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Why Serving Alcohol at Your Box Might be Illegal

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Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.” — Mark Twain

Three Things to Know Going Into Sanctionals Opening Week


The 2019-2020 CrossFit Sanctionals season kicks off this week in Dublin, Ireland with the Filthy 150. Our team is en route already to be on the ground to bring you complete coverage of the first Sanctional of the season, but before we get into that here are three things to know going into this week.

Five more athletes banned: Over the weekend, CrossFit announced the second wave of drug violations, this time involving four masters athletes, including two podium finishers, and one individual. The announcement follows up seven athletes announced last month for a total of 12 from the 2019 Games.

On the list:

  1. Gabor Torok, 48th in individual men, tested positive for a Stanozolol metabolite.
  2. Vincent Lopez, 8th in Masters 55-59, tested positive for exogenous testosterone.
  3. Paul Perna, 1st in Masters 60+, tested positive for exogenous testosterone.
  4. Robbie Perovich, 6th in Masters 40-44, tested positive for GW1516 sulfoxide and GW1516 sulfone, metabolites of GW1516.
  5. Marion Valkenburg, 3rd in Masters 55-59, tested positive for Stanozolol metabolites (3′-hydroxystanozolol and 16β-hydroxystanozolol).

One big thing: There’s a real drug problem developing in masters divisions. Across six divisions and 120 athletes, a total of five masters popped for a performance-enhancing drug. The prize purse for masters hasn’t increased but the available spots shrunk by half last season. Being a Games athlete has long been considered a status symbol regardless of the prize money and with fewer spots available and the level of competition increasing it could be putting pressure on athletes to find other ways to stay competitive.

  • A total of 11 masters athletes have popped over the years, according to Chad Schroeder.

Official 20.4 winners announced. Canada’s Jeffery Adler and 21-year-old Sasha Nievas of Argentina claimed the top spot on the leaderboard for 20.4. Alder finished the workout in a time of 12:41 (almost 2 minutes ahead of Mat Fraser) while the female champ Nievas was almost a full 2 minutes ahead of him (11:08) This raises again the question of the loading for female athletes and whether it was a fair comparison to the men’s weight in the tail end of the workout.

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LawFit: Serving Free Alcohol at Your Box May Not Be Legal


A free ice cold beer after Murph, a glass of wine on yoga night, a keg to celebrate the end of the Open; you know the drill.  As box owners, providing your members with free alcoholic beverages is a great way to attract people to the event and build your community. But, is this activity legal, or does your box need an alcohol beverage license?  

Rule: The answer is not clear; it depends on the state, city, and/or licensing authority as each differs in law and interpretation. States like Minnesota interpret the controlling law broadly and take the position that any alcohol served, free or not, in a business where “commercial activity” is occurring means that a sale of alcohol is taking place. A sale of alcohol requires the business to be licensed, which is costly and a highly regulated process.  

Applicability: So, that free beer you’re offering is equivalent to, in the eyes of some, selling it because it’s tied to all the other commercial activity occurring at the business (i.e. event participants are paying members, T-shirt sales, entry fees, etc.).  


  • Consider consulting with a local attorney to understand the laws and, if applicable, weigh the potential risks, liability, and exposure for operating without a liquor license. 
  • Alcohol licenses are expensive and can be cost-prohibitive for boxes that just want to do something nice for their customers.  
  • Consider hiring a licensed liquor caterer for your events.

Disclaimer: This post was created for general informational/educational purposes only. The information is not privileged and does not create an attorney-client relationship with the author. Nor is the post an offer to represent you. Its information should not be construed as legal advice or legal opinion on any specific facts or circumstances. You should not act or refrain from acting based upon any of the information on this site and are urged to consult a licensed attorney for legal advice on your specific situation.

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These might be the most adorable pumpkin pies we’ve ever seen, and because the crust has been swapped for wonton wrappers, you can eat an entire plate full of them without burning through your days worth of macros.


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Chalk Up Community

  • PREHAB TV ON TWITCH — Dr. Nicholas Neratka, DC, has launched a new channel on Twitch, called PrehabTV. On it, he will cover topics like prehab and rehab as well as nutrition, cooking, and ergonomics at home and at work.
  • 24 HOURS OF HEROES — Pale Horse CrossFit in Charleston, SC held 24 hours of Hero WODS to help prevent soldier suicide over the weekend. Members signed up to tackle Hero WODs every hour, in teams of two or alone, for 24 hours. 
  • RUCK FOR VETS — Matt Ray, the Operational Athlete, hosted the Third Annual Ruck for Vets on Sunday. More than 30 people rucked a 10K, raising funds to benefit the Vets of Iraq and Afghanistan.

CHALK UP IN 2 MINUTES (a highlight reel around social media of CrossFit pros and average joes)

Jacqueline Dahlstrom gets 19 unbroken ring muscle-ups for a new PR • Jared Enderton overhead squats 405 pounds • Happy fifth anniversary to CrossFit Solace • Congrats to Kayden Kutchins on his 182 pound high hang snatch PR • Alex LaChance clean and jerks 264 pounds • Spencer Murphy deadlifts 600 pounds.

…and sometimes you need a little assist on that PR.

Dubai CrossFit Championship — Concept 2 will once again be an official sponsor of the Dubai CrossFit Championship. 

— Morning Chalk Up got to announce the winners of the Take Me to Dubai Challenge Saturday morning. If you weren’t lucky enough to win, you can purchase spectator tickets. 

Madrid CrossFit Championship registration deadline has been extended until February 21, 2020.


“The Stress Of Supporting A Spouse From The Sideline,” by Brittney Kleyn, Morning Chalk Up

If you thought you suffered workout anxiety during the 2020 CrossFit Open, imagine the stress of watching your beloved chase down some of the top scores on the worldwide leaderboard.

Matt Saunders is a decent affiliate-level CrossFitter in his own right, but this year his top priority was riding the emotional rollercoaster, watching wife Kara Saunders edge into the Top 20 worldwide.

“The first week started off pretty chilled, because we didn’t really expect much going into it and you know, week one came out and I saw her score and I was like ‘Ah! This is going to be good,” he told the Morning Chalk Up.

“From then as each week’s gone … I guess it’s the same just more and more stress that’s kind of built up.”

Balancing act: The couple have been documenting the 5-week journey on Kara’s VLOG – where Matt plays supporting roles of coach, judge and father for their daughter Scotti while juggling work as a full-time firefighter. He’s no stranger to supporting Kara from the sidelines, both throughout the season and at the Games.

“Stress, that’s pretty much the main thing. Cause you have no control over how she does or what she’s doing and you really want her to do a good job, it’s just full-time stress pretty much,” he said.


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11/17: Crews For Brews (Windsor, Ontario)
11/22: Sixth Annual Gobbler Gauntlet (Scottsdale, AZ)
11/22 -11/24: Fraser Valley Throwdown (Abbortsford, BC)
11/23: Kettlebells for Balls (Newburyport, MA)
11/23: Keep Austin (Austin, TX)
11/23: CrossFit XLTs 6th Annual Turkey Bash (Chatham, IL)
11/23: Fitness for Ellie Fundraiser (Amherst, OH)
11/23: Rise of the South (Statesboro, GA)
11/23 Vekter Games (Laurel, MD)
11/23 – 11/24: South Loop Games (Chicago, IL)
12/7: New Wods on the Block (Lubbock, TX)
12/7: Warrior Affiliate League Battle Royale (Whittier, CA)
12/7: Game of Rowers (Norwood, MA)
12/7: 2019 Local RIVals Series (Colchester, CT)
12/7: Granite Games Throwdown at Slate CrossFit (Seattle, WA)
12/7: 4th Annual Reindeer Games (Bismarck, ND)
12/15: Strong New York (New York, NY)
12/15: Syndicate Vault (Columbia, MD) 

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