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What does the WZA/L&L Change Mean for CrossFit Games?

Morning Chalk Up

June 27

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Good morning and welcome to the weekend edition of the Morning Chalk Up. On Thursday night, Dave Castro took to Instagram Live, as he has been doing lately, but this time brought on Rory McKernan and Rich Froning to ask questions. It was one of the most insightful moments we’ve seen from Castro or anyone from CrossFit HQ in a long time; learn more below. And, learn more about incoming CrossFit CEO and owner from Emily Beers. Today:

  • Rory and Rich interview Dave Castro on Instagram.
  • Justin LoFranco, Niki Brazier, and Tommy Marquez discuss the Loud and Live event schedule announcement and what it might mane going forward.
  • Get to know your new CEO through some of his acquaintances.

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Seven Key Takeaways from Castro’s Instagram with Froning and McKernan

 Seven Key Takeaways from Castro’s Instagram with Froning and McKernan 

During a second live Instagram Q&A, Dave Castro was joined by Rich Froning and Rory McKernan to answer questions about the state of the CrossFit Games and changes coming with the news of CrossFit, Inc. selling to Eric Roza. 

Here are seven key takeaways:

  1. Castro and the Games future: Castro is back to programming the Games for this season and the foreseeable future: Though currently sitting in the CEO position within CrossFit he alluded to him being moved back to his previous position as Director of the Games once the sale becomes final in 30 days.
    • “Yeah I’m gonna program. I’m going to program this year, program next year, program for as long as I’m going to program at this point,” commented Castro.
    • Castro also mentioned that incoming owner and CEO Eric Roza is supportive of the Games and wants them to grow even more.
    • Castro said that the return to the Alliant Energy Center in Madison, Wisconsin for the 2021 season is still the plan and that it would be for the next couple of years.
    • He also reiterated that the Games would be held at the earliest in mid-September.
    • Castro stated that media coverage would be a huge focus of Roza’s for the Games.
  2. The future of Sanctionals: McKernan and Froning then were added to the feed and their first question was regarding Sanctionals. Froning has an invested interest in this due to his hosting of the Mayhem Classic, an officially sanctioned CrossFit competition.

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Video: What does the WZA/L&L Change Mean for CrossFit Games? | The Bottom Line

 Video: What does the WZA/L&L Change Mean for CrossFit Games? | The Bottom Line 

Beyond Business Success: Get to Know Eric Roza

 Beyond Business Success: Get to Know Eric Roza 

Three days ago, Eric Roza was largely a stranger to the greater CrossFit community. He didn’t even have an Instagram page.

Today, the incoming owner and CEO of CrossFit Inc. has two Instagram posts and 64,900 followers.

One big thing: Those who know Eric Roza all say the same thing. He is an incredible, talented human being with a contagious, passionate personality. Success is the standard for things he sets his mind on.

Here are some examples from Roza’s acquaintances:

  • “It’s pretty incredible that a guy like Eric would dedicate his life to CrossFit Inc. And he’s doing it to save CrossFIt. He’s so passionate about CrossFit. Combine that with his business experience and success, and you couldn’t ask for a better guy. Whatever he does, he’s successful,” said 50-year-old Max Stock, who trained at Roza’s gym in Boulder, CO for four years.
  • “He’s passionate about everything he does, and it’s apparent that he loves CrossFit and what it can do for people. He’s a very positive, upbeat, sweet guy, but he also knows how to get things done,” said Ian Day, a CrossFit Level 2 coach, who met Roza when he started coaching at the CrossFit gym on the Oracle campus — the computer technology corporation that acquired Roza’s consumer data collection and analytics company for a reported $1.2 billion in 2014.
  • One of the conditions Roza put in place when Oracle acquired his company was that they open a CrossFit gym on the campus, which “speaks to (Roza’s) passion for CrossFit,” Day added.




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Patrick Cummings Reflect on CrossFit’s Tumultuous Month

On this brief episode of the Open Gym podcast, host Patrick Cummings talks through some key questions he’s asking himself as he reflects on all the developments of the past few weeks.

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Catch Up on the Big Stories this Week

If you’re interested in the world of CrossFit and competitive fitness you’ve no doubt been following the historic news out of CrossFit HQ this week, but in case you’ve missed it, here are five stories to get you caught up:

  • On Wednesday, June 24 Dave Castro announced to affiliate owners and on social media that CrossFit Inc. would be sold to Eric Roza, an affiliate owner, and entrepreneur within the next month.
  • Affiliate owners reacted with optimism and excitement to the news.
  • As did Games athletes, some of whom had previously indicated that they would boycott the Games unless changes were made at the top.
  • Tommy Marquez breaks down the big announcement and some initial thoughts on the new CEO.
  • Justin, Niki, and Tommy discuss all the angles of the announcement and what the future of CrossFit looks like on The Bottom Line.
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