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Who are the Sanctional Superstars So Far?

Morning Chalk Up

January 16

Element 26

Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up. The second installment of our national champion series takes you to Papua New Guinea, and we’ve got a growing list of Sanctionals superstars. Today:

  • From 89,395th to Madison.
  • Sanctional sluggers: Tia, Sara, Mat and more.
  • Sanctionals news and notes.
  • Nutrition advice and free speech.

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National Champion Profile: Jack Karo Jr., Papua New Guinea

  National Champion Profile: Jack Karo Jr., Papua New Guinea  

Jack Karo Jr. placed 89,395th in the Open. Now, he’s going to the CrossFit Games for the first time.

On the eve of the 2020 Open, Jack Karo Jr. had never done a ring muscle-up, a barbell thruster, a handstand push-up, or a double-under. He’d done a wall ball before, but never with a 20-pound ball, and his rowing experience was “primarily for warm-up.” Over the following five weeks, though, Karo learned the movements quickly enough that he was able to Rx every workout and beat the three other men competing from Papua New Guinea.

Finishing in 89,395th place, he became the lowest-ranked national champion invited to this year’s Games.

A few weeks before the Open, Karo attended his first CrossFit class at CrossFit Port Moresby.

  • Named after the country’s capital, it’s the only affiliate in the nation of nine million.
  • In 2019, it was founded by Kila Kilaverave, that year’s national champion from PNG.
  • About 20 square meters of space, it has no proper pull-up bars or squat racks.

A personal trainer and a former competitor in jiu jitsu (under 80 kilogram division), Karo had a foundation of fitness, but he had never combined strength, aerobic, and anaerobic training before, so when he started the Open, it was “a bit of a shock,” he said.

Every weekend of the Open, the 15 or so members of CF Port Moresby would follow the same routine.

  • On Fridays, Coach Kilaverave would brief them on that week’s workout, and they would practice the movements using the gym’s only barbell, which was loaded with metal plates and could never be dropped to the floor.
  • On Saturdays, they’d tackle the WOD one after the other, and despite the fact that they had just learned many of the exercises, Kilaverave still held them to the movement standard.

“Oh yeah, he was no-repping me a lot,” says Karo. “In my videos, you’ll see me swearing here and there, only because I was frustrated with myself. If I had slowed down the pace, maybe I could’ve done even one more rep.”

Only once did Karo redo a workout, 20.5, after Coach Kilaverave reviewed the video submission and realized that Karo hadn’t fully extended his hips before releasing the wall ball. “At first I was scared because I felt the pain on Saturday,” says Karo, “and I was just imagining what I was going to go through again. But when I was doing the workout, I had to completely drop that from my mind, and I think I completed the workout 30 seconds faster.”

At the end of the Open, which Karo describes as “probably the most intense five weekends of my life,” CF Port Moresby threw a BBQ and celebrated its new national champions.


The Running List of Sanctional Superstars

  The Running List of Sanctional Superstars  

We’re only about one-fourth of the way through the second CrossFit Games season in the new Sanctional format, but already there are a few front-runners developing for Sanctional record holders. We’ve been keeping close tabs on who’s winning and here’s the all-time list of athletes who have won more than one event.

  1. Tia-Clair Toomey — 3
  2. Sara Sigmundsdottir — 3
  3. Mathew Fraser — 2
  4. Samantha Briggs — 2
  5. Brent Fikowski — 2
  6. Jacqueline Dahlstrom — 2

A couple of big things:

  • This list is going to start growing and shifting a lot. Every athlete except for Dahlstrom has at least a pair of Sanctionals still on their schedule with another repeat showdown between Toomey and Sigmundsdottir at the Rogue Invitational.
  • While Sigmundsdottir was the first athlete to win three Sanctionals, Toomey has a perfect record going three for three; Sigmundsdottir has won three of six.
  • The last time Toomey lost a live competition — not the Open — was the 2017 Regionals.
  • Mat Fraser’s streak extends back all the way back to the 2015 CrossFit Games. So essentially for half the last decade, Fraser hasn’t lost a live competition.

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Many of you have noticed the running tally of local events we have featured at the bottom of each newsletter.  For the last four years, we’ve been copying and pasting that list every day and updating it manually with new submissions emailed in.

We’re excited — especially the copy and paste dude — to announce that you can now automatically submit your event through our local competitions portal. There’s nothing fancy about it, just a running list of local competitions and fundraisers around the CrossFitting globe. All you need to do is submit the required information and one of our staff will review it to make sure Timmy and Jenna’s Baby Reveal doesn’t slip through the cracks; congrats to you two by the way. 

What events you should add: 

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Just one quick note: due to the volume of events, we limit the newsletter from displaying beyond 30 days in advance. This keeps the list a little more inbox friendly. 

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Sanctional News and Notes

  • Strength in Depth has released workouts for next weekend’s competition including the on the water row.
  • Battle Cancer has announced a partnership with the Norwegian CrossFit Championship.
  • Travis Mayer, Will Moorad and Kari Pearce are the latest athletes to confirm for the star-studded elite field at Wodapalooza.
  • The Brazilian CrossFit Championships has released their complete list of male and female elite competitors as well as the elite teams.
  • Canadian national champion Jeffrey Adler is confirmed for his third Sanctional of the season. He will be a hometown favorite at the Atlas Games.
  • Volunteer registration for West Coast Classic is now live.
  • Today is the final day to register for the online qualifier for the German Throwdown.
  • ELFIT CrossFit Championship’s has released the first online qualifier workout. 
  • Asia CrossFit Championships has released their second workout for their online qualifier.
  • We are heading into day 50 and still no posts on the official CrossFit Games Instagram. They did post and archive a 2020 CrossFit Games promotional video they released on December 6 and an Instagram story promoting Mayhem last weekend. 
  • The exclusive Madison Club tickets and RV and camping spots for the 2020 CrossFit Games are now on sale



Fee Saghafi Reacts to Learning She’s Qualified for the Games

After fighting for fourth place at last weekend’s Mayhem Classic, Fee Saghafi was able to secure a trip back to the CrossFit Games for her second straight year. Reporter Niki Brazier breaks the news at the end of the competition.

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  • Maddy Myers deadlifts 345 pounds (which she thinks is a PR).
  • Myles Shupe takes his handstand pushups on the road.
  • Bethany Shadburne builds to a 161 pound power snatch for a heavy single.
  • CJ Cummings clean and push jerks 398 pounds.
  • Shannon Zimmerman snatches 175 pounds from the blocks for an easy double.
  • Steph Earl back squats 275 pounds.


Nutrition, Free Speech, and CrossFit, Inc.

Earlier this week, reported on a bill passed by the New Jersey Assembly and signed into law by Governor Phil Murphy. New Jersey had been one of the few states that allowed professional trainers to provide nutritional information without a dietitian’s license. Here are a few key passages and takeaways, and why affiliates in the state and elsewhere should take note:

  • What the law does: “the ‘Dietetics and Nutrition Licensing Act’…establishes a regulatory board, the majority of which will likely comprise members of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND), a professional organization that represents dietitians and lobbies in favor of laws restricting what people can say about food and nutrition.”
  • What we know about AND: “AND is known for its cozy relationship with Big Sugar and Big Soda, which some AND members have taken issue with due to the glaring impropriety and obvious conflicts of interest these relationships create.”
  • How the law threatens affiliates: The law represents a “potential threat to [affiliates] free speech on nutrition. Since the bill’s introduction in 2018, CrossFit, Inc. has worked with New Jersey affiliates to limit the scope of its restrictions through tenacious advocacy with the state legislature. Prior versions of the bill would have prevented nearly everyone except dietitians from speaking about proper nutrition, and the current version still prevents those without a dietitian’s license from practicing ‘medical nutrition therapy.'”
  • How the advocacy effort helped: “As a result of CrossFit’s action, the bill as signed into law does not prohibit affiliates or trainers from: ‘…furnish[ing] nutrition information, provid[ing] evaluation, guidance, information, and education as to the use of food, food materials, or dietary supplements, or from engaging in the explanation to persons as to the use of food or food products including dietary supplements.'”
  • A final word: “Professional trainers who share lifesaving information should not have to look over their shoulder, fearing penalties, restrictions, and other anti-competitive actions from entrenched interests. CrossFit, Inc. has won on this front in the past. It will continue to fight to protect its affiliates’ and trainers’ right to speak freely about the foundational elements of the CrossFit methodology and human health.”


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1/17: A Grand Day at Frantic (Cannington, Australia)
1/18: The Force Wars 2020 (Pembroke Pines, FL)
1/18: 3rd annual Battle For The Axe (Brainerd, MN)
1/18: Row For Reveille (Poulsbo, WA)
1/18: NCK Throwdown 2020 (Concordia, KS)
1/18: Lone Star Shootout (Dallas, TX)
1/18: CrossFit Krypton V.2 (Chesapeake, VA)
1/25: The Blizzard Brawl (Waite Park, MN)
1/25: Cerberus Powerlifting (Blue Springs, MO)
1/25: Reindeer Gainz III (Donna, TX)
1/25: 2020 Winter Swolestice (Fayetteville, AR)
1/25: Lost River Rumble II (Bowling Green, KY)
1/25: Cold Steel Classic (Oswego, IL)
1/25: HYROX Chicago (Chicago, IL)
1/25: Battle of the Ages (Norwood, MA)
1/25: New Year. New You. Fit Duo Games. (Austin, TX)
2/1: Krypton’s Compete for a Cure (Chesapeake, VA)
2/1: Warrior Affiliate League Fantastic 4 (Chino Hills, CA)
2/1: Wodi Gras 2020 (New Orleans, LA)
2/1: Great Lakes Games 2020 (Plymouth, MI)
2/1: Crossfitting 4 Cures (Bowling Green, KY)
2/1: Winter Swolstice (Duarte, CA)
2/8: Thoroughbred Throwdown (Ocala, Florida)
2/8: A League of Their Own Challenge 7 (San Antonio, TX)
2/8: Black Ops 4 (Wheaton, IL)
2/8 – 2/9: The Ice Bowl 2020 (Green Bay, WI)
2/8: Love Is Love Invictus Boston (Boston, MA)
2/8: Cupids Clash (Cape Coral, FL)
2/8 – 2/9: CrossTrain.PH Invitational 2020 (Manila, Philippines)
2/8: Cupid’s Massacre (Laguna Hills, CA)
2/8: Winter Warfare 2.0 (Berea, OH)
2/15: Swolemates (Northville, MI)
2/15: Valentine’s Day Crush (North Hollywood, CA)
2/15: Hail to the Team (Astoria, NY)
2/22: Battle of the Lake IV (Denver, NC)
2/22: Battle of the Fittest VII (New York, NY)
2/22 – 1/22: Shake N Bake Throwdown (San Antonio, TX)

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