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When Your Insurance Pays for CrossFit

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“Your outcomes are a lagging measure of your habits. Your net worth is a lagging measure of your financial habits. Your weight is a lagging mesaure of your eating habits. Your knowledge is a lagging measure of your learning habits…You get what you repeat.” — James Clear

But Does Your Mother’s Health Insurance Pay For CrossFit


Jon Levell has coached at CrossFit by Overload in Murrieta, CA since 2009. He’s been in this game for a while now. In 2016 he took a step forward and bought the affiliate, with his wife Kira. But everyday, before coaching all afternoon and evening, Levell goes to his day job as a business manager in the Loma Linda Hospital System.

And then, about six months ago, Levell had an idea.

What if he blended both jobs together?

He knew that senior citizens were one of the largest groups treated in the Rancho Family Medical system. So, he went to one of the liaisons there and suggested that the medical system add CrossFit to their services offered to their senior citizens on Medicare.

“Most of the time, it’s cookie cutter. You get transportation, diabetes, discount on memberships to Country Clubs, it’s all over the place. CrossFit has never been a part of any of this stuff, this is the definitely the first one ever,” Levell told Morning Chalk Up.

Yes, CrossFit for senior citizens, paid for by their health insurance.

And, lucky for everyone, there was a CrossFitter on the inside too. “I am a member at CrossFit by Overload so it felt logical for me to reach out to Jon as a first step for the Murrieta/Temecula area. He and the coaches have just as much of a passion for the senior community as we do,” said Chandler Hall, Community Representative at Rancho Family Medical Group. 

“Unfortunately, a lot of seniors are super intimidated by the concept of CrossFit and don’t realize how modifiable all the movements really are. It’s my goal and I believe CrossFit by Overload’s goal to bridge the gap between seniors and CrossFit. It’s Rancho Family Medical Group’s goal to bridge the gap between preventative medicine, nutrition, exercise and their patients here in Southwest Riverside,” she told the Morning Chalk Up.

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Today’s edition of the Morning Chalk Up is brought to you by


Make Nutrition Your Full Time Gig

Do you want nutrition coaching to be your full time gig?

Beyond Macros put together some complimentary resources for you to attract your first (of many) high paying clients.

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Chalk Up Community

  • O-TOWN THROWDOWN — This past Saturday, CrossFit Rohkeus in Oconomowoc, WI held the O-Town Throwdown, their first competition, raising $5,000 for the Fanconi Anemia Research Fund, thanks in part to Tito’s Vodka matching funds raised.
  • ADAPTIVE TRAINER COURSE — Dr. Theresa Larson will lead an interactive seminar on movement in sport where health professionals, coaches, veterans, and adaptive athletes are welcome. The seminar is on December 15 in San Diego, CA.
  • ROW-A-THON — Land Warrior CrossFit in Suffield, CT is holding a Row-a-Thon for mental health awareness and suicide prevention on Saturday, December 7. All proceeds will benefit the Jordan Porco Foundation.

CHALK UP IN 2 MINUTES (a highlight reel around social media of CrossFit pros and average joes)

Jessica Griffith gets a 262 pound clean PR • Jenn and Sam Dancer are holding a Junk Brand giveawayOleksiy Torokhtiy power cleans 418 poundsSamantha Huston power cleans 184 poundsBlair Chapman back squats 465 pounds for a PR • Andrew Kong front squats 325 poundsWes Kitts power cleans 385 pounds for two • Congratulations to Meg and Wes Piatt on the birth of June EverleeJacob Heppner jerked 350 pounds.

…and while this is mesmerizing to watch, we don’t recommend trying at home. 

CrossFit Filthy 150 — Morning Chalk Up is on the ground in Dublin, Ireland for the CrossFit Filthy 150, the first Sanctional of the 2020 Season

Complete schedule with heat times in your time zone. 

— Two more events have been released: Elite Teams – Event 8, with a new team movement; alternating ring muscle-ups. The Elite Invididual – Event 3 was also released: 1 rep max snatch. 

— We caught up Sean Sweeney in Ireland.

— We spent some time with Tim Paulson before the event kicks off.

WIT Distribution Comes Stateside — WIT, the London based retailer serving as the global e-commerce partner of CrossFit, is setting up a distribution center in the States next month.

— “We’re laying down roots in the USA and we’re giving YOU the chance to shop our full new offering with a $1,000 WIT Gift Card.

— “WIT’s American HQ Opens December 9th, 2019 – bringing more products from your favourite brands than ever before, faster shipping, and a dedicated US Customer Service Team.”

Katrin Davidsdottir and Nutrition Coaching — Adee Cazayoux of Working Against Gravity, shares some of the lessons she and Katrin Davidsdottir have learned together as Adee has coached her for the past several years, like carbs are good and focusing on one thing. 

Maddie Sturt is confirmed for the SouthFit CrossFit Challenge.


“Things Are About to Get Filthy in Ireland,” by Tommy Marquez, Morning Chalk Up 

In two days the Emerald Isle plays host to the first stop of the Sanctionals world tour, as the CrossFit Filthy 150 kicks off with three days of competition at the Punchestown Racecourse outside of Dublin, Ireland. The engine is still warm from the Open which ended a little more than a week ago. Some of the biggest names in the sport will look to capitalize on a lengthier season by potentially earning a nice payday along with booking their ticket to the 2020 CrossFit Games before December.

The big picture: Besides the obvious play date in Madison next year, this weekend presents a unique opportunity to go head to head with top-level competition and sharpen the axe accordingly for the remainder of the season.

The roster is pretty stacked. Twelve men, and eight women in the field have previously qualified as individuals for the CrossFit Games, including three past podium finishers, and a former champion in Sam Briggs. There’s also the 2019 Masters Women 40-44 champion Joey Kimdon in the field as well. Not only will this weekend be a good measuring stick against quality competition, there’s also plenty of time to take the information back to the drawing board for the rest of the season.

For athletes in line to qualify through the Open this year, the heat of live competition this early brings opportunities to take chances with regards to workout strategy and test new competition approaches with things like nutrition.

For teams this is the real start of their season as Sanctionals are the only path to the Games. For any team in the field, having a Games spot in hand before Christmas, frees up the rest of the season to build cohesiveness as unit and use other events as a testing ground. Plus there’s a new superteam debuting this weekend.


11/22: Sixth Annual Gobbler Gauntlet (Scottsdale, AZ)
11/23: Kettlebells for Balls (Newburyport, MA)
11/23: Keep Austin (Austin, TX)
11/23: CrossFit XLTs 6th Annual Turkey Bash (Chatham, IL)
11/23: Fitness for Ellie Fundraiser (Amherst, OH)
11/23: Rise of the South (Statesboro, GA)
11/23 Vekter Games (Laurel, MD)
11/23 – 11/24: South Loop Games (Chicago, IL)
12/7: New Wods on the Block (Lubbock, TX)
12/7: Granite Games Winter Throwdown (Lubbock, TX)
12/7: Warrior Affiliate League Battle Royale (Whittier, CA)
12/7: Game of Rowers (Norwood, MA)
12/7: 2019 Local RIVals Series (Colchester, CT)
12/7: Granite Games Throwdown at Slate CrossFit (Seattle, WA)
12/7: 4th Annual Reindeer Games (Bismarck, ND)
12/7: Granite Games Throwdown at Seven Seals CrossFit (Boone, NC)
12/7 – 12/8: CrossFit Winter Classic (Cleveland, OH)
12/15: Strong New York (New York, NY)
12/15: Syndicate Vault (Columbia, MD) 
12/18: 2nd Über Belles and Balls (Bandera, TX)

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