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Why Is CBS Sports a Major Plus for the CrossFit Games?

Morning Chalk Up

September 23


Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up. We’ve made it to mid-week, and we’ve got some great stuff lined up for you. In the fourth installment of his “Not That Fit” series, Spenser Mestel takes on “agility” with YouTube star Jiemba Sands. Patrick Clark digs into his interviews with Mat Fraser and Tia-Clair Toomey to provide some key takeaways. And, Emily Beers spent the weekend with Michele LeTendre and Patrick Vellner; below she tells the story of a coach/athlete bond.

  • Also, don’t miss Justin LoFranco, Tommy Marquez and Armen Hammer discussing why the CBS deal is important for the CrossFit Games.

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Not That Fit: Learning Agility from Jiemba Sands, YouTube’s Viral “Fence Guy”

 Not That Fit: Learning Agility from Jiemba Sands, YouTube’s Viral “Fence Guy” 

After my convo two weeks ago with ultra-ultra marathoner Courtney Dauwalter, my engine is stronger than ever (shoutout to the Assault Bike endurance test), but I still feel #NotThatFit overall. There are still six components of fitness to master, so today I’m learning about agility from a freerunner and social media sensation: Jiemba Sands aka “The Fence Guy.”

It’s almost guaranteed you’ve seen a few of Sands’ videos, like him hitting a corkscrew directly into a homerun. A trick like this is the epitome of agility — the ability to rapidly change the position of the body with speed and accuracy — and his success comes from a simple premise.


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More Work To Do: Three Major Takeaways From Our Mathew Fraser and Tia Toomey Interviews

 More Work To Do: Three Major Takeaways From Our Mathew Fraser and Tia Toomey Interviews 

The Morning Chalk Up was able to get an exclusive interview with both Mathew Fraser and Tia-Clair Toomey after their dominating performances during the 2020 CrossFit Games online stage this past weekend. Here are three things that we took away from those interviews from Fraser’s garage gym in Cookeville, TN.

It’s a team effort: Both Fraser and Toomey always make it a point to give credit to the people that make them the champions that they are. With the intimate setting of the online phase, those people were more noticeable than at a normal live competition.



Michele Letendre: Technician, “Mama Bear,” and CrossFit Games Podium-Creating Coach

 Michele Letendre: Technician, “Mama Bear,” and CrossFit Games Podium-Creating Coach 

Damn Diane

It’s Friday afternoon at CrossFit Nanaimo in British Columbia. The gym is oddly quiet for a competition. All eyes are intently watching Patrick Vellner blaze through Damn Diane, event 3 of the 2020 CrossFit Games.

He does his first set of deadlifts with speed and ease, before breaking up his first set of 15 handstand push-ups into two sets, just like he told his coach Michele Letendre he would do just minutes before the event.


Why the CBS Sports Broadcast Deal is a Major Plus for CrossFit Games

 Why the CBS Sports Broadcast Deal is a Major Plus for CrossFit Games 



Your Bar Muscle-Ups

One of the most common mistakes athletes make in the bar muscle-up is relying to heavily on their upper body. It’s possible to get away with this in small sets and if you don’t need your arms or grip for other movements, but utilizing a powerful and efficient hip extension can make all the difference. Learn how in this quick tutorial from MisFit Athletics.

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O2 believes in doing good things for people who support us, and we bet you do too. So we’re offering 10,000 free masks to every CrossFit Coach in America! It only takes 30 seconds to snag yours if you’re a coach or nominate your coach if you’re a member. No strings attached but time is running out.

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How Fraser and Toomey Won Stage One of the Games

The Buttery Bros, Heber Cannon and Marston Sawyers were on the scene in Cookeville (and Sparta), TN as reigning Fittest Man and Woman took on stage one of the CrossFit Games. Tune into this extra-long episode to see all the action from the inside.

 Morning Chalk Up 


Your New Favorite Pumpkin Bread

Fall is upon and that means all things pumpkin. We are convinced that this easy pumpkin bread recipe will become you new favorite. Here’s a tip: the butter crumb topping is the key! Skip the oats; flour, butter, light brown sugar, cinnamon, and salt (very important!) are all you need.



Congratulations to Bryan C., who was the first to correctly answer which Games had the second most CrossFit benchmark workouts or variations as Games Individual events. The correct answer was the 2012 CrossFit Games (Three Events: Event 13 – Elizabeth, Event 14 – Isabel, and Event 15 – Fran).

  • Today’s question: How many 21-year-old men have made a Games individual top 5?

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