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TYR Wodapalooza Goes West

Morning Chalk Up

July 13   |   POWERED BY


Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up.

In today’s edition:

  • Loud And Live announces TYR Wodapalooza SoCal starting in 2024
  • How your affiliate can weather the slow summer months and develop new revenue streams
  • Hollywood stunt people look to CrossFit to prepare their bodies
  • Sturgis box brings CrossFit and cycling together under the same roof

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  Introducing TYR Wodapalooza SoCal  

Introducing TYR Wodapalooza SoCal

Over the past week you may have seen a curious set of Instagram posts on the TYR Wodapalooza (WZA) feed featuring a neon pink surf van heading west from Bayfront Park in Miami.

  • The first caption read, “An adventure 12 years in the making…”, the second, under an image of the van leaving Florida said, “We were born in Miami and we’re giving it another pin,” a third, featuring the Las Vegas skyline and van up on a mechanic’s lift read, “All the miles we’ve put in call for a tune-up (and possibly a fresh paint job). While in the area, we’re making a quick stop to play the slots, too.”

For those following, the transcontinental adventure came to an end today in Huntington Beach, CA with the announcement of TYR Wodapalooza SoCal, a sister event to TYR Wodapalooza Miami.

The details: ​The inaugural TYR Wodapalooza Socal event will take place September 20-22, 2024 in Huntington Beach, CA.

  • The multi-day festival, similar in scope and format to TYR WZA Miami, will have “multiple stages with 1,000 competing athletes from around the world, brand activations and fitness lifestyle experiences, including educational seminars and workshops.”
  • There are a lot of details left to be determined, including information related to registration for the 2024 competition, and how the West Coast and Miami events will be connected.
  • That said, the two will share a meaningful connection in a “coast-to-coast” series, according to a press release from Loud And Live.

Remind me: TYR WZA Miami started as a one-day competition with 145 athletes in 2012. Over the past 12 years, it has grown into the world’s largest and most well-known functional fitness festival.

  • From those humble beginnings, TYR WZA introduced adaptive, teen, team and masters divisions.
  • Each year thousands of athletes compete under the Florida sun in Bayfront Park with tens of thousands of fans looking on.

From the press release: “The expansion [to Huntington Beach] signals a new chapter in the festival’s history, bringing the electrifying atmosphere and unmissable spectacle of live fitness competitions to Southern California, home to one of the nation’s most active fitness communities.”

  • “Since its inaugural event, Wodapalooza has been synonymous with a unique fusion of competition, fitness lifestyle, and community celebration, providing an experience for fans, brands, and athletes unlike any other.”
  • “The TYR WZA SoCal provides a second festival experience across the backdrop of California, and rounds out a coast-to-coast TYR WZA presence, providing a platform for the community to engage with annually.”

What they’re saying: “We’re constantly looking for ways to evolve and expand, and a second yearly festival and competition on the West Coast is a natural step as we continue to cater to WZA’s ever-growing global fanbase,” said Marco Sagrera, Chief Strategy Officer of Loud And Live.

  • Matt DiLorenzo, CEO of TYR: “TYR was initially founded in Huntington Beach in 1985, and we couldn’t be more excited to be bringing a premier fitness event to the community where our company first planted its roots nearly 40 years ago.”
  • “As our partnership continues to grow with Loud And Live, we look forward to engaging with the athletes and spectators at both the Miami and SoCal Wodapalooza competitions,” DiLorenzo finished.
  • Dylan Malitsky, VP of Loud And Live Sports: “We’re proud to bring the same commitment to what has made Miami the destination festival for over a decade.”
  • “California has a rich history in our sport and with our community. Huntington Beach will provide the perfect sister festival experience. We look forward to celebrating with our community on the West Coast.”

The bottom line: Loud And Live has invested heavily in the sport of CrossFit over the past several years. Including acquiring The Granite Games, acquiring a stake in the Madrid Championship, founding the West Coast Classic, and more, all while continuing to grow its flagship event, TYR WZA Miami.

The creation of a sister competition in California will make the energy and community atmosphere that athletes and fans have experienced in Bayfront Park for more than a decade accessible to many more people.

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Built for Athletes, the UK-based premium fitness brand that specializes in backpacks, luggage and accessories for athletes of all sports, announced the appointment of Matt Brewster the CEO of WIT Fitness, to its Board of Directors.

  • Brewster:  “It is an honour to officially be on the Board of Directors for a brand like Built For Athletes. It’s an exciting time for them and I’m looking forward to being on their journey. I will be applying my knowledge and experience within the sports and apparel markets to advise and support them with their strategy, product development and connect with their consumers.”

🥶 🥶 New Cold Tub: Master Spas is launching its newest product, the Michael Phelps Chilly GOAT Cold Tub. Master Spas will be onsite in Vendor Village at the CrossFit Games and attendees will be able to try the cold tub. Learn more.

🎟️ 🎟️ 🎟️ Ticket Presale: The Asbury Park Summer Games, taking place on August 19-20, 2023, just released presale tickets for the event. Spectators can order now.

ICYMI: Kelly and Juliet Starrett discuss staying mobile and flexible during long summer road trips.

  Slow Summer Months: 6 Ways to Bump Revenue at Your Affiliate  


Slow Summer Months: 6 Ways to Bump Revenue at Your Affiliate

The slowest time of the year for CrossFit gyms is typically the summer months when the kids are off from school and schedules change temporarily for families.

Sign-ups are typically a little slower, as most people who are working out in the summer already have an established schedule or program they’re following.

Gym owners may not be able to control the cyclical nature of the gym business, but they can however be creative with what they already have. Rather than worrying about who’s not in their gym, they can focus their energy on providing more to the members they already have, while finding creative new streams to bump up revenue in the slower summer months.

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  Hit the Ground Running: How CrossFit Plays an Integral Role in the Stunt Work Industry  

Hit the Ground Running: How CrossFit Plays an Integral Role in the Stunt Work Industry

The intersection of CrossFit and stunt work is complicated, filled with high falls and fire burns, and one rep max snatches and metcons.

But what came first, the stuntperson or the CrossFit athlete? Whichever way it happens, CrossFit is vital in who stunt people are and how they do what they do.

How it Begins

Some stunt people find CrossFit after working in the industry for a while. Kara Peterson is one of them. If you passed the 4’11”, 100-pound woman on the street, you probably wouldn’t even blink twice, but once you get her on screen, it’s eyes wide open.

  • Peterson: “I did competitive gymnastics growing up, and my parents were super active. In my teens, I was driving around with my mom and saw a car with a bumper sticker that said I was about 14 then, and the guy that ran it was Michael Keaton’s stunt double, and the day I met him, they were doing high falls.”

Peterson was in awe and signed up to learn immediately. She spent a month learning the basic stunt moves and the ins and outs of getting employment. To become a working stunt person, individuals must get a SAG card, do background work, get headshots, make connections, and more–it is far from easy.

Peterson was trying to put the work in, but it was difficult. Luck struck when she was 19 and got a call from her instructor saying they needed a cheerleader for a Disney show.

  • “I realized that being small, a kid double is a perfect niche. So being 4”11” I used to hate it, but now I’m the big one. It still takes a while; it’s like with any business where you have to build clientele or relationships, but early on, I got lucky and met another coordinator doing Disney shows, and he put my name out there, and it just snowballed into where I am today. I will double small women or older ladies, but most of my bread and butter is being a kid double, primarily boys since the girls tend to be a little smaller.”
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  A Little Bit of Both: South Dakota Gym Combines CrossFit and Bicycle Shop All In One  

A Little Bit of Both: South Dakota Gym Combines CrossFit and Bicycle Shop All In One

Biking and Sturgis, South Dakota seem to go hand in hand, and no, we’re not talking about motorcycles. The local affiliate Twisted Canyon CrossFit has paired together its gym with a bike shop, all in one.

Kristi Cammack and her husband Calvin opened their gym in 2016 and recently moved their bike shop, Xtreme Dakota Bicycles, right next door. The shop sells mountain bikes, kids bikes, e-bikes, and does full service and repairs. The seemingly odd pairing comes at a time when CrossFit and biking (not just on an Echo Bike or Bike Erg) have started to come together more and more.

Remind me: In recent years we’ve seen athletes using mountain bikes for a range of events at the CrossFit Games. One of the most prominent athletes utilizing the mountain bike these days is Rich Froning, who is typically posting to social media about his most recent time on the trails.

Some details: While Cammack said she hasn’t incorporated biking into her class workouts, members utilize the bike shop regularly and come together to do bike rides throughout the week.

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