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When Is The Open?

Morning Chalk Up

August 20


Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up. The big news yesterday was that the new CrossFit CEO and owner, Eric Roza held his first quarterly community town hall meeting. Morning Chalk Up writers were dialed in and we got an exclusive interview with Roza after as well. We will be rolling out several stories over the next few days based on our conversation. First up: the CrossFit Open calendar reset and an increased focus on affiliate business development.

  • Also, don’t miss Patrick Clark’s rundown on the new NOBULL campaign and how to watch the Master’s Fitness Collective Championship. 

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It’s Official! The Open Moves Back To February

  It's Official! The Open Moves Back To February  

Wednesday marked the first public Town Hall for Eric Roza as the owner and CEO of CrossFit following the news of the finalization of the company acquisition last week. During the roughly 80 minute livestream Roza answered a variety of questions posed by the community moderated by Director of Training Nicole Carroll.

The third question of the Town Hall directly asked when the 2021 CrossFit Games Open will be and Roza confirmed what most of the CrossFit community had suspected since the 2020 Games were moved to October: The Open is moving back to February.

Back to the future: The confirmation that the Open will return to its original home at the beginning of the calendar year represents the second time in as many seasons that the Open will move dates, with the latest move likely being permanent for the foreseeable future.

  • When speaking on the move, Roza noted that the Open will “lead cohesively to a CrossFit Games,” and that in 2021 he was eyeing a goal of 500,000 registered participants for the Open. He also said that while this “doesn’t fit with all the event schedules of some of our event partners, and I’m sympathetic to that, there’s an overwhelming demand [for a February Open].”
  • Director of the CrossFit Games, Dave Castro, posted to Instagram shortly after the revelation stating that the Open was moving “back to where it belongs,” and it is no surprise that Castro was not a fan of the original move and he has stated as much recently during various interviews.

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How to Watch: Masters Fitness Collective Championship

  How to Watch: Masters Fitness Collective Championship  

Fort Wayne, IN is called the “Summit City” and for the over 100 athletes gathered there starting today through Sunday, August 23, they hope to finish their crazy 2020 season on top of the leaderboard of the Masters Fitness Collective Championship. The organizers of the competition have put together an event that spans three different locations within the city, offering a suitable replacement after the cancelation of the age group divisions for the 2020 CrossFit Games.

Coverage: The MFCC will not be carrying a live broadcast or stream. However the Morning Chalk Up, as part of an exclusive media partnership, will provide coverage for the competition with exclusive athlete interviews, in-depth coverage, highlights, analysis, images and daily recaps on our website, and on our official YouTube and Instagram pages. Subscribe and sign-up for alerts and updates on the latest content as it’s posted.

  • Complete leaderboards for all 13 divisions are powered by Competition Corner.

Schedule: The four-day competition schedule features ten events for each division programmed by CrossFit Invictus owner and head coach CJ Martin.

  • Thursday: Event one will start with a swimming test at the Orchard Ridge Country Club at 6:00 AM. Event two and three will be held at Parkview Field, the minor league baseball field of the Fort Wayne TinCaps at noon.
  • Friday – Sunday: The remaining events will be held at the Grand Wayne Convention Center in downtown Fort Wayne.


Eric Roza Discusses Plans to Help Affiliates Become More Financially Successful

  Eric Roza Discusses Plans to Help Affiliates Become More Financially Successful  

“We have to provide a lot more value to our affiliates,” said the new CrossFit LLC owner and CEO Eric Roza in CrossFit’s first Town Hall Meeting on Wednesday.

This includes a plan to offer business guidance to affiliates, who have “been decimated by COVID,” to help them survive and thrive through the pandemic and beyond, he explained.


Toomey, Davidsdottir and Wells Featured in NOBULL’s “More Than Influencers” Campaign

  Toomey, Davidsdottir and Wells Featured in NOBULL’s “More Than Influencers” Campaign  

On Friday, August 21, NOBULL will debut their “More Than Influencers” Collection featuring arguably three of the most popular athletes in the sport of CrossFit. Tia-Clair Toomey, Katrin Davidsdottir and Brooke Wells will not only get their own line of signature shoes but also clothing that represents who they are as athletes, as well as who they are as people and what they represent.

“More Than Influencers”: The name of the campaign addresses that each are more than just professional athletes who are trying to sell brands and their sponsors products. That they believe in what they align themselves with, that those products are a part of their success and they believe in them.

  • With a combined 4.5 million Instagram followers each one of the athletes have a huge fan base in which to share their athletic and personal journeys. This campaign was created to highlight that and debunk the terms “Instagram model” and “social media influencers”.
  • “The More Than Influencers campaign celebrates the lifelong journey of these three athletes,” said Todd Meleney, Vice President of Marketing for NOBULL. “Brooke, Tia and Katrin come from different countries all over the world, but equally embody the mentality of our brand through humility, hard work and high character.”
  • NOBULL traveled to each of the athlete’s homes, in Oklahoma, New Zealand and Iceland where they interviewed their families, and observed what makes them who they are. That led to the production of the film “Who I’ve Always Been” to showcase their story.



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A Quick and Easy At-Home Workout with Margaux Alvarez

Back with another installment of #winedownwednesday, Margaux Alvarez, fresh off her stint on NBC’s The Titan Games, offers up a great little workout to help you get a good sweat before enjoying some good wine.

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