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WodProof Partnership Signals Change for Online Qualifiers

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“True behavior change is identity change. When your behavior and identity are fully aligned, you are no longer pursuing change. You are simply acting like the type of person you already believe yourself to be.” — James Clear

WodProof Partnership Signals Change for Online Qualifiers


The video submission process for the Sanctional’s qualifiers just got a significant bump in legitimacy, as 11 sanctioned events announced a partnership via instagram last week with WODProof to use their WODProof Go timestamped fair competition timer. 

Born out of conversations with CrossFit Games analyst, Master’s athlete, and 10+ year affiliate owner Bill Grundler, the timer represents the first major improvement on the user side of the video submission process in attempts to curb cheating and score manipulation.

How it works:

  • The problem: Among other issues, under the current system of qualifiers and video review there is a significant amount of wiggle room for athletes to manipulate scores and “work the system.” 

    • In the current Open system, athletes have a significant gap between when the workout is announced, when they perform the workout, and when they’re required to submit a video for review. 
    • During that window athletes have time to train, and practice with the explicit knowledge of the test at hand and can essentially backfill their video submission for a given workout after they’ve already submitted a score that changes up the leaderboard. 
    • An athlete can post a score for a workout they didn’t perform, train/practice for the test in the meantime, then redo the workout one they’re asked to submit a video with a distinct advantage over their peers.
    If an athlete records their workout in WODProof during the designated window, a blue logo and non-editable text will appear on the video as a timestamp along with details of the workouts name and number listed i.e. “CanWest WOD 1”
  • If the workout is performed by an athlete before or after the window the timestamp and declaration will not appear, and a video submission without the timestamp will be considered invalid.

Who’s using it: The CanWest Championship, Wodapalooza, SouthFit Challenge, Fittest in Cape Town, Lowlands Throwdown, Strength in Depth, German Throwdown, Filthy 150, Atlas Games, Norwegian Championship, and Dubai CrossFit Championship.

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WATCH: Alison Scudds v. Nikki Pettel Powered by RPM Training
Morning Chalk Up headed to NCFit in Redwood City, CA where we watched Alison Scudds and Nikki Pettel, Israel’s national champion, take on a WOD for time of 1000m row, 12-9-6 cleans at125 pounds, 155 pounds, then 175 pounds and 75 double-unders with RPM ropes.


HEAR: Programming and Reviewing CrossFit Linchpin Private Track
It takes considerable practice and attention to build CrossFit training programs that benefit athletes of all levels. In this episode of the BoxJumper podcast host Jean St-Amand reviews the CrossFit Linchpin Private Track program from Pat Sherwood, in addition to discussing the ins and outs of programming from his perspective.


GET: Ready for the Open with Invictus
The Open is right around the corner. Want to train for it like some of the elite athletes you see on the Games floor in Madison? Consider training with one of the most consistently successful CrossFit coaches, C.J. Martin, with Invictus programming.


GET: Power and Strength with Xwerks Creatine
Plenty of studies have shown the benefits of supplementing your training program with creatine. Here is a complete guide to why you should be using creatine.


EAT: Chicken Lime Soup
We don’t know about you guys but we could eat soup year round, especially this one. This chicken lime soup is is light enough for summer, and has a deliciously spicy, sour, and salty broth. Top it with some avocado, cilantro and chips and you’ve a meal you can eat for days.


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  • BEN SMITH TRAINING CAMP — Join CrossFit Krypton’s very first Training Camp on September 28 and 29 in Chesapeake, VA with Ben Smith and Adam Klink. Attendees will leave with a greater understanding and knowledge of the sport to help them progress forward on your CrossFit journey. There are no skill requirements or pre-requisites to attend.
  • BRAINS VERSUS BRAWN — CrossFit Neuro in Woolloongabba, Australia is hosting the Brain Vs Brawn Fundraiser on Saturday, September 14. All profits will go to one of their neurosurgery patients who is recovering from his second brain tumor surgery, Sholto McKeown.
  • NEW AFFILIATE — Eviction CrossFit in Easthampton, MA is now open.
  • CROSSFIT WITH A COP — CrossFit Hyperactive in Salinas, CA held CrossFit with a Cop with the Salinas Police Department on Saturday. More than 60 people attended the event.  
  • RPM RELEASES NEW 4.0 — RPM recently released their latest iteration, the Session 4.0. Dubbed the “double-under machine” this is the first RPM rope with a bearing based anit-friction solution for a smoother rope that really flies.

CHALK UP IN 2 MINUTES (a highlight reel around social media of CrossFit pros and average joes)

Happy birthday to Morning Chalk Up’s Chad Schroeder • Happy birthday Seamus Keating • Fourteen-year-old Ashby Floyd gets a 322 pound back squat • EPIC is hosting a giveaway for $200 worth of some of your favorite products • Zack George cleans 331 pounds Jenn Ryan gets a 155 pound high hang snatch • Louise Czurka snatches 154 pounds • Team Rogue Dottirs won the Reebok Butchers Classic.

…and sometimes all you need to PR is a little time and a little room. Being adorable helps, too. 

Kara Saunders on the 2019 Games Format — Kara Saunders released a Vlog on her YouTube channel sharing her thoughts on the Games.

— “The CrossFit Games right now is totally different than, I mean I don’t know. Like I said all the time, I didn’t know what to expect.

— “I would be lying if I didn’t say I was devastated about some of the people that aren’t there. Like, seeing some of those girls and guys head into the top ten right now because of the nature of the cuts and it just seems like really ruthless depending on like, I know you need to be well-rounded, I get that. I know that you need to be good at everything, but I just think that you’re testing in everything over the entire weekend and that’s what rounds out a total score.”

New School Leadership in the Gym — Coach John Klessinger recently laid out what he thinks makes a good leader and to practice the ideas of New School leadership. 

— “I believe a coach or leader, which is the same, has to model the behavior they want to see in their athletes. If they want them to be committed, they have to be committed. If they want them tough, they have to be the first to demonstrate toughness.

— “Leadership goes far beyond teaching the sport. It is developing a culture where people can thrive and be successful. In the paragraphs that follow, I will break down my beliefs on leadership into three sections; first, what attributes I believe make a good leader. Second, how does a coach, or anyone for that matter, learn to be a leader.  And lastly, the characteristics of New School leadership.”

Nine Signs You Might Be Dehydrated — Summer might be coming to an end, but it’s still important to make sure you’re drinking enough water. Here are nine signs of dehydration to watch for. 


“Thinking Outside the Box: Business a “No Brainer” for Games Athletes,” by Brittney Kleyn, Morning Chalk Up 

It’s an impressive resume: seven trips to the CrossFit Games, owning an affiliate and now, a full-time mom.

If all that wasn’t enough to juggle, Kara Saunders is heading into retail and adding another notch to her business belt.

“It’s simple really, I like to work and I’ll never say no to a fun opportunity,” Saunders said.

Enter Kara’s new performance eyewear label, ACTIV. In her own words, it’s “fuss free eyewear” that “supports an active, out-and-about type of lifestyle.”

“Our overall goal was to produce something that would seamlessly transition from running around on the beach, paddling or working out in the garage with your mates straight to the cafe for a coffee catch up,” Saunders said.

Documenting her postpartum comeback, the former 2nd Fittest Woman on Earth has been repping the range on her vlog and social media for some time now.

If you’ve been eye-ing them off, a soft launch is still a few months away, but the brand already has an active (pardon the pun!) following on social media and website.

“I’m the kind of person always looking for some kind of new and fun opportunity in my life and a way to move forward,” she said. 

“My CrossFit athletic career is semi uncontrollable and has an uncertain timeline, however my love for health, fitness and the community will live forever, so I’ll continue to use that passion and experience in every other aspect of my life.”

“With the performance line I wanted to bridge the gap and have people look and feel the part while they live their active lifestyle, with something that has been designed to perform no matter what you throw at them,” Saunders added.


8/30 – 8/31: The Southwest Championships (Orem, UT)
8/30 – 8/31: The 3rd Annual Tampa Bay Games (Tampa, FL)
8/31: The Big WODowski Partner Competition (Delafield, WI)
8/31: Girls Gone RX (Charlevoix, MI)
8/31: Roots Ruck Around the Clock (Poulsbo, WA)
8/31: Saved By the Barbell (Waite Park, MN)
8/31: T-Town Throwdown Partner Comp (Tyler, TX)
8/31: Battle of the Beasts (Quebec, Canada)
8/31: Southern Hospitality Showdown (Charleston, SC)
8/31: Summer Showdown 2019 (Owosso, MI)
9/5 – 9/7: The Iron Games (Cedar City, UT)
9/7: Power Output Challenge 8 (San Antonio, TX)
9/7: Family Fitness Faith Festival (College Station, TX)
9/7: Sirens of September (Smithfield, RI)
9/7: Garden State Open (Berkeley Heights, NJ)
9/7: Hill City Throwdown (Lynchburg VA)
9/7: D.C. Throwdown (Washington, D.C.)
9/7: Midwest Fall Classic (Tulsa, OK)
9/7: OUTWOD Asheville at CrossFit Pisgah (Asheville, NC)
9/7: OUTWOD Brooklyn at Park Slope CrossFit (Brooklyn, NY)
9/7: Double Trouble at Crossfit Unwavering (El Mirage, AZ)
9/7: Girls Gone RX (Virginia Beach, VA)
9/7: WODderfest (Beaufort, SC)
9/7: Primal Parkinson’s Ride (Tampa, FL)
9/7: SE TEX Masters Fall Classic (Cypress, TX)
9/7: The Sugar Skull Showdown (Agawam, MA)
9/7: Power Output Challenge (San Antonio, TX) 
9/7: 5th Annual Iron Maidens Raw Open (Brooklyn, NY)
9/7: Barbells for Boobs 5K and Family Fun Run (Cornelius, NC)
9/7: Rows for Crows (Westborough, MA)
9/8: Wingman (Lincoln, United Kingdom)
9/11: Coffland Hero WOD Challenge at CrossFit Alpha Dog (Lombard, IL)
9/14: Charm City Throwdown (Sparks, MD)
9/14: Stateline Throwdown (McHenry, IL)
9/14: Stealth Fitness Combine (New Brunswick, NJ)
9/14: Coffland Hero Challenge WOD (Vestal, NY)
9/14: OUTWOD Grand Rapids (Grand Rapids, MI)
9/14: 6th Annual Cancer Smash (St. Augustine, FL)
9/14: Project: Uplift 5.0 (Fort Collins CO)
9/14: Warrior Affiliate League Three Amigos (Rancho Cucamonga, CA)
​9/14: Mucc Town Throwdown (Winnemucca, NV)
9/14: Reps and Rescues Rumble (Olathe, KS)
9/14: Festivus Games at CrossFit Indestri (Collingwood, ON)
9/14: Granite Games at CrossFit Gallant (Bedford, TX)
9/14: The Dane Games (Mine Hill, NJ)
9/14: Granite games at CrossFit Nola 504 (New Orleans, LA)
9/14: Festivus Games at Gymology Fitness (Tulsa, OK)
9/14: Garage Games Master’s Tour 2019 (Chicago, IL)
9/14: WODktoberfest 2019 (Ottawa, ON)
9/14: Granite Games Throwdown Skyline CrossFit (Houston, TX)
9/14: Festivus Games at J5 CrossFit (Collinsville, IL)
9/14: Festivus Games at Crossfit Mountain Movers (Pikeville, KY)
9/14: Festivus Games at CrossFit Connection (Ontario, CAN)
9/14: Prime Partner Classic (Utica, NY)
9/14: Barbell Brawl V (Kennett Square, PA)
9/14: Festivus games at CrossFit Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh, PA)
9/14: CrossFit Neuro BRains vs. Brawn (Woolloongabba, AUS)
9/14 – 9/15: Gymnastics Seminar with Simon Nieland (Ocala, FL)
9/15: Patriot Throwdown 9/11 Memorial WOD (Simsbury, CT)
9/15: Coffland Hero WOD Challenge at Blue Crab CrossFit (Hanover, MD)
9/20 -9/22: Pensacola Beach Brawl (Pensacola Beach, FL)
9/20 – 9/22: The Dakota Games (Fargo, ND)
9/21: Cry Me a River 2019 (Online)
9/21: 4th Annual CrossFit Co-Ed Classic Competition (East Brunswick, NJ)
9/21: Killswitch Competition (Hutto,TX)
9/21: 7th Annual CFuNKY Throwdown Competition (Florence, KY)
(9/21: 4th Annual Battle on the Border (New York, NY)
9/21: Under Armour Turf Games City Series (Los Angeles, CA)
9/21: Fall Jam 2019 (Columbus, OH)
9/21: 2019 GR Games (Grand Rapids, MI)
9/21: Girls Gone RX (Denver, CO)
9/21: The Partner Throwdown (Philadelphia, PA)
9/21: 2019 Arsenal Throwdown (Pittsburgh, PA)
9/21: Barbells for Bullies (Portland, OR)
9/21: Barbells for Bullies (Clearwater, FL)
9/21: Throwdown in the Triangle (Raleigh, NC)
9/21: Rookie Rumble at CrossFit 643 (Washington Township, NJ)
9/21 – 9/22: The Central Regional (Bettendorf, IA)
9/21 – 9/22: Southie Showdown (Boston, MA)
9/21 – 9/22: CrossFit Cascade Classic (Seattle, WA)
9/22: Caffeine & Kilos Invitational (Sacramento, CA)
9/28: Masters Of The Midway: Individual (Lake in the Hills, IL)
9/28: The shipwreck 4 at Harbor Park CrossFit (Racine, WI)
9/27 – 9/28: Autumn Games 4 (Albuquerque, NM) 
9/28: 2019 Pound-4-Pound Competition (Denver, CO)
9/28 -9/29: Beer City Beatdown (Asheville, NC)
9/28 – 9/29: CrossFit Krypton Training Camp (Chesapeake, VA)

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