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Where does Mal’s 2022 performance rank?

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In today’s edition:

  • Where does Mal O’Brien’s 2022 Open performance rank all time?
  • Tips from a United States immigration lawyer for CrossFit athletes
  • Five notable Open performances by women not named Mal
  • Lauren Kalil talks with Sean Woodland and Annie Sakamoto about what they loved and didn’t love in the 2022 Open
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  Where Does Mal O’Brien’s Open Performance Rank All-Time? 

Where Does Mal O’Brien’s Open Performance Rank All-Time?

The 2022 NOBULL CrossFit Open concluded on Monday and with it came the crowning of two new Open Champions. Saxon Panchik and Mallory O’Brien respectively become the sixth and seventh different Open champions in their divisions (unofficially as of the time of publishing). Despite the decreasing value and the importance of the Open for elite athletes, compared to previous years, it’s still considered a reference point for athletes and coaches as they prepare for the long grind that is the 2022 season.

As impressive as it is that Panchik won the men’s division by three points (needing a 9th place finish in 22.3 to edge out Matt Poulin, who finished 11th in the final workout), it’s the women’s division that has the community buzzing. O’Brien was even more impressive in her win, as the 18-year old made history by becoming the youngest athlete to ever win the Open.

Inside the numbers: Let’s take a look at what O’Brien did during the last three weeks to join the likes of greats Mat Fraser, Rich Froning, Samantha Briggs, Annie Thorisdottir and Tia-Clair Toomey.

  • 4 – O’Brien’s 4 points is the lowest point total in the history of the Open, besting Briggs’ 13 points to win the 2013 Open. Something to note is that the 2022 Open had three scored workouts, the 2013 Open had five scored workouts.
  • 2 – Open wins that O’Brien had this year, winning the opening workout with 392 reps (two more than runner-up Gabriela Migala) and the final workout with a time of 4:11 (one second better than Toomey). Her two wins in the Open are the most since Briggs won three events in 2014.
  • 1.3 – O’Brien’s average finish during the Open thanks to her two first place finishes and her runner-up in 22.2 (four seconds behind Toomey). That average finish is the best ever recorded in the Open.
  • – Just three women athletes have won the Open while winning a workout during that same year, O’Brien became the fourth woman to do that joining Toomey, Thorisdottir and Briggs who did it in 2013 and 2014. Her coach Fraser and Froning are the only men to accomplish that feat.
  • $19,044 – If O’Brien’s results hold, CrossFit will write her a check for that amount. It will be the second largest payday for the teenager, trailing the $43,000 she earned from her fifth place Games finish in 2021. Not bad for doing three workouts that took just a total of 26:20 of her time.

Historically speaking: So where does O’Brien’s performance rank all-time in the Open? Is it the most impressive Open performance ever? Let’s take a look at some past Open performances for reference.

  • Briggs (2013 Open): “The Engine” had a two-year stretch where she laid waste to the women’s field starting with the 2013 season. Brigg’s average finish was 3.2 as she won two of the five workouts and placed no worse than eighth in any of the workouts. Her 2013 Open win is just the fourth instance where a champion finished in the top-10 in every workout (Thorisdottir – 2011, Froning – 2014, O’Brien – 2022). Her 16 points were the lowest point total ever until O’Brien won with four points this year.
  • Briggs (2014 Open): Briggs was just as dominant the following year as she recorded a record three wins across five workouts. Her 127-point victory over runner-up and that season’s eventual Games champion Camille LeBlanc-Bazinet is the largest margin of victory in the women’s Open. Briggs’ average margin of victory was 25.4 points across the five tests. Her average event finish was seventh due to a 27th place in 14.2 but she still recorded four top-5 finishes.
  • Clever (2012 Open): Clever was the first athlete to win three Open workouts and her average finish was 5.2. Her worst finish was 13th as she finished with four top-10 results across five tests.
  • Fraser (2017 Open): The five-time “Fittest Man on Earth’s” average finish was 8th place, the third best average in the men’s division ever. All five of his workout finishes were in the top-20 which included two workout wins and a third place finish.
  • Fraser (2018 Open): Fraser’s third Open win might have been his most dominant as he won by 342 points, the largest margin of victory by an Open champion ever. He placed in the top-50 in all six workouts including three in the top-5, winning 18.5.
  • Fraser (2019 Open): Fraser’s fourth and final Open title included an average finish of 13.2 across five workouts. He had four finishes in the top-3 including two event wins as he bested Björgvin Karl Guðmundsson by 27 points.
  • Froning (2012 Open): Froning’s first Open title was his best work during the Open, he recorded top-3 finishes in four of the five workouts including back-to-back wins in 12.2 and 12.3. His average placing was 8.2, tied with Noah Olsen (2016 Open champion) as the fourth best average ever in the men’s division. He finished ahead of runner-up Sean Thomson by 103 points.
  • Froning (2014 Open): In his final Open as an individual competitor, Froning won his third-straight Open championship. His 18 points across five events is the lowest final total in the men’s division ever. His average placing of 3.6 is the lowest ever in the men’s division. He finished in the top-8 across all five tests including three in the top-3.

The bottom line: Where O’Brien’s 2022 Open performance ranks all-time is up for debate with her numbers stacking up and in some cases surpassing those of Briggs, Fraser and Froning. However having just three tests to compare to the five (six in 2018) that those athletes have makes it hard to have an accurate comparison and leaves a lot of potential data off the table. Whatever the case, the 18-year old’s performance definitely deserves a mention and consideration as the greatest Open performance in history.


The Open is over. Individual Quarterfinals are just a week away and will take place March 24-27.

It’s time to start looking ahead to the CrossFit Games — the Affiliate Presale for CrossFit Games tickets goes live on March 24 and will last until March 27. Affiliates that had 12 or more athletes sign up for the 2022 Open will get early access to the ticketing website, Ticketmaster, where they’ll be able to purchase up to eight Festival + Coliseum Packages and an unlimited number of Festival-Only Packages.

Lauren Kalil, the host of The Bottom Line, spoke with two of our sports analysts, Brian Friend and Tommy Marquez about what we learned from the 2022 Open tests.

Five-time CrossFit Games Champ, Tia-Clair Toomey and Shane Orr have just launched a Patreon account. Learn more about how you can support the dynamic duo and what sort of perks you can earn.

ICYMI: Roman Khrennikov is in Cookeville, TN and posted a video of a training session with the CrossFit Mayhem crew.

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  Tips from a US Immigration Lawyer for CrossFit Athletes 


Tips from a US Immigration Lawyer for CrossFit Athletes

As we enter a new era of geopolitics and (knock on wood) look to be putting the pandemic in our rearview mirror, a new reality emerges: it is harder than ever to travel internationally, and getting visas, especially in the US has become legendary when it comes to leg and paperwork.

CrossFit athletes from all over the world are finding that the US remains the hotbed and ground zero for the sport, and if they want to compete with the best, they need to train alongside the best, just ask Paulina Haro, the latest in a growing list of athletes who are leaving their homeland to train stateside. This means a visa, paperwork, and most likely, help from an immigration lawyer.

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  Five Notable Women’s Top 10 Open Performances 

Five Notable Women’s Top 10 Open Performances

While the big story of the 2022 CrossFit Games Open is undoubtedly 18-year-old Mallory O’Brien becoming the youngest Open champion in history, it’s certainly not the only notable, even head-turning finish from the three-week event.

And sure, the argument can be made that the Open doesn’t mean that much, especially with the new format where the top 10 percent advance to Quarterfinals. But on the other hand, it can be argued that the Open does still set the tone for the season.

Case in point: Eight of last year’s top 10 Open females qualified to the CrossFit Games, while the other two missed Games qualification by just two spots at Semifinals.

  • Further, four of last year’s top 10 Open finishers also had top 10 finishes at the Games. The point is, the Open is still useful for telling us who we should be paying attention to this season.

Note: The leaderboard doesn’t become official until March 18.

Five Notable, Even Surprising, 2022 Open Performances

Tia-Clair Toomey: Second

Ok, so it might not seem like anything notable, let alone a surprise, that the five-time fittest woman in the world, Tia-Clair Toomey, found herself very close to the top spot in this year’s Open, but considering that she spent the bulk of the off-season training with the Australian bobsled team for a chance to compete at the 2022 Winter Olympic Games, certainly threw a wrench into the Open mix. Or so we might have assumed.

But even after being out of pocket when it comes to classic CrossFit training in lieu of pushing sleds in ice houses—Toomey was still posting bobsledding videos until February 1— Toomey showed up and delivered, proving even an arguably not-fully-CrossFit-prepared Toomey is still basically better than the rest of the world.  One event win included in 22.2.

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  Five Notable Women’s Top 10 Open Performances 

VIDEO: What We Did and Didn’t Like About the CrossFit Open

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  • Laura Horvath squat cleans 255 pounds/155.5kg for two reps and 265 pounds/120kg for one.
  • Take a peek inside Team Rep Scheme from Chatsworth, CA in this 22.3 highlight reel.

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