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Truth Talk

Good morning from Madison, WI and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up. There only one sleep left before the CrossFit Games kicks off. Today’s edition is brought to you by RockTape, the movement company dedicated to helping athletes of every level go stronger for longer.

P.S. Today is National Ice Cream Sandwich day and we’re spending it at the Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream on State Street downtown. Anyone want to join?


“Success is only seen in the finality of the script in all we do, in all we believe in, in all we yearn to succeed at! Sacrifice is inevitable.” — Alex Cardenas, Margaux Alvarez’s coach



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Two critical minimum work requirements to pay attention to… Athletes who fail to finish run-swim-run under the 60-min time cap are disqualified. Additionally, any athlete who fails to get past the 15-foot wall in the O-course is ineligible for taking one of the top 3 spots on the podium.

Meet the oldest CrossFit Games competitor, 65-year-old Clarke Holland. Swipe left to see the reactions of CrossFit Games athletes when they find out the weights for the muscle-up clean ladder. Bethany Branham got the Wonder Woman symbol styled into her hair for the Games. Final thoughts from Chris Spealler on the injury and training for longevity before competition starts. Dave Castro introduced a never before seen apparatus for the 2017 Games: bails of hay. Talking to Bethany Branham yesterday, “I hope it rains” for the Cyclocross event. Event details released for “Couple Couplets,” the MF paired synchronized event of muscle-ups, GHDs, Assault Bike cals and deadlifts. We also have event details for the individual strongman event.  TEAM OUTFITS. True story: Alexis Johnson is afraid of heights. What do CrossFit hubbies do while their wives are training for the Games? Drink beer.


We took a little break from working yesterday to go paddle boarding on Lake Monona. In town and looking to get out on the water…head over to Brittingham Boats where you can rent paddle boards and kayaks by the hour. Take a photo in front of this sign and you could win a $50 Visa gift card. Other things to do today…Rogue Fitness Beers & Brats @ State Street Brats, Brute Strength Session @ CrossFit Foremost, and Beer & Barbells @ Wisconsin Brewing Company. Get all the details on our calendar of fun happening around Madison.


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DOWNLOAD: CFG Live Fantasy App

Looking for a way to pick your favorite athletes to win the CrossFit Games? There’s now an iOS app so you can get in the action and pick your top 10 male and female competitors, and compete against other fans for the best bracket.

EAT: Collard Wrap Sammy

Kick that iceberg lettuce to the curb. You’ve been searching high and low for something to do with those collard greens you’ve been staring at and Bacon & Squats has your solution. Now your healthy sammy just just got a little more guilt-free.


On July 30th, construction workers in Little Italy burst a main water pipe and water quickly filled the streets of this San Diego neighborhood, flooding surrounding businesses. Within minutes, all 12,000 square feet of Power Keg Athletics was under three feet of water and rising.“Everything is completely destroyed,” said Adam Babin, co-owner and founder. “We just wrapped up an expansion two weeks ago. We sunk in maybe $40 – $50,000.”

While most of the water has been cleaned up, their biggest problems are just beginning. It’s not altogether clear who’s going to pay for the damages. Power Keg’s insurance company Affiliate Guard hasn’t confirmed they’ll cover the costs and talks are just beginning with the City of San Diego.

Babin paused momentarily to consider the all but certain exodus of members.

“We froze all memberships immediately,” Babin said. “Right now we’re holding classes in the park. We have some coaches who make a few extra bucks coaching a class here and there, but for some of them this is their livelihood.”

To make matters worse, during the months-long rebuild Power Keg’s revenue stream grinds to a halt. Thankfully the CrossFit community takes care of their own and already thousands of donations have poured in, and ours will be next.

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