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What Rep Cutting Says About Your Character

Good morning and welcome to the weekend edition of the Morning Chalk Up. This is Justin LoFranco, your Editor-in-Chief to bring you a quick wrap-up of the major news items throughout the week.

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“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.” — Eleanor Roosevelt

What Rep Cutting Says About Your Character

It is not often that I find a subject that I want to sit down and write about. When I do, it is something I want to share or something that has been bothering me. In this case, it is the latter.

I am blessed in many ways. I often tell people I have two jobs but I never work a day in my life. I love being a firefighter and I love being a CrossFit coach. Both jobs are rewarding and come easy to me. Firefighting is known for its Brotherhood and strong bond among those who are on the job. You can say the same about the CrossFit Community.

Firefighters that I haven’t worked with for a while, often ask me if I ever think CrossFit will fade away. My answer is something they don’t expect: NO. Why? Because of the CrossFit Community. This community is as strong as the Firefighting Brotherhood. They don’t believe me, but that’s okay. You have to be a part of it to understand it.

As much as I love the CrossFit community, there is a subject in CrossFit that confuses me and troubles me deeply, a subject that few talk about in public. It has become more prevalent in my gym and it is time for me to stop ignoring it. If I don’t address it, then I’d start to lose the confidence of my coaches and clients, especially of those who have brought up this subject to me. So what exactly am I referring to? REP CUTTING. There it is, for everyone to see.

What bothers me the most is the impact it has on my gym and clients that are doing the work and are not cutting reps. They bust their butts to improve their lifestyles and listen to my advice on how to recover, what to eat to fuel their workouts and improve their health and fitness.

Cutting reps is nothing new to me. The first time I dealt with a client who was cutting reps, I pulled them aside and talked to them one-on-one. The client denied it and shortly thereafter left the gym. The second time, I actually stood beside them counting their reps, and if they called “time” or moved on to the next movement, I’d tell them how many reps they still had to go. That client also left the gym.

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10-Year Affiliate Summit: What to Expect
Justin LoFranco

On Friday, 200 affiliate owners will descend on Whistler for the 10-Year CrossFit Affiliate Gathering, a three-day lightly scheduled gathering of owners of affiliates open for 10 years or more. Here’s what’s on the agenda. 

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Torian Pro Maxes Out, Moves to Bigger Stadium
Justin LoFranco

On Thursday, Torian Pro announced that they’re moving the three-day competition in Brisbane, Australia to a new location; the Queensland Tennis Centre. With 49 days before the event is set to kick-off, they have already sold out the original 4,000-seat arena. The upgrade to the Queensland Tennis Centre will expand the capacity to 5,000 spectators.

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Racing With Purpose: Charity, Struggle, and Plenty of Mud in Kauai
Tommy Marquez

Tommy Marquez headed down to Hawaii last weekend to run in the Ultimate Hawaiian Trail Run, supporting the Keala Foundation and the children of the island of Kauai. He shares his story.

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The Definitive Guide to Qualifying for 2019-2020 Season Sanctionals
Morning Chalk Up

The 2019-2020 CrossFit Games season has officially begun, and with it comes a full slate of Sanctionals competition that includes 13 brand new events for this year. With 28 total events spanning November into July, there are plenty of ways to qualify so we made it easy for you to keep track. 

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Katrin Davidsdottir to Speak at ESPN W Summit
Tommy Marquez

Katrin Davidsdottir continues to make the most of 2019, as the two-time CrossFit Games champion has been selected to be a speaker at the 10th edition of the prestigious ESPN W Women + Sports Summit on October 21-23, in Newport Beach, CA.

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THINGS TO GET: The Perfect Denim Fit, Now for Ladies
From the former Under Armour execs who brought comfort, durability and flexibility to denim for dudes, Revtown’s best-fitting denim is now available for ladies in three styles. Start shopping and find your perfect fit.

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We’re in Whistler, Canada this weekend for the 10-year CrossFit affiliate gathering. While we’re hanging with our neighbors from the north, here are three things worth following on Saturday. 

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  3. Tommy Marquez and Sean Woodland discuss the recent PED announcements out of Mexico as well as early Open registration numbers. 
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