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Who’s Competing at Rogue (and What’s the Prize Purse)?

Morning Chalk Up

September 22   |   POWERED BY


Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up.

In today’s edition:

  • Who is competing at the Rogue Invitational, plus prize purse details and more
  • Tia-Clair Toomey-Orr will be five months postpartum and hasn’t been on the competition floor in over a year. What’s our prediction for the GOAT this October?
  • Sweetwater High School struggles to keep its CrossFit program
  • And, Jennifer Muir’s Workout of the Week

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  Who’s Competing at the 2023 Rogue Invitational?  

Who’s Competing at the 2023 Rogue Invitational?

This year marks the fifth annual Rogue Invitational, held once again at Dell Diamond, in Round Rock, just outside of Austin, Texas. As one of the largest off-season competitions, Rogue offers the largest prize purse of them all–and it continues to expand–but with a locked minimum value of over one million dollars.

The details: Along with the Legends and the Strongman Divisions, a total of 40 athletes will be competing in the Individual Division.The roster was filled by top 2023 CrossFit Games competitors who received invitations, a special invitee–six-time Games champion–Tia-Clair Toomey, as well as six men and six women who qualified via “The Q,” Rogue’s online qualifier.

The roster is as follows, barring any last minute changes:


  • Dani Speegle* | Manon Angonese* | Elena Carratala Sanahuja* | Lauren Fisher*
  • Christine Kolenbrander* | Kyra Milligan* | Karin Frey | Annie Thorisdottir
  • Emily Rolfe | Paige Powers | Danielle Brandon | Emma Cary | Alexis Raptis
  • Bethany Flores | Alex Gazan | Gabi Migala | Arielle Loewen | Emma Lawson
  • Laura Horvath | Tia Toomey-Orr

*Invitation earned via the online qualifier, “The Q.”


  • *Ricky Garard | *Victor Hoffer | *Travis Mayer | *Tudor Magda | *Garrett Clark
  • *Jayson Hopper | Will Moorad | Bayley Martin | Björgvin Karl Gudmundsson
  • Jelle Hoste | Lazar Djukic | Jay Crouch | Chandler Smith | Jonne Koski | Dallin Pepper
  • Noah Ohlsen | Brent Fikowski | Roman Khrennikov | Pat Vellner | Jeffrey Adler

*Invitation earned via the online qualifier, “The Q.”

As of this time, the Legends roster has not yet been released.

Prize purse: Once again, Rogue is offering their ever-growing “Iron Games Prize Purse.” The goal, as is every year, is to expand the purse and they are taking the following steps to allow that to happen.

  • Rogue has provided a 1 million dollar cash investment, and purchased an additional $275,000 of Bitcoin at $16,000 per coin. Any growth to that coin will add to the purse and be “paid out at the valuation at the time the prize purse is locked.”
  • $5 per attendee ticket sold, 10% of registration fees for the online qualifier, and 10% of registration fees for the community event, “The C,” will be added to the purse.
  • New for 2023, $5.00 for every Rogue Invitational T-shirt sold and $5.00 for every pair of GORUCK Ballistic Trainers sold on

Additionally, sponsors will have the ability to make direct contributions to the purse if they so choose.

The 2023 prize purse is locked with a minimum value of $1,275,000 and will be used to pay both the CrossFit and the Strongman competitors.

The payouts currently are as follows:

  1. $257,420.33
  2. $89,797.79
  3. $47,892.15
  4. $35,919.12
  5. $26,939.34
  6. $23,946.08
  7. $20,952.82
  8. $17,959.56
  9. $11,973.04

Those finishing 10th through 20th will all take home the same amount, $5,986.52.

Tickets are on sale now with suites and many seats still available.

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🚨 🚨 TYR Wodapalooza Online Qualifier: Week two of the TYR WZAOC started yesterday. Get a jump on the workouts, as scores are due on September 25 at 8 PM ET.

Girls Gone Rx, South Africa: Girls Gone Rx is coming to CrossFit Forged in Sasolburg, South Africa, for a one-day, team of three competition to benefit Compete for a Cure. The competition takes place on October 14 and registration is open now.

🎥 🎬 East Stories: Check out this short, mini-documentary from CrossFit East Nashville featuring Desiree Genter, a CrossFit competitor, college instructor, mom and long-time CFEN member.

ICYMI: Learn more about Fort Worth, TX, the new home of the CrossFit Games.

  Tia-Clair Toomey-Orr's Return; What to Expect  


Tia-Clair Toomey-Orr's Return; What to Expect

Now that Tia-Clair Toomey-Orr has announced her comeback to competition at the 2023 Rogue Invitational next month, there is a lot to discuss.

First of all, since Laura Horvath will also be attending, this is the first time that Tia will be at a competition where she is not the current CrossFit Games champion since 2017 when she won her first championship.

Laura Horvath also happens to be the defending Rogue Invitational champion.

But before we talk more about that, let’s take a quick look at Tia’s competition history as champ:

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  Sweetwater High School CrossFit and the Legal Battle Over Their Rig  

Sweetwater High School CrossFit and the Legal Battle Over Their Rig

Jenny Schafran started CrossFit in 2013, and after getting her Level 1 certification, she knew she wanted to bring her experience and knowledge to young people.

A teacher in the Sweetwater Union High School District in the San Diego, CA, area, Schafran began talks with the administration in 2021 to bring a CrossFit program to Sweetwater High School.

Her goal was to make fitness accessible to a population where one in three kids was overweight and more than 80% of students received subsidized lunches. After tons of meetings, emails, and paperwork, Schafran’s affiliate, United CrossFit, was ready to go–she even managed to get through all the paperwork to set it up as a non-profit in March 2022.

Schrafran was ecstatic to get the ball rolling in 2021 the day the rig–which she purchased from another local CrossFit gym–was delivered.

  • “I talked to the principal and the assistant principal in charge of facilities and let them know the rig was here and asked them if we should start to set it up. I was told to have the custodial staff help us, and we put it together in about five hours.”

Sweetwater is a year-round school, and the CrossFit space was set up in the weight room, which was used for all PE classes plus the sports teams. This was the main impetus behind being able to buy the rig.

  • “We were able to use the after-school grants for the facility because the rig would be accessible to everyone. Half of it was paid for with that grant, and the other half was paid for with our Title One ASB funds. The reason we did it that way was because if after-school grants paid for the whole thing, then only after-school activities would have been able to utilize it.”
  • “We got it because this was going to be such a big addition to our weight room. The principal wanted to make sure every student could utilize it.”

Schafran and the school had been using the rig for approximately a month when, all of a sudden, someone from the district office contacted her, informing her that they hadn’t filed the correct paperwork to have a rig set up in the gym. They had to caution tape the rig off until an engineer from the district could come out and check the rig to make sure it was structurally sound.

Schafran was confused.

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  Jennifer Muir’s Workout of the Week  

Jennifer Muir’s Workout of the Week

Today’s workout is programmed by the current Fittest Woman in the UK and WIT Fitness athlete, Jennifer Muir. New to elite CrossFit competition, Muir placed 24th in the UK in the 2022 Open and 95th in Quarterfinals. This season she advanced to the Europe Semifinal where she took 16th overall, just missing a Games berth, but showing great improvement.

Jennifer Muir

For time:

15x50ft Shuttle Run
30 Overhead Squats (115/80 pounds)
15x50ft Shuttle Run
30 Burpee Box Jump Overs (24/20 inches)

Rest 10

15x50ft Shuttle Run
30 Overhead Squats (115/80 pounds)
15x50ft Shuttle Run
30 Burpee Box Jump Overs (24/20 inches)

Rest 5

8x50ft Shuttle Run
15 Overhead Squats (115/80 pounds)
8x50ft shuttle run
15 Burpee Box Jump Overs (24/20 inches)

Scaling Options: Athletes can adjust the weight lower for the overhead squats and/or use a shorter box for the burpee box jump overs.

Advice from Jennifer: “This is one of my favorite JST Compete super Saturday workouts from this year. Push the pace on the turns of the shuttle runs and settle into a rhythm on the straight aways to let you attack the bar and burpee box jump overs. The weight should be light enough to let you go unbroken on the OHS with a narrow grip. There’s no real shoulder interference so push it if able. Stay low on the burpee box jumps to stop your back from blowing up. Push the pace on the last 10 reps before the lengthy breaks, and don’t go flying out of the gate and crash. Keep a bit in reserve to really empty the tank on the last interval.”

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