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Tracking the 2024 CrossFit Open Registration

Morning Chalk Up

January 25   |   POWERED BY


Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up.

In today’s edition:

  • Starting today and continuing through the 2024 CrossFit Open, we will be publishing “The Open Report” with Mike Halpin (Known and Knowable) every Thursday. Each week he will track Open registrations and make historical comparisons to past years, as Open participation is often seen as a barometer of both an individual’s current fitness level and the current “fitness level” of CrossFit HQ.
  • Nasal breathing and “mewing” have achieved viral success on social media, but can it help you in CrossFit?
  • “Pancakes for Roger, Inc.” launches first fundraising competitions to benefit the #PancakesForRoger campaign

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“Looking back to the beginning of my CrossFit journey, it holds a special place in my heart. It's where I discovered my inner strength, built lifelong friendships, and became part of a community that supports and uplifts one another. It's not just a gym, it is a home away from home. If you’re thinking about starting your CrossFit journey, go for it! It is a place where you’ll challenge yourself, grow as an individual, and create memories that will last a lifetime!” - Lila Ferindino, "Memoir of Place," 8th Grade English Essay, Brighton Middle School, Rochester, NY, 2024

  The Open Report: Week 1  

The Open Report: Week 1

Days until the 2024 CrossFit Open: 35

(Register for the Open now)

The Open is a barometer for your fitness.  

It tests you and can forecast the year to come. Has the extra accessory work paid off? Will I get a muscle-up this year? Nail consecutive double-unders? Will I make the top 10% in my region? Okay, what about the top 25%?

Since 2011, the Open has been the starting line of the months-long funneling process to trim down a field of hundreds of thousands to eventually qualify 40 men and 40 women for The CrossFit Games to crown the Fittest on Earth. (Along with teams, age groups, and adaptive divisions.)

For the vast majority of CrossFit athletes, however, it’s a one-and-done competition, mostly against themselves and their friends at their affiliate. Everyday athletes may never get to The Ranch, Carson, Madison, or Fort Worth, but they still want to test their current fitness and get a reading on where they are seeing new PRs and where they still need some coaching in 2024. Paying the $20, doing the work, and putting their name on a public leaderboard puts that into sharp focus that they can track year over year.

The Open, however, has also been a way to read the atmospheric pressure on CrossFit HQ. 

  • If Open registration numbers are strong, the community views CrossFit HQ’s “fitness” as improving; if the registration numbers dip, the community sees HQ’s “fitness” as being in decline.   

With the last few years of ups and downs, the coming and going (and second coming) of leadership, recent increases in affiliate fees, sponsorship changes, re-location of the Games, CEO Don Faul’s stated goal of 30,000,000 CrossFitters, the list goes on… a lot of eyes are on the 2024 Open to gauge if the recent changes will continue a positive climb or if a chill is in the air.

And, that’s what this report is: A weekly check-in on Open registration numbers; where they stand in historical contexts; and a current breakdown of the regional and divisional numbers as we march closer and closer to the “3…2…1… GO!” of Open Workout 24.1 on February 29.

Let’s dive in.

First, to set the table, some quick dates and info for the 2024 Open:

  • Registration started on January 9 at noon PT
  • Open Workout 24.1 starts on February 29 at noon PT
  • Open Workout 24.3 ends on March 18 at 5 PM PT

That gives us a window of 52 days for registration prior to the first workout, plus 19 days between workouts 24.1 and 24.3.

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GoFundMe for CrossFit ATR: Earlier this week, San Diego experienced significant rainstorms and flash flooding. As a result, CrossFit ATR-Mission Valley was destroyed with over three feet of water filling the facility. A GoFundMe has been established so community members can help the gym.

✍️ 💪 “Memoir of Place”: Lila Ferindino, an eighth-grader who trains at Brickyard CrossFit, penned an essay about what CrossFit and the gym mean to her. Check out part of it above as our quote of the day, and read the full essay now.

Training With the GOAT 🐐: Check out this video of YouTuber and content creator Will Tennyson training with five-time CrossFit Games champ Mat Fraser.

🚣 🚣 Lessons on Aging, From a 93-Year-Old World Champion Rower: The Washington Post recently featured Richard Morgan, a 93-year-old world champion indoor rower with the aerobic engine of a 30-40-year-old person. Check out the story for some lessons about aging well.

ICYMI: With little room for error in the Oceania region, Australian Peter Ellis is fully committed to the 2024 season.

  Some Potential Benefits of Nasal Breathing for CrossFit Performance  


Some Potential Benefits of Nasal Breathing for CrossFit Performance

Over the past couple of years, you may have watched a video or had a coach tell you to try to breathe through your nose more during workouts. Why is that?

It turns out that nasal breathing can potentially improve your athletic performance in ways like:

  • Improved oxygen quality
  • Better breathing efficiency
  • Better recovery
  • Improved lung capacity
  • Better oxygen delivery
  • Better sleep

Even coaches in the CrossFit space such as Rich Froning, Chris Hinshaw, and the team over at CrossFit Invictus have recommended nasal breathing for some time now.

Many top athletes in other sports have also started to take advantage of nasal breathing through the process of taping their mouths shut during sleep, such as Erling Haaland.

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  “Pancakes for Roger, Inc.” Launches First Competition in NYC, Kansas City  

“Pancakes for Roger, Inc.” Launches First Competition in NYC, Kansas City

A seemingly simple request for pancakes has turned into a not-for-profit organization and is now a competition in February with two locations. Susan Combs launched “Pancakes for Roger, Inc.” in honor of her father, Major General Roger E. Combs, who served for over 39 years across three military branches.

The organization has supported the University of Missouri School of Law Veterans Clinic for the past 5 years and plans to continue in its efforts, expanding this year, with two CrossFit competitions in New York City and Kansas City, Missouri.

Major General Combs passed away from Agent Orange-related throat cancer in 2018. But before his passing, Susan traveled to Missouri to be with her father. One morning, he requested pancakes, which was out of the question for Major General Combs, who was on a feeding tube at the time and in hospice care.

  • “The simple act of enjoying pancakes became a movement under #PancakesForRoger as a reminder to enjoy the little things in life since we all know life can change in the blink of an eye,” Susan Combs said.
  • Every February, Susan donates to the Mizzou Veterans Clinic for every picture posted to social media with the hashtag “PancakesForRoger.”
  • The clinic provides free legal services for veterans and their families who are navigating the VA claims and appeals process,
  • “In 2023, we had pictures submitted from all 50 states, 24 countries, and all 7 continents and we anticipate an even bigger turnout this year!”
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  • 🎂Happy birthday to Dana ParanLogan Aldridge, and Mat Fraser.
  • Great work to Benedita of Canguru Box in Brazil on her dedication every day.
  • Good job to all the kids at Sawed-Off CrossFit in College Station, TX, for their effort and hard work.
  • 💪Hats off to Games athlete Agustin Richelme for the two clean and jerk reps at 140 kilos/308 pounds.
  • Congratulations to Yezo of CrossFit Celeiro in Brazil on the 120-kilo/264-pound snatch.
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2/10: Pancakes for Roger Dragon Slaying Competition KC (Kansas City, Missouri)
2/17: Cupid’s Throwdown (Las Vegas, Nevada)
2/17 - 2/18: Busto Throwdown (Busto Arsizio, Italy)
3/2: The LKW Games (Lake Waccamaw, North Carolina)
3/9: The Valkyrie Fitness Competition (Tampa, FL)
3/16: Upper Hunter Strongest Novice (Muswellbrook, Australia)
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