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UD’s Racial Slur Ignites Social Media Firestorm

Morning Chalk Up

May 18

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Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up. The CEO and owner of Unbroken Designs, a fitness gear and apparel provider used a racial slur in an Instagram post last week, we are following the story below. And, the DCC2020 Online Challenge came on quick, but it has a great roster, Today:

  • Unbroken Designs CEO, Jennifer Rando, seeks to make amends.
  • The DCC2020 Online Challenge boasts a stacked roster for big cash prizes.
  • Video: Sara Sigmundsdottir 2020 CrossFit Games Season Mixtape

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“A man may make mistakes, but he isn’t a failure until he starts blaming someone else.” – John Wooden


Unbroken Designs CEO’s Racial Slur Ignites Social Media Firestorm

 Unbroken Designs CEO’s Racial Slur Ignites Social Media Firestorm 

Last Wednesday, the owner of Unbroken Designs, Jennifer Rando, a fitness gear and apparel manufacturer, posted a racial slur in an Instagram story igniting a firestorm of angry reactions from those associated with the brand as well as members of the fitness community and beyond. The slur “Wetback Wednesday” and a stylized Mexican man holding a sombrero were posted along with an image of Rando’s two kids eating tacos.

  • When one Instagram user brought it to Rando’s attention that “wetback is a derogatory term,” she responded: “Yes i am aware of what wetback means.”
  • Rando deleted the post Wednesday evening and reposted the picture of her children with a different caption.

The initial fallout was swift. By Thursday morning, reactions to the situation intensified, as some followers had screenshotted and circulated the post. The post made it’s way onto the CrossFit subreddit under the title, “Get to know the brands you’re buying from…owner of Unbroken Designs knowingly made derogatory remark in her story.” The Reddit post has since garnered nearly 200 mostly negative comments.

  • By Thursday afternoon, Rando had issued a video apology, which was deleted after being blasted as disingenuous in the comments.
  • In the video, she says: “Yesterday I posted a photo of my kids eating tacos that included a derogatory comment, while I knew that the comment had negative connotations, I didn’t realize how offensive it was, which I learned very quickly.”
  • She continued, “I’m sorry. I’m a white girl. I don’t know what oppression is…I didn’t mean anything by posting that comment, and yeah, I’m a product of white privilege.”
  • “This is not a reflection on Unbroken Designs, it’s not a reflection on my kids, it’s not a reflection on how I’m raising my kids…this is a reflection on me and a really bad judgment call,” she said.

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Prize Purse Draws Top CrossFitters to DCC2020 Online Challenge

 Prize Purse Draws Top CrossFitters to DCC2020 Online Challenge 

It didn’t take long after announcing a huge prize purse, for a whos-who of CrossFit athletes to start registering for the Dubai CrossFit Championship 2020 Online Challenge. On May 13 the organizers of the recently cancelled 2020 Dubai CrossFit Championship Sanctional announced a prize purse of $46,000 spread across eight divisions, four each for male and female, one of the largest payouts for an online-only competition in CrossFit competition history.

Big money = big names: The competition started on May 15 with the first of three weekly workouts consisting of minimal equipment. Registration will close on May 22, and these are a few of the top names competing for the cash prize. The winners of both the men’s and women’s individual division will win $10,000.

  • The 2019 CrossFit Games podium on the women’s side will be well represented as Kristin Holte (2nd Fittest Woman on Earth) and Jamie Simmonds (formerly Greene, 3rd Fittest Woman on Earth). Holte finished third in the Open while Simmonds placed fifth, both earning their invitation to the 2020 Games in Aromas, CA.
  • The winner of three of the last four women’s Opens, Sara Sigmundsdottir has also registered. Sigmundsdottir competed in three of the ten Sanctionals before the COVID-19 pandemic canceled the rest of the season. She recorded two Sanctional victories and a runner-up finish at Wodapalooza to cement herself as a contender for the 2020 Games title.
  • Emma McQuaid (9th in the Open) and Andrea Nisler (15th in the Open) round out the Games qualifiers through the Open competing for the prize money in Dubai.
  • 2019 Games rookie and the top-ten finisher Danielle Brandon rounds out the roster of current Games invitees. She received her Games invite through the back-fill process at the Mayhem Classic.
  • Other top athletes on the women’s side competing for the $10,000 prize include Carolyne Prevost, Steph Chung, Emily Rolfe, Mikaela Norman, Larissa Cunha, Bailey Meraviglia, Sarah Viets, Mikaela Norman, Evie Hollis and Marnie Sykes.
  • The men’s division features Games invitees Jeffrey Adler (5th in the Open) and Khan Porter who won the Pandaland CrossFit Challenge to earn his Games ticket.
  • A collection of international athletes, some with Games experience, also paid their $5.00 registration fee in hopes of turning it into $10,000. Greek athletes Giorgos Karavis and Alex Kotoulas, South African Jason Smith and Andre Houdet from Denmark want that big payday at the end of the competition.
  • Craig Kenney, Nick Bloch and Colten Mertens are United States representatives with Games experience in the field.

Video: Sara Sigmundsdottir 2020 CrossFit Games Season Mixtape

 Video: Sara Sigmundsdottir 2020 CrossFit Games Season Mixtape 



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Congratulations to Bradley F., who was the first to correctly answer which woman has won the most Individual Worldwide Opens. The correct answer was Sara Sigmundsdottir, she has won the Open three times.

  • Today’s question: Which two Games had two Individual Canadian men in the final Top 3?

Submit your answer.





Community Fundraiser Roundup

Here are a couple of fundraisers to come across our desks recently:

  • North Haven CrossFit: The North Haven, CT affiliate North Haven CrossFit held a virtual fundraiser on May 16 to provide emergency assistance to rehouse the roughly 2,000 people experiencing homelessness and in shelters during the pandemic in Connecticut. You can still donate now.
  • CrossFit Tilt: The Southborough, MA affiliate CrossFit TILT will be holding its fifth annual “24 Heroes” fundraiser, virtually via ZOOM on Memorial Day. All of the proceeds from this fundraiser will go to Veterans Inc., a veteran support foundation based in Worcester, MA.
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