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Did Open Registration Beat Last Year?

Morning Chalk Up

March 16   |   POWERED BY


Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up. In today’s edition:

  • The 2021 CrossFit Open registration total has cleared the 2020 Open total.
  • Brooke Wells and Macrostax are a perfect pair.
  • Velma Cavazos Loses Husband to COVID-19, Newfound Health Helps her Tackle the Grief.
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  • Despite some confusion, Tia-Clair Toomey is not going team in 2021.
  • Unofficial registration numbers for the 2021 Open are in —
  • Here are some notable names on the leaderboard:
    • Men: Noah Ohlsen (11:41), Dallin Pepper (12:38), Tudor Magda (12:39).
    • Women: Andrea Solberg (10:50), Jamie Simmonds (11:59), Kristin Holte (12:02), Katrin Davidsdottir (12:30).
  • Ascent Protein is offering 2 free bottles of their new Recovery Water to any CrossFit Open registered participant (shipping to the continental U.S. only) to help them recover strong between workouts. Recovery Water is a revolutionary new water-based protein beverage that offers 20g of clean protein for muscle health and electrolytes for hydration – all in only 100 calories.
    • To receive the free samples, registered participants should visit and enter in their information.

Here are a couple more Speed Reads:

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Gym Owners - We've Got You With this Free Sponsorship

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  Open Registrations Reverse Trend, Surge Past 2020  

Open Registrations Reverse Trend, Surge Past 2020

The CrossFit Games Open is officially back on the growth track.

A massive surge in registration over the weekend put the total number of registrations past the 2020 mark before settling at a final count of 263,529.

One big thing: The final tally reverses a two season-long trend of declining registration in the Open following a peak in 2018 of over 400,000 athletes, and coming off a final number of 239,106 registrants in 2020.

  • In a span of two seasons following sweeping changes to the sport and massive layoffs within the media division of the company Open participation dropped by over 40%, before the 2020 season was crippled by the pandemic.
  • Over 90,000 athletes registered in the final week, which includes the days following the first Open announcement, where registration bumps can be dictated by the accessibility of the first workout.

Back on track: While the increase in participation from 2020 may not be huge from a numbers perspective, the sheer fact that there was an increase at all given the current climate of global affairs is a mark in the win column for CEO Eric Roza and the new leadership group.

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  Brooke Wells Signs with Macrostax, Focuses on Nutrition as Final Piece of Preparation for 2021 Season  

Brooke Wells Signs with Macrostax, Focuses on Nutrition as Final Piece of Preparation for 2021 Season

It’s been a year of change for longtime Games veteran Brooke Wells. Yes, athletes everywhere have faced lockdowns and restrictions due to the global pandemic; but, for Wells, changes have also included a move, new training partners, new coaching, and a big partnership with Macrostax, all to help set up what she hopes will be her best competitive season yet.

A quick look back: Wells is a six-time CrossFit Games® veteran approaching her ninth Open season. Last year, she placed fifth at the Games in Aromas, where she won event three — the Handstand Sprint. She’s now approaching the 2021 season with a fresh start, boosted by several recent life changes fueling what she’s calling “her most exciting season yet!”

  • A new nutrition program: Wells is the latest athlete to sign with Macrostax – an all-in-one nutrition app focusing on macro-counting and sustainable eating. “There are lots of nutrition apps out there, but in my opinion, the majority of them are telling people to under eat! Macrostax asks a series of questions in order to find out your lifestyle, body type, etc. along with your goals & helps you reach them for each unique individual,” she said. “Without restricting you as others would, they give you a sustainable set of macros to reach your goals. And there’s always someone available to answer any questions you may have.”
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  Velma Cavazos Loses Husband to COVID-19, Newfound Health Helps her Tackle the Grief  

Velma Cavazos Loses Husband to COVID-19, Newfound Health Helps her Tackle the Grief

Velma Cavazos’s 17-year-old son was practically in tears as he and his father drove her to an Anytime Fitness in 2016.

  • “You’re not going to see me graduate from High School if you stay on this path,” her son Jacob told Velma, who weighed 400 pounds at the time and could barely walk.
  • Velma had just spent a week in the hospital because of heart complications. “As soon as I got out of the hospital, my son and husband (Pablo)  drove me straight to the gym, and I’m like, ‘Why are we here? I’m never going to use this gym membership. I’m not a gym person,’” she remembered.

What happened next: Velma, now 50, reluctantly began working with a personal trainer and managed to lose 80 pounds in the following months through working out and changing her nutrition. But she wasn’t particularly inspired by the fitness she was pursuing.

  • Then, in 2019, Velma came across a live stream online for a 24-hour workout fundraiser at CrossFit Chicago Heights in IL. She was immediately drawn in by these women lifting such heavy weights and doing such “crazy things,” she said. “I literally watched them workout for 24 hours…My husband was like, ‘You just need to go to bed,’” she said laughing.
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A Beginner's Rowing Workout that Will Help You Perfect Your Stroke

This is a perfect beginner's rowing challenge from Shane Farmer at Dark Horse Rowing. It's designed to give you a great workout while teaching you how to be more efficient and effective on your rowing machine.




This Amazing Macrostax Transformation

Amy S. -- just like many of us -- had tried everything to lose weight. But what she didn't realize is that she actually wasn't eating enough. Watch her story and learn how joining Macrostax turned her nutrition around, for life. Plus, exclusively for MCU readers, give it a try and use our 50% off code "OPEN2021".



How to Avoid Hand Tears with Simple (and Cheap) Tools

Here's a short, but super helpful video from Greg Everett at Catalyst Athletics. Hand tears can really disrupt your training, so it makes sense to take good care of your hands, but that doesn't mean removing callouses completely. As Everett says, that tougher skin is your body's adaptation to holding onto a barbell or other piece of equipment. Learn how to maintain your callouses without ripping.



General Tso's Chicken At-Home

This at-home recipe for General Tso's chicken is amazing and easy. It uses a very light cornstarch coating on the chicken that clings to the savory sauce perfectly. Then hoisin sauce for bold flavor, lime juice (instead of rice wine) for acidity, and red pepper flakes (instead of actual hot chili peppers). With freshly minced garlic and a touch of honey, this General Tso's is a little sweet, a little spicy, and entirely satisfying.


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7/30: Mayhem & Massacre @ CrossFit Fernandina (Yulee, FL)
7/30: No Grit No Glory (Barbell for Boobs) (Byron, IL)
8/13: The Mortal Games 2022 (Sunrise, FL)
8/20: Summer Smashdown (Tucson, AZ)
8/27: Mayhem & Massacre @ CrossFit Sango (Clarksville, TN)
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8/27: Dawg Days of Summer (Portsmouth, OH)
9/4: Girls Gone RX (Ocala, FL)

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