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Trombetta Fails Drug Test

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“The secret to winning is constant, consistent management.” — Tom Landry 

I Submerged Myself Underwater with a Dumbbell and Learned to Breathe with XPT. P.S. I Can’t Swim.


CrossFit is all about preparing for the unknown and unknowable, with seemingly endless options across modal domains. Every day that we walk into the gym, we are met with physical and mental challenges that directly correlate to functions in life outside the gym. However, for the everyday athlete, there is a limit in some regards based on factors like space and equipment. 

So what happens when you get outside of the gym, in an environment so far from your comfort zone that it might as well be a foreign country? You adapt.

This past weekend, the Morning Chalk Up team was offered a spot in an Extreme Performance Training (XPT) in Malibu, California. The training, or as its defined, “A performance lifestyle system focused on breath, movement, and recovery methods,” was developed by Big Wave Surfer Laird Hamilton and Professional Volleyball player Gabby Reece. The pair opened their home to select media, gym owners, Navy SEALs, Olympians, and multiple athletes across multiple disciplines to experience everything it had to offer.

Just breathe.

As a team, we started the day off with breathwork, incorporating several different methods across a wide spectrum, drawing on influences from various teachers. By starting the day working on optimizing our breathing, we prepared our bodies for the challenges ahead, moving oxygen to all vital organs and tissues in our bodies. XPT Performance Breathing as a system is intentionally designed to produce one of the following results: to calm and focus the mind, improve C02 tolerance, or recover the body. 

Four-time CrossFit Games athlete Bryce Smith of Invictus Fitness was part of the crew for the day. 

“My biggest takeaway was using the breath to control the nervous system and state of mind,” Smith said. “Using the breath to stay calm while being exposed to various forms of stress and practicing clearing carbon dioxide really enabled me to challenge my perceived limitations.” 

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Katie Trombetta Announces Failed Drug Test, Impending Sanctions


Word of the first failed drug test from the 2019 CrossFit Games came through early Tuesday morning as Katie Trombetta took to Instagram to announce that she’d failed her drug test at the Games, and would be receiving sanctions. Trombetta, who made her rookie appearance at the Games this year, qualified through the Open and finished 44th in Madison.

What she’s saying: “I did not knowingly take these compounds they found in my system,” repeating a line we’ve heard other athletes say before while owning up to the fact that she is still responsible for everything she puts in her body. Trombetta stated in her post that the likely reasoning behind the positive was a tainted supplement, and admitted to being sloppy with her supplement usage, taking “other people’s pre-workouts, creatine, and protein,” along with taking over-the-counter melatonin, calcium, and vitamin-C. 

  • Trombetta: “I have a 4 year ban from CrossFit. I won’t be competing after the 4 years. I’ll be 32. I’m too impatient and too angry with the sport that’s harshly punishing me for a mistake to wait that out.”

Worth noting: CrossFit Inc. has yet to make any official statement or declaration about the failed test, or any tests from the Games for that matter, so any sanctions or details regarding the announcement are still unofficial until then. 

  • The sample: taken at the Games, came back positive for metabolites of GW1516 (Endurobol) and Ostarine. 
  • Under CrossFit’s drug testing policy, Ostarine is classified as an anabolic agent, and GW1516 is classified as a metabolic modulator.
  • She will likely be sanctioned for four years, effective retroactively from the date the test was taken during the CrossFit Games.

Also worth noting: This is now the eighth time in just 16 months (Since June 2018) that an athlete has tested positive for GW1516 or it’s metabolites, making it the most prevalent substance found in positive tests within the sport.

Section 16 of the Drug Testing Policy clearly states: “Athletes are solely responsible for what they put in their bodies.” Even in the event that an athlete can prove that their supplement was tainted, as was the case with Kelli Holm, there will still be sanctions for that athlete. 

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WATCH: Cole Sager’s Tips to Lean Out
Cole Sager recently shared his top three tips to lean out as he prepares for his upcoming competition season, like measuring and tracking his meals and staying hydrated. 


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Are you ready for the Open? And how do you avoid dopin’ for the Open!? We all want to do our best. But how do you avoid the wrong supplements and stick to best practices for your RECOVERY and JOINT HEALTH and get those extra reps? Knowledge is Power.

All BUBS Collagen Protein is NSF for Sport Certified, which means it’s trusted by the organizations like the US Olympic Team, Major League Baseball, and the NBA.  It means you can trust in BUBS to deliver the absolute best in quality. Period.

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Chalk Up Community

  • BATTLE AT BRANDED ONE — Branded One CrossFit in Las Vegas, NV is a non-profit gym that provides free memberships to disabled servicemen and women. To help fund these free memberships, they are hosting their second annual fundraiser competition, The Battle at Branded One, on November 9.
  • USAW LEVEL ONE — Change Now CrossFit in Kansas City, MO is holding a USA Weightlifting Level One Training Seminar on November 2 and 3. 
  • SHARE THE PAIN OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE — CrossFit Nashville in Nashville, TN is holding an event for domestic violence awareness month. The event is called Share the Pain and will take place on October 26. 
  • AFFILIATE FOR SALE — CrossFit Frederick, in Frederick, MD is for sale. They have been open for 12 years, with loads of equipment, an outfitted space with locker rooms and showers.

CHALK UP IN 2 MINUTES (a highlight reel around social media of CrossFit pros and average joes)

Congratulations to Dr. Alan Fredendall on his 175 pound transformation with CrossFit • Talking Elite Fitness has a new line of merch available for presale • Congratulations to Ben Benson and Emily Bridgers on the birth of their daughter, Riley Moses Benson • Angelina McGowan deadlifts 225 pounds for a PR • Mike Cook strings together 36 toes-to-bar for a PR in the best shirt ever • Tim Paulson power clean and jerks 300 poundsCody Anderson does a 305 pound clean and jerk complex.

…and this is certainly one way to ring in your nuptials.

Dave Castro Hints are Back — Yesterday, Dave Castro, who was silent through the the previous Open earlier this year, revealed a hint for the 20.1 workout. 

Meg Reardon joins the OUT Foundation — Meg Reardon, Games athlete and owner of Wags & Weights, joined the OUT in the OPEN leaderboard with the OUT Foundation. 

Affiliate Giveaway with AIRROSTI — AIRROSTI has announced a giveaway for CrossFit Affiliates participating in the Open. Two affiliates pulled from TX, VA, OH, and WA will win a $2,000 Rogue gift card, an Airrosti Fittest Affiliate banner, an Airrosti CrossFit clock, a box mobility kit and several peices of gear and equipment.

Soledad O’Brien is Still At It — Soledad O’Brien, who just recently admitted she was wrong about CrossFit, is participating in a six-week challenge with her gym, CrossFit Pawling. 

— “I started crossfit to build up strength in my legs and get back in shape. Anyway — I decided to try the 2 mile challenge, and ran the whole thing. Not fast. I’m sure it is very lame for some of you great runners, but for me — I’m just getting confidence in putting full pressure on my knee. So — again: you never really know what you can do til you are challenged to do it. ‘You’re stronger than you think you are’ is what Keith at CrossFit Pawling keeps telling me and Alexis keeps just kicking my ass.”

How to be Sugar Savvy — Red Wolf CrossFit in Huntington Beach, CA recently posted a helpful guide on how to become more savvy about the amount of sugar in the foods you eat. 

— “If you’re having trouble meeting your nutrition, weight loss, or fitness goals — or just generally feeling tired and run down — you could be eating too much sugar.

— “Once you start looking, you’ll realize added sugar is lurking everywhere in packaged foods. To reduce your sugar consumption, first, address your beverages. Avoid sweetened coffee drinks, sports drinks, and sparkling water with juice. Next, look for unflavored versions of sweetened foods like oatmeal, yogurt, and granola. Then start making your own salad dressing, and go for whole-fruit smoothies instead of juice.”


“Complaints Continue: Staff Unpaid at Southwest Championship,” by Brittney Kleyn, Morning Chalk Up 

New allegations have emerged that staff is either yet to be reimbursed or have underpaid for their role at the Southwest Championship.

Former staff has spoken out after the Morning Chalk Up revealed athletes and volunteers are still waiting on prizes and compensation from organizer Chaco Comrie.

The story so far.

Morning Chalk Up has been investigating complaints made by a number of podium athletes at the Southwest Championship who were promised cash and prizes but left the event in August empty-handed.
Organizer Chaco Comrie maintains the prizes and compensation are “moving chess pieces.”
Athletes have received follow up emails but of the five podium finishers who came forward, not one is yet to receive the entire prize pool promised.

No cash for the Competition Director

Jason Jannetti has been a respected CrossFit judge since 2016, judging at the Games, Central Regionals and on the Open video review team.

Also an affiliate owner, Jannetti was recruited as the Competition Director for the Southwest Championship, posting a scathing video to social media outlining the shortcomings with the event’s management, in particular, Chaco Comrie.

“He made it sound like it was going to be something worthwhile,” Jannetti said in his Facebook video.

“He didn’t execute on any of the **** he told anyone they were going to get.”


10/3 – 10/21: Dubai CrossFit Challenge Online Qualifier (Online)
10/10 – 11/11: The CrossFit Open (Online) 
10/12: Push Pull For Pancreatic Cancer (Elgin, IL)
10/16: 2019 Graveyard Games (Kenosha, WI)
10/19: Battle for the Bell VIII: End Bell (Southbury, CT)
10/19: HYROX Miami (Miami, FL)
10/26: CrossFit Turbine’s 2019 Strongman Classic (Carol Stream, IL)
10/26: CrossFit Roots Anniversary Party (Boulder, CO)
10/26: Share the Pain (Nashville, TN)
11/2: Best of the Wurst (New Braunfels, TX)
11/2: Gangs of the Midatlantic Team Competition (Williamsburg , VA)
11/2: Second Annual 12-Hour WODathon (Houston, TX)
11/2: Coed Clash Competition (Oneonta, AL)
11/2 – 11/3: USAW Level 1 Training (Kansas City, MO)
11/9: Patriot Challenge 3.0 (Longview, TX)
11/9: The Battle at Branded One (Las Vegas, NV)
11/9: Battle on the Airfield at Skyraider CrossFit (Riverside, CA)

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