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Whole Foods Gets Exclusive with a CrossFit Brand

Morning Chalk Up

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Happy Friday and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up.

Today is National Forgive Your Foe Friday, so find your swoleversary and give him or her a barbell-sized hug and make-up.

In today’s edition:

  • B.C., New York and San Fran institute proof of vaccination requirements that will affect gyms.
  • Jonne Koski’s workout of the week.
  • Ascent Protein signs an exclusive deal with Whole Foods.
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“Always make a total effort, even when the odds are against you.” - Arnold Palmer

  No Vaccine, No Workout: It’s Happening in British Columbia, New York, San Francisco 

No Vaccine, No Workout: It’s Happening in British Columbia, New York, San Francisco

On Tuesday, the province of British Columbia introduced a province-wide COVID-19 vaccine passport, where proof of vaccination will be required in order to attend various non-essential businesses, including restaurants, bars, sporting events, and gyms. B.C. joins two other major U.S. cities, New York and San Francisco, both of whom recently announced similar policies. San Francisco’s vaccine passport for indoor activities, including gyms, came into effect on August 20, while New York City will begin enforcing theirs on September 13.

The details in B.C: On September 13, patrons will have to show government-issued proof that they have received at least one shot of the COVID-19 vaccine to workout at a gym, and by October 24, they will be required to show proof of being double vaccinated.

B.C as a case study: Gym owners throughout the province of BC say that whether or not the mandate will help or hurt their business depends on where you live in the province and the attitudes towards the vaccine in their particular area.

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Try The Best No-Chalk Grips on the Market - Risk Free.

When you have a set of chest-to-bars coming up, do you find yourself disappearing in a cloud of chalk? It doesn’t matter how much you use though, you know that by the second set, you’re going to be in a world of pain.

You need to get a grip.

Element 26’s IsoGrip uses a unique polymer that grips the bar insanely well, even without chalk (coaches everywhere rejoice). Meaning you can string together high-volume gymnastics, your hands stay rip-free, and there’s no messy clean-up afterward.

Element 26 are so confident they are offering a 30-day guarantee. Give them a try and if you don’t absolutely love them, just return them for a full refund. No questions asked.

  No Vaccine, No Workout: It’s Happening in British Columbia, New York, San Francisco 

Move along. Move along. Chandler Smith decided to archive all his Instagram posts except for these three, causing a little stir on the Internet. No he didn’t get hacked. All is well.

Ascent Protein x Whole Foods. The two inked a deal on an exclusive collaboration for organic chocolate and vanilla flavored plant protein (vegan) that will only be sold at Whole Foods stores for the next six months.

San Francisco Mask Mandates Push-Back: Danielle Rabkin, owner of CrossFit Golden Gate, told Fox News   in “response to a city-wide mandate that gym-goers show proof of vaccination before entering:

  • “I don’t feel the mandate makes this business safer. We’re dealing with a public health crisis, so boosting your immunity, getting cardiovascular stimulation, eating healthy – seems like it should be a focus, not alienating unvaccinated people from going to a gym. You can go to Krispy Kreme and McDonald’s, but you can’t come to the gym?”

For what it’s worth: In the episode “What If… the World Lost Its Mightiest Heroes?”, Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) jokes that no one can lift Thor’s hammer, not even Jackson who does CrossFit.

Pour me another round…of fitness, at least once the building housing the Shady Distillery in South Florida is completed, which is adding a space for a CrossFit gym.

👩‍🚒👨‍🚒Proceeds from Born Primitive’s 9/11 remembrance t-shirt collection will go to support the Tunnel to Towers Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit that exists to honor the sacrifices of service members.

Driven Mind Training in San Diego, CA is hiring a remote media manager.

  Jonne Koski Workout of the Week 

Jonne Koski Workout of the Week

Every Friday, we’re bringing you an exclusive workout challenge programmed by a CrossFit Games athlete or coach that you can take on at home or the gym. You can post your times or scores in the comment section.

Today’s workout of the week is programmed by Jonne Koski.

4 rounds:
21 cal row
15 thrusters (115/85 pounds or 52/39)
9 bar facing burpees
Rest 1 minute between rounds
Time cap: 30 minutes

Some advice from Jonne: “Go fast, but leave something for the end!”

To inquire about submitting an upcoming workout of the week, shoot us a note.



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Celebrating a PR, hosting a fundraiser, this, that or otherwise. Send us a tip.

  • 🎂🎂🎂 Happy Birthday Chad Schroeder, CrossFit’s unofficial historian.
  • Rally the troops: Flash flooding in Gibson City, IL left the city under as much as five feet of water. The Edge Strength & Conditioning Club in Gibson, has organized a Floodraiser to help those affected. You can do the event online and donate digitally.
  • 🙏🙏🙏 We’re wishing Guy a speedy recovery and return to fitness after suffering a heart attack.
  • 🤯🤯🤯 West Coast Classic Semifinal athlete, Alex Gazan, hits 17-unbroken ring muscle-ups. Hello goals, have we met yet?
  • Congratulations Jeremy Tate, coach at Fit Factory Nashville in Tennessee, on passing your CrossFit L3 exam: “learning never stops and neither will my pursuit of excellence.”
  • Congratulations Nicole Hamer from Bona Fide Fitness in Portsmouth, NH on the 20 pound deadlift PR at 325 pounds.
  • Congratulations Jake Russenberger, coach at CrossFit Align in North Little Rock, AR, on the 410 pound (yikes) front squat PR.
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