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Three Final Takeaways from Rogue

Morning Chalk Up

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Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up.

In today’s edition:

  • Patrick Clark’s three takeaways from the Rogue Invitational.
  • Greg Glassman held his first public event.
  • Pros and cons of the final Rogue Invitational elimination event.
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  Three Final Takeaways From the 2021 Rogue Invitational 

Three Final Takeaways From the 2021 Rogue Invitational

The first major off-season CrossFit competition came to an exciting conclusion on Sunday with the two “Fittest” athletes standing on top of the podium after three days and seven events. After a few days to soak in what we witnessed inside Dell Diamond at the third annual Rogue Invitational in Round Rock, Texas here are some of my final takeaways from the competition.

  1. Canadians cash in: The “Great White North” was well represented on the podium as perennial medalist and Canadian Pat Vellner took second place and fellow countryman Jeffrey Adler taking third. For the unassuming and often underrated Adler his performance was overlooked throughout. He recorded six top-ten finishes including four finishes in the top-5. This is just his second podium finish in a live, CrossFit-sanctioned event but after his performance this weekend he looks more focused and better prepared than ever.Alexandre Caron finally got his pay-day, earning $11,925 for his ninth place finish after famously becoming the only men’s Games qualifier to not earn any money during this past Games season. He actually ended up in the hole, paying CrossFit a total of $670 to compete in the various stages to end up at the Games.

    The fourth Canadian man in the competition, Alex Vigneault was poised to make a push for a top-5 finish but ended up withdrawing on the final day due to an illness. He had moved into the top-10 after Day 2 thanks to a spirited run on Saturday with an 8th, 6th and 3rd place finish. He ended up 16th overall.

    On the women’s side Emily Rolfe and Carolyn Prevost placed 16th and 18th respectively but it was Prevost who was able to earn some extra cash and make a statement. Before the final event, Prevost competed in the Rogue Record Breakers Repetition Deadlift Competition. She broke her record she set last year with 67 deadlifts in two minutes, earning an additional $5,000.

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Coming up later this week…14 women making waves in CrossFit that you need to know.

Update on Cassandra Moorad, wife of CrossFit Games athlete Will Moorad, who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. The update comes via Andrea Elrod:

  • “Round 2 of chemo and targeted therapy is complete! I’m excited to share that after only the first round Cassandra’s tumor has appeared to have shrunk and even broken off into smaller pieces!!
  • “So far Cass is feeling overall pretty decent other than bone and joint pain. She seems to get these 4-5 days after treatment.”
  • “The hair loss began to be constant and almost a nuisance to deal with so on Monday we shaved her head! I do have to say she’s a very cute bald girl. Of course Cass seems to be dealing with everything okay but I know losing hair probably takes a bigger toll internally than cancer patients ever let on.”

Bethany Shadburne joins the TYR Sport team alongside Amanda Barnhart, Will Moorad, Noah Ohlsen, and Travis Mayer.

New Holi-YAY Flavors: beam and Barbells released exclusive new holiday flavors the beam White Chocolate Peppermint dream powder and Holiday Crisp from Barebells.

Greg Glassman joined CrossFit FUTURE in Blacklick, OH for his first public event since selling CrossFit.

WOD Science is looking for several CrossFit Games-level athletes for a scientific study to “assess the upper limits of endurance capacity and strength.”

  ANALYSIS: Pros and Cons from the Rogue Invitational Final Event,  

ANALYSIS: Pros and Cons from the Rogue Invitational Final Event, "The Duel"

Last weekend, the 2021 Rogue Invitational revealed that an elimination-style event would be the seventh and final event, becoming only the second major CrossFit-sanctioned event to use this format as the capstone workout. As exciting as the final event of the 2021 Rogue Invitational was, here’s my take on what I think was right and wrong with this event.

The Positives: 

Knockout style, bracket events in competition are always crowd pleasers. We’ve had clean ladders, snatch ladders, clean and jerk ladders, and if you remember back to the Brazil CrossFit Championships we saw a “Last Man Standing” event where a single competitor was eliminated every round until there was a winner.

The winners were electric. We learned this summer that when a workout is teed up for Gui Maheiros he’s going to put on a show. The performance he had in this workout, from start to finish, is what fans want to see; strong, enthusiastic performances capped off by dazzling celebrations of victory round after round. And Tia-Clair Toomey, who had been locked in a battle for a competition win that we hadn’t seen since the Games in 2017, was laser focused, locked in, and after finishing second in three consecutive rounds, edged Laura Horvath for the event win, and locked up her third consecutive Rogue Invitational win in triumphant fashion.

If excitement is what you’re after, this was right up there in terms of the best finales we’ve seen to date.

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The Mayhem Behind the Scenes at The Rogue Invitational

Froning, Adams, Malheiros, Caron, Vigneault, and Dukic...CrossFit Mayhem rolled deep at Rogue. Go behind the scenes with the Mayhem entourage across the weekend and see how they each approached the weekend's competition.




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  • 🎂 Happy birthday Julian Marquez (Friday).
  • 🎂 Happy birthday Heather Weir (Sunday)
  • 🎂 Happy birthday Chase Ingraham.
  • Congratulations Gaige Chacon from Persistence Culture in Ventura, CA on the 345 pound/156kg clean and jerk PR.
  • Mattie Rogers medals at her sixth straight Pan American Championship with a gold in the clean and jerk and silver overall.
  • Ioannis Papadopoulos hits a 287 pound/130.5kg squat snatch + hang squat snatch + overhead squat complex.
  • Congratulations 12-year-old Stella Rae from Training Think Tank on the 140 pound/63.5kg clean PR.
  • Congratulations to Justin Gilmour on the 245 pound/111kg snatch PR.
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