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Which Brand is Most Synonymous with CrossFit?

Morning Chalk Up

October 11   |   POWERED BY


Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up.

In today’s edition:

  • UK military vets to carry stretchers for suicide prevention awareness
  • Coach offers CrossFit program for kids and young adults with Down Syndrome
  • What is the biggest brand in CrossFit?
  • Vibrating jump rope? Kickstarter looks to get product off the ground
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“The world is round so that friendship may encircle it.” - Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

  Military Veterans Carry 165 Pound Stretchers 125 Miles for Suicide Prevention, Showing ‘All Suffering Ends’  

Military Veterans Carry 165 Pound Stretchers 125 Miles for Suicide Prevention, Showing ‘All Suffering Ends’

Six military veterans will haul a 165lbs (75kg) stretcher 125 miles to complete the world’s longest casualty evacuation. They are raising funds and awareness for mental health, shining a light on the high rates of veteran suicides.

“How can we suffer basically? There is a metaphor,” said the team leader Michael Coates. “The storytelling around this is – a group of individuals who trust working together, and suffering together is significantly better than suffering on your own. Exposing your vulnerability, as some of us will be fitter than others in different areas and saying it is what it is, but we have to figure it out.”

On October 13, the team will carry the stretcher from Newcastle, in the Northeast of England, to Hull. This is the area with the highest rates of suicides in the country. The weight is the average weight of a person in the UK. There are 125 deaths by suicide each week, one for every mile. They are raising money for Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM).

Coates is a former soldier and firefighter. He is joined by: Ash Alexander-Cooper, OBE and former officer in the Gurkhas; Des Fraser, former Royal Engineer and he was in the SAS; Nathan Jones, who was in the RAF; Terry Brazier, a former paratrooper; and Kirk Wandsworth, a former Royal Engineer officer.

The team will take a five minute break every 45 minutes, and expect the challenge to take three days. They will rest between 1am and 4am, for practical reasons but also to show that when it is darkest, it is OK to stop and look after yourself.

Coates can count 15 friends who have attempted or contemplated suicide this year. Two of the stretcher bearers have taken themselves to bridges, with the plan of ending their own lives, in the past.

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In case you missed it: Lauren Kalil, the host of The Bottom Line, spoke to Dex Hopkins and Brent Fikowski about the confirmed report that the CrossFit Games will be moving to Birmingham, AL for 2024-27.

Industry update: Fiit, the UK’s leading interactive fitness platform, has joined forces with Concept2 connected Row workouts.

Mainstream love: Yahoo News! talks to CrossFit’s Nicole Carroll about some of the most important things anyone should know before they start CrossFit. 🏋🏻‍♂️

Film love: Calling all cinephiles, The NOBULL Film Festival is back this year and it will take place Nov. 5 in Boston, MA.

  Coach Christiana Siegelin Offers CrossFit for Teens and Young Adults with Down Syndrome  


Coach Christiana Siegelin Offers CrossFit for Teens and Young Adults with Down Syndrome

Growing up with a sister with Down Syndrome, Christiana Siegelin noticed a lack of fitness services for those with intellectual disabilities.

“There are a lot of programs that serve physical limitations…but I didn’t see very many programs for intellectual, or developmental disabilities,” said Siegelin, who has an exercise science degree and now manages CrossFit Valley Park in Valley Park, MO.

Siegelin knew for a while that wanted to work with this population, but wasn’t sure how. But when she discovered CrossFit, a lightbulb moment ensued.

“I had been looking for a vehicle to train this population and CrossFit really fit the bill with their adaptive athletes resources and just their awareness of how adaptable and scalable fitness can be,” Siegelin explained.

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  Coach Christiana Siegelin Offers CrossFit for Teens and Young Adults with Down Syndrome  

Battle of the Brands: Who is King in CrossFit?

Within the last few years, we’ve seen more apparel brands jumping into the CrossFit Space. But with more players in the ecosystem, which brand sits on the throne? Morning Chalk Up’s Lauren Kalil sits down with Justin LoFranco and Matt O’Keefe, the chief executive officer of HWPO, to discuss the major brands in CrossFit and who ultimately is the top dog in the space.

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  Vibrating Jump Rope? Kickstarter Campaign Looks to Get Product Off the Floor  

Vibrating Jump Rope? Kickstarter Campaign Looks to Get Product Off the Floor

A new jump rope is about to enter the fitness industry with the goal of shaking up cardio workouts. Raynolse is launching a Kickstarter campaign in October for a line of jump ropes that track single-unders and double-unders through vibrations in the handle.

How it works: There are four non-contact magnetic hall sensors built into the handles, which track the spins during jump rope workouts. The handles then vibrate with different patterns while tracking single-unders, double-unders, and battery life simultaneously.

  • A 0.1-second vibration represents 10 completed single-unders. A 0.2-second vibration immediately followed by a 0.4-second vibration represents 10 completed double-unders.
  • Along with the 10-rep increments, the handles also vibrate at 100 single-unders and 1,000 single-unders. A 0.5-second vibration represents 100 completed reps while two separate 0.5-second vibrations represent 1,000 reps.

The handles, which come with universal cable connectors and feature 90-degree dual bearingswill work with a variety of ropes based on the desired workout. They have a standard two-millimeter cable out of the box, but they also support three-millimeter coated cables and five-millimeter PVC cables.

  • The handles are constructed out of anodized aluminum, and they are built to withstand significant impacts. They have Bluetooth built-in, as well as a USB-C charging port built into the bottom of one. One hour of charging will provide an estimated 12 hours of use.
  • There are a variety of grip options that Raynolse could have used. The company opted for a diamond knurled pattern modeled after the grips on dumbbells, to keep them from slipping out of hand due to sweat.

Connecting and tracking: Vibrating handles track the reps during workouts, but that is only part of the equation. The other is compiling the data. Raynolse currently has an app in Beta that will be available for Kickstarter supporters.

  • The app provides three main workout options – count up to a set goal, count down from the set goal, and time attack. This third option focuses on the number of completed reps in a set time period.
  • The app tracks calories burned, single-unders, double-unders, missed reps, and rest time during a set workout. These statistics will be available to compare against a history of workouts.

The cost: There are multiple “backer rewards” for those interested in the Raynolse jump ropes. They range from $59 to $165 based on the timing of the pledge and the number of packs ordered. There are also add-on packs featuring multiple cables for $25.

  • None of the backers will be charged until the campaign is fully funded. The campaign is set to end in November 2022 with a set ship date of February 2023.

Why this matters: Jump ropes are a key part of the fitness industry, regardless of training style. CrossFit, in particular, has used double-unders in hundreds – and possibly – thousands of workouts. The Skill Speed Medley from the 2022 CrossFit Games is only one prominent example.

Keeping track of completed reps is not a simple task for many members of the community, a list that includes certain contributors at Morning Chalk Up. Vibrating jump rope handles provide a quick and easy way to track movements while the app helps users focus on making progress over time.



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The CrossFit Games Relocating- First Take

2024 will bring the same elite competitors and competition, but at an entirely new location... bring on Birmingham! Learn all we know so far about the new Games location and what to expect come 2024.


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9/23: Warrior Games 2023 (Suffield, CT)
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