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When You Earn a World Record on Accident

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“Habits will form whether you want them or not. Whatever you repeat, you reinforce.” — James Clear

The Unassuming Athletes Turned World Record Holders: And How You Can Claim One Too


Almost by accident.

That’s how Australian Kate Hilliard claimed her first Concept2 SkiErg world record.

In fact, the 28-year-old didn’t even know there was such a thing when she claimed the fastest female time trial for 2000 meters on the Ski.

“I was in the middle of it and I was you know, dying and the owner of the gym came up and said 7:28,” she told the Morning Chalk Up. After finishing 26 seconds faster (7:02) unbeknownst to Kate at the time, she’d claimed her first world title.

The Australian swim coach and personal trainer has since added three more world records on the Concept2 SkiErg to her resume:

  • 500m: 1:33
  • 1000m: 3:20
  • 5000m: 18:43

Bragging rights: While a cowbell hanging at 98Gym in Sydney, Australia is her only physical trophy, Kate admitted she doesn’t feel hard done by that the record is little more than “bragging rights.”

“Being able to measure yourself against people and a little bit of a reward for hard work,” she said.

The self-proclaimed wannabe CrossFitter had more than a decade experience in competitive swimming before first stepping foot in a gym. She now trains up to three sessions a day, with a strength focus instead of just programming to dominate on the Concept2 machines.

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Quick Look Ahead: Dates to Keep on Your Calendar


The 2019-2020 CrossFit Games season is already well underway. This time next month, four Sanctionals will have wrapped up and another wave of Games invites sent.

Here are a few key dates coming up to keep in mind.

  • December 1 — CrossFit Lowlands Throwdown registration opened.
  • December 6 — Wodapalooza Team qualifier. Runs through December 16.
  • December 6 — SouthFit CrossFit Challenge in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • December 7 — Pandaland CrossFIt Challenge in Chengdu, China.
  • December 11 — Dubai CrossFit Championship in Dubai, UAE.
  • December 16 — CrossFit HQ’s deadline to finalize the video review process for both national champions and top 20 worldwide. At this point, the Open leaderboard will be finalized.
  • January 6 — CrossFit HQ’s deadline to send out 2020 CrossFit Games invites to national champions and top 20 athletes.
  • January 10 — CrossFit German Throwdown online qualifier for teams and individuals.

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Today’s edition of the Morning Chalk Up is fueled by


Get Your Nutrition Dialed in for the New Year

Time to get your nutrition dialed in for the new year! If you want to lose fat, gain muscle and improve your performance the RP Diet App is for you!

A diet coach in your pocket that builds a diet based around your own schedule, lifestyle, food preferences for just $9.99/month for the first six months when you use code “CHALKUP”.

The RP Diet App makes weekly adjustments based on your progress so you never fall off track. There’s a reason why Rich Froning trusts RP with his nutrition!

Chalk Up Community

  • SIT REP FOR VETS — Sit Rep is an online competition taking place until December 15 and programmed by Street Parking, to raise money and awareness for Operation Sidekick, an organization that trains shelter dogs to be therapy or service dogs for veterans, at no cost to the veteran. Registration for the event closes December 5.
  • REDEMPTION ROAD FUNDRAISER IN PRISON — On December 14, Redemption Road CrossFit Program will hold the first CrossFit competition inside a prison. With 25 ‘outsiders’ and 5 Correctional Officers teamed up with 30 ‘insiders’ from the Limon prison in CO, the funds raised will go towards a new gym for staff and Correctional Officers. 
  • MORNING CHALK UP HIGHLIGHTS — If you like seeing PRs, big lifts and other epic CrossFit moments in your Instagram feed, make sure to follow Chalk Up Highlights to get your daily fill and tag your lifts and PRs with #ChalkUpHighlights for a chance to be featured!

CHALK UP IN 2 MINUTES (a highlight reel around social media of CrossFit pros and average joes)

Lee Sharum snatches 280 pounds for a PR • Noah Ohlsen got a new Ford Raptor • Sean Hutchinson clean and jerks 265 poundsGary and Alea Helmick are having a baby girlCody Anderson does a clean + 2 Front squats + jerk at 335 pounds • Sixteen-year-old Mal O’Brien front squats 235 pounds.

…and sometimes the workout makes you think coach has lost their mind.

James Newbury Completes His First Ironman — James Newbury, who just placed fifth at the CrossFit Games in August and was hospitalized after an accident in October, just completed his first Ironman.

— “10 hours, 14 minutes and 42 seconds later I finished my first Ironman. It was tough, yet at NO point was I thinking “why am I doing this?” I thoroughly enjoyed the deep cave for the full marathon. I would 100% attribute this to the amazing company of the “Suicide Squad” who stepped up to the plate without doubt!

— “All in all I averaged approx 6-7 hours of Ironman training per week and maybe 7-10 hours in the weeks leading into the race. I really believe having decently strong legs and midline from the weightlifting I’ve done kept my form late in the race just like Matty said it would. I’m pumped to now be in Bali about to take on another kind of “experience” a 7 day food fast with natural instinct healing, post a good re-feed mind you.”

Julie Foucher and Nicole Christensen on Coaching Pregnant Athletes — Julie Foucher recently welcomed guest Nicole Christensen on the Pursuing Health podcast, where the two discussed the details of coaching pregnant athletes. 

— “Nicole has extensive coaching experience as a flowmaster on the CrossFit HQ Seminar Staff and one of very few CF-L4 coaches in the WORLD. Over the past several years, she has added to her coaching skill set through her own personal experience with two pregnancies as well as coaching countless other women at her thriving affiliate, CrossFit Roots, through theirs. Through her experience and conversations with other experts, Nicole been able to develop some guidelines for coaching pregnant athletes that she shares here in this episode and that I think every coach — and athlete — should know.”


“Why Coaches Need Coaches: Let’s Admit We Need Help,” by Brittney Kleyn, Morning Chalk Up 

I’m by no means a professional athlete, but there is a valid reason to my nickname is “CrossBrit.”

I’m passionate about every aspect of CrossFit – from training to nutrition – and constantly seeking out knowledge to not only perform at my best but pursue good health and longevity.

I’m also a qualified Yoga Teacher and (albeit not practicing) Nutrition Coach. Call it self-study, after a year working with #TeamWAG, I embarked on gaining my Precision Nutrition Certificate to learn more and eventually determine for myself what I needed to fuel for training (and life!)

Fast forward 18 months – I’m pleased to report that I’m still on the straight and narrow. I know all the formulas to work out my “marcos” and I’m well versed on when and what to eat around training. 2020 marked my third CrossFit Open and really, I’d never felt more confident in my preparation to tackle the ‘Castro Chaos.’

Why go back to the beginning?

After my recent sit-down with Adee Cazayoux from Working Against Gravity, I left the conversation contemplating the benefits of having someone completely removed from my situation to comment on it.

Practicing targeted nutrition can be tough at the best of times, let alone determining the ins and outs of how you’re going to make it happen.

Call it a little experiment – I handed back my credit card details – to invest in myself and give someone else the reigns for a little while. Here goes nothing and like a first date (it’s daunting sending semi-naked pictures of yourself to a stranger – see week 1 and 2 below) I received an email stating “Hi, I’m Amy and I’ll be your nutrition coach.”


12/6 – 12/8: SouthFit Challenge (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
12/7: New Wods on the Block (Lubbock, TX)
12/7: Granite Games Winter Throwdown (Lubbock, TX)
12/7: Warrior Affiliate League Battle Royale (Whittier, CA)
12/7: Game of Rowers (Norwood, MA)
12/7: 2019 Local RIVals Series (Colchester, CT)
12/7: Granite Games Throwdown at Slate CrossFit (Seattle, WA)
12/7: 4th Annual Reindeer Games (Bismarck, ND)
12/7: Granite Games Throwdown at Snake River CrossFit (Nampa ID)
12/7: Granite Games at Crossfit North Charleston (Charleston, NC)
12/7: Capital City Classic (Madison, WI)
12/7 – 12/8: Pandaland CrossFit Challenge (Chengdu, China)
12/7 – 12/8: CrossFit Winter Classic (Cleveland, OH)
12/11 – 12/14: Dubai CrossFit Championship (Dubai, UAE)
12/15: Strong New York (New York, NY)
12/15: Syndicate Vault (Columbia, MD) 
12/18: 2nd Über Belles and Balls (Bandera, TX)

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