualifying for Regionals outside of their respective divisions, and the entirety of the teenage competition was streamed for free, recording millions of views in the process.
  • Despite the growing popularity, and reports highlighting the hard work and training the top teenagers are putting in, the level of competition in the teenage division continues to require athletes to spend more time in the gym, at the expense of other endeavors.


New Gym Owners Offer Perspective About Opening a Gym During a Pandemic

  New Gym Owners Offer Perspective About Opening a Gym During a Pandemic  

While one of the big stories in recent months has focused on gyms closing their doors for good, there’s another group of people who have opened new gyms in the middle of the ongoing global pandemic.

These are just a few of them:

  • Karen Herring opened The Colony CrossFit in Colony, Texas on June 1.
  • Candy Adamek and Hannah Metheny opened the doors to CrossFit Ridgeback in Commerce City, CO on June 25.
  • Brady DeClerk opened his second gym, Omnis North in Little Rock, AR, on June 1st. He also owns Omnis West, in Little Rock.
  • Daphne Oudshoorn and Mike Breuker opened CrossFit Siargao in Surigao Del Norte, Philippines on July 19.
  • Phillip Carroll officially opened CrossFit Phillipsdale in Rumford, RI on March 1, and was only open for two weeks before shutting his doors. He re-opened on June 1.
  • Similarly, Abi Ann Reiland’s gym CrossFit 8035 West in Grimes, Iowa was open for just two weeks before she had to close in March. She reopened on May 15.



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The High Hopes Mat Fraser and Sammy Moniz Have for Eric Roza

Mat Fraser on Roza: “If you implement even a fraction of that kind of stuff, you’re going to crush it!” During this wide-ranging interview on Pursuing Health, Julie Foucher learns about Fraser and Moniz’s history together, their plans for the future and gets their take on the changes happening at CrossFit Inc. with the new owner.

  Morning Chalk Up  


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Community Round-Up

Here are a few more community items that have come across our desks this week (and keep them coming, we love tips from the community)!

  • Service Dog for Mason: Advanced Performance CrossFit in Wadsworth, OH is hosting a fundraiser on August 8 for Mason Shriver (age 8). Mason suffers from Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and a service dog, the goal of the fundraiser, would be incredibly helpful to him in his everyday activities. Mason’s dad, Bryan Shriver is a hard-working and humble member of the AP CrossFit community and gives so much support to his fellow CrossFitters. Learn more and donate.
  • OUTWOD Amsterdam: On Friday, July 31, CrossFit Zeeburg in Amsterdam, NL will host OUTWOD for the third year running. The workout is a fundraiser for The OUT Foundation and promotes a safe, inclusive environment. Check it out and register or donate. And, this year it will be streaming live on Facebook.
  • Two Brand New Affiliates: In her story above, Emily Beers highlighted some new affiliates who have opened during the COVID-19 restrictions. We have also learned of a couple more. In Waunakee, WI, Marlow Hicks opened Fortify Fitness Collective on July 6. He hopes that it will fill the void left by the closure of Farmland CrossFit and although he opened during the tumultuous period of HQ’s transition and questioned whether to use the CrossFit brand, he has faith in the direction Eric Roza is steering the company and is currently seeking affiliation. And, in Shelby, AL, Johnathan Luna opened CrossFit Inferis on June 8. Luna hopes that his gym will help people “out of the dark place they are in and make them reborn through health and wellness.” 
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