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What Is Margaux Alvarez Up To?

Morning Chalk Up

July 13

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Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up. Last week on the Titan Games, CrossFit Games veteran Margaux Alvarez was named the West Region Titan. Today she talks with Patrick Clark about her experience on the show and lots more. And, two gyms in the Mid-Atlantic are working with inmates and athletes in recovery, Emily Beers has more on their stories below.

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Margaux Alvarez Talks About Her Titan Games Preparation, Experience and Future Plans

 Margaux Alvarez Talks About Her Titan Games Preparation, Experience and Future Plans 

Before an audience of nearly four million people watching on TV, Margaux Alvarez was able to add yet another athletic achievement to an already impressive resume as she was named West Region Titan after defeating Kelly Valdez on Mount Olympus on the July 6 episode of The Titan Games on NBC. The seven-time CrossFit Games athlete took time from her busy schedule to discuss her latest accomplishment with the Morning Chalk Up.

Morning Chalk Up: For a person who has pursued so many different forms of athletic endeavors in your life, where does this rank so far?

  • Margaux Alvarez: “This definitely ranks pretty high at the top of my list. It was an athletic challenge and competition, and a unique experience filming a show. This was an opportunity that may not come again, so I wanted to make the most of it and it will be at the top of my list for a while.”

MCU: How was your training for the Titan Games different from your regular CrossFit training?

  • MA: “For The Titan Games, I included a lot more odd object training, heavy Dballs, sledgehammer, prowler pushes, rope swings, etc. Alex and I watched the previous season and would try and mimic the events or portions of those events into training. I had incorporated some ninja training the year before and that was beneficial and came into play for The Titan Games. My previous experience years ago running Spartan Races and Tough Mudders was helpful as there are a lot of obstacles that you jump over, climb through and carry.”

MCU: Your favorite part of the Titan Games so far?

  • MA: “One of my favorite parts was meeting down to earth, kind and genuine people that came from all walks of life. The Rock and his production team selected a variety of people with different backgrounds and getting to know so many incredible people was an experience. I spent three and a half weeks with most of the people on the show, and we got to know each other, hear each other’s stories, what they have been through, what they have overcome in their life and we went through this memorable experience together.”

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Two Mid-Atlantic Gyms Find Innovative Ways to Support Recovering Addicts and Inmates

 Two Mid-Atlantic Gyms Find Innovative Ways to Support Recovering Addicts and Inmates 

On July 2, Ian Koch opened the doors to a new CrossFit affiliate. Saltwater Athletics in Somers Point, NJ, is a non-profit registered charity committed to helping those recovering from substance abuse. Just over 60 miles away in Philadelphia, PA, Wylie Belasik has also dedicated himself to providing opportunities for those who need one. Through UliftU, a non-profit branch of the gym he owns, Subversus Fitness, Belasik is currently mentoring and sponsoring coaching education for 14 inmates at a nearby state prison.

One big thing: These two programs illustrate some of the best work CrossFit and other fitness communities do. As CrossFit HQ institutes its own scholarship program, the possibility is ripe for a cohort of well-trained coaches and future gym owners who can add their own innovations and developments to these models. Both Koch and Belasik agree many people just need a financial opportunity and emotional/community support.    

Not your ordinary affiliate: Ian Koch’s affiliate, Saltwater Athletics offers “a sliding scale (membership) based on income, so that people who are scraping by don’t have to sacrifice fitness so they can pay their electric bill.” He currently offers a $50 a month membership for those in recovery who make less than $25,000 a year.  

  • “Our gym is built with the intention to improve people’s lives through fitness, especially those in early recovery from addiction,” Koch said.

Koch has firsthand experience. He struggled with substance abuse before becoming sober at 23. One of the biggest keys to sobriety is support, said 38-year-old Koch.

  • “For most folks in recovery from addiction, a strong support network or community is critical in the foundation of a new life.”
  • “Survey the membership at nearly any CrossFit affiliate and you’re likely to find a number of people who have swapped the bottle for the barbell,” he said.



Arielle Sanders Discuss Diversity in CrossFit

Arielle Sanders is an up and coming African American CrossFit athlete who trains at Terminus Strength and Conditioning in Atlanta, GA. She has been a vocal advocate for improving diversity in the CrossFit space. On this episode of Talking Elite Fitness, she joins Tommy and Sean to talk about what she thinks needs to be done in order to improve diversity and why a conversation with incoming CrossFit CEO Eric Roza gives her hope for the future.

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Congratulations to Sharon P., who was the first to correctly answer who has won the most Masters Games Events. The correct answer was Susan Clarke. She has won 18 Masters Games Events in her career.

  • Today’s question: Who has won the second-most Games medals (from all divisions)?

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Community Round-Up

Here are some examples of the good work, celebrations and memorial WODs taking place around the community:

  • Born Primitive’s 1000 Heroes Project: To honor all the health care professionals who have sacrificed so much during the COVID-19 pandemic, Born Primitive will be giving away 1000 limited edition apparel pieces to the first 1000 heroes who qualify. There is no cost involved, just an opportunity to honor a hero in your life so they can be recognized for their efforts in the fight against COVID-19. Learn more and nominate your hero
  • CrossFit Indestri Celebrates 10 Years: Collingwood, ON affiliate CrossFit Indestri celebrated the ten-year anniversary of its CrossFit affiliation on July 5. And while the COVID-19 lockdown has been tough, they rang in their eleventh year with good news: receiving a green light to officially reopen for indoor training!
  • John Grider Memorial WOD: The Tough Temple CrossFit community in Rockville, MD lost a beloved member, Ensign John Grider in a tragic accident on July 2. Grider graduated from the Naval Academy in 2010 and was currently enrolled in the F. Edward Herbert School of Medicine at USU. The community celebrated John Grider’s toughness, never-give-up spirit, and laugh with the WOD “Grider” on Saturday, July 11.
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