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Top CrossFit Staff Resigns

Morning Chalk Up

June 9

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Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up. It’s been a couple of back-to-back heavy news days, and we are trying to keep you up to date on all the stories that matter. Today:

  • Nicole Carroll resigns.
  • Sanctional organizers are stepping away from the CrossFit brand.
  • Brands, sponsors and media personalities in the CrossFit community are following suit.
  • Jessica Griffith issues an apology.

We are tracking disaffiliations and have seen close to 400. If your gym is disaffiliating, please let us know.



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“There are some things you learn best in calm, and some in storm.” – Willa Cather


Nicole Carroll Resigns

 Nicole Carroll Resigns 

One of CrossFit Inc.’s longest-tenured employees, Director of Training Nicole Carroll has decided to resign from her position at CrossFit Inc. after 16 years. In an anonymous tip, the Morning Chalk Up has learned that Carroll, who is widely considered one of the founding pillars of the CrossFit community, resigned via an email sent to her staff late Sunday night.

In the email, Carroll states: “Unfortunately, a line has been drawn to where each of us will be held accountable for words that do not represent who we have been. Our loyalties will come into conflict with our values; individually and as a community. We will be subjected to defend ourselves against all manner of attacks. The pain and lived reality of the black community has been mocked, and the sincere hurt, confusion, anxiety & hopelessness that I know many of you feel over current events has been disregarded.

At a time of the greatest economic and social instability this country has seen in our lifetime, you have been put in the unconscionable position of having to choose between your livelihood and aligning with something you do not believe in, with a diminishment of what we stand for. In my greatest of conscience, I can not stand with that.”

A major blow to CrossFit Inc.: It’s hard to argue that any one person has been more present, or instrumental in the growth and development of the company as it grew an underground, anti-establishment fitness movement, into the single greatest purveyor of health and fitness in the world with more than 15,000 affiliates in over 150 countries across the globe, and a sport with nearly half a million participants, with coverage on the world’s largest television network.

  • Carroll’s resignation comes on the heels of nearly 400 affiliates worldwide stating publicly that they would end their affiliation, or do so if CrossFit founder Greg Glassman does not step aside.
  • 14 Sanctionals have also spoken out publicly, removing the CrossFit branding from their event and putting future sanctioned status in doubt pending major change from the company.

The big picture: This is without a doubt the most significant resignation or disavowment that we’ve seen in the fallout from Glassman’s statements so far. Carroll is an executive-level employee leaving her post at the forefront of CrossFit HQ’s training department, and her departure is the first from a select group of employees considered to be within Glassman’s close-knit circle. The one of the leaders of an entire arm within the company has now stepped aside and left a significant void internally, drawing huge questions as to how CrossFit Inc. will proceed from here.


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Sanctional Organizers Step Away from CrossFit Inc.

 Sanctional Organizers Step Away from CrossFit Inc. 

The past 24 hours have witnessed a massive movement from within the CrossFit community, as athletes, brands and local affiliate owners have sought to distance themselves from CrossFit Inc. in the wake of Founder and CEO Greg Glassman’s scathing response to a nine-year affiliate owner and subsequent tweets related to the murder of George Floyd. Now, Sanctional organizers are following suit in rebuking the company and its leadership.

One big thing: The future of the sport of CrossFit seems to be hanging in the balance. Ten Sanctional organizers, who collectively run 14 Sanctioned events have made statements that they are either breaking with CrossFit or are planning to break with CrossFit pending the direction and leadership within HQ.  

Rogue spoke first: Last night, organizers of the Rogue Invitational released a statement on Instagram stating that it did not support Greg Glassman’s statements. “His comments are unacceptable under all conditions,” the post read.

  • The post continued, “The community is bigger than one person. The movement is stronger than one person. No one should be expected to tolerate anything that keeps us from moving forward as one.”
  • Now what? The Rogue Invitational will remove the Crossfit logo from the 2020 event this weekend and will only sanctioning going forward  “with real discussion on the future.”
  • Furthermore, “Rogue will work with the CrossFit Games leadership to determine the best path forward. We will fulfill the 2020 season for the athletes and the community. The future is dependent on the direction and leadership within CrossFit HQ.”  

Cutting Ties: Brands, Sponsors and Personalities Disassociate Themselves From CrossFit

 Cutting Ties: Brands, Sponsors and Personalities Disassociate Themselves From CrossFit 

The fallout from CrossFit founder and CEO Greg Glassman’s comments and actions continued with companies, brands, sponsors, and media personalities condemning, admonishing and cutting their ties to his company. As of Monday evening over 50 organizations and individuals announced through various social media channels their immediate disassociation with CrossFit.

One big thing: The actions by these companies and individuals will be a big hit in Glassman’s and CrossFit’s bank account as the company has seen it’s revenue stream from seminars strained from the COVID-19 pandemic and nearly 400 gyms have announced they are disaffiliating over the last 24 hours.


Games Athlete Jessica Griffith Issues Apology Following Racist Text Exchange

 Games Athlete Jessica Griffith Issues Apology Following Racist Text Exchange 

“There’s no other way to start this other than saying, ‘I’m sorry.’ I’m sorry and I want to take full responsibility by admitting that what I said was WRONG,” wrote Jessica Griffith in an apology statement delivered to the Morning Chalk Up. She continued, “The bottom line is, I was wrong and there’s no other direction to point the finger than at me.” (See statement in full below.)

Remind me: Last week several screenshots of a text exchange were posted to Reddit. The group chat included members of the MisFit Athletics team and was used to share scores and performances.

  • On May 25, a female athlete shared her performance and Griffith replied “Myyyyy n**** that’s what I’m talking about.”
  • The screenshots illustrate that a short discussion ensued in which one or more of the other athletes in the chat were offended by the casual use of that term.
  • Drew Crandall, the owner of MisFit Athletics was alerted to the discussion and went into the group thread to assure the team that what happened was unacceptable.
  • Between May 26-27, the MisFit team quietly dropped Jessica Griffith and Travis Williams from their athlete roster.

Why haven’t we heard from her sooner? According to Griffith, following the release of the text thread screenshots on Reddit and around social media, she disabled her Instagram on June 5. Subsequently, she tried to reactivate her account but was notified by Instagram that her account was disabled due to a community standards violation.





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Lieven DeGeyndt Discuss Disaffiliation


Lieven DeGeyndt Discuss Disaffiliation

Lieven DeGeyndt is the co-owner of Petworth Fitness in Washington, DC. On June 5th, they posted an open letter to CrossFit HQ regarding their decision to disaffiliate due to HQ’s silence after the killing of George Floyd. Hear her reasoning.

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  • Zach Ely cleans 265 pounds.
  • Courtney Becker does 2 pause overhead squats at 185 pounds.
  • Lacy Baumgart does a clean complex at 190 pounds.
  • Katie Roberts snatches 135 pounds for a PR.
  • David Blatt does an L-sit to a 20-inch deficit press handstand push-up.
  • Greg Moya back squats 450 pounds for a 25 pound PR.
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