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Youngest Podium Athlete Ever?

Morning Chalk Up

October 16


Happy Friday and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up. Day one of the 2020 CrossFit Games is rounding out and we now have more information about the tests. And, Emily Beers digs into the importance of hiring coaches, while Maggie Weaver takes a look at co-operative gyms.

  • Finally, Tommy Marquez interviews the youngest athlete in the field, Haley Adams.

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CrossFit Games Event 2 Revealed. Day 1 Shaping Up

  CrossFit Games Event 2 Revealed. Day 1 Shaping Up  

The CrossFit Games revealed the complete details for Event 2 of the CrossFit Games stage 2, which begins next Friday, October 23. This is the fourth workout released for day 1, but the only event we have a complete picture of.

Event 2:

  • For Time:
  • 320m hill sprint with a corn sack (50/30 lbs or 22.6/13.6kg)
  • Time Cap: 8 Minute

Some quick observations: Event 2 is an RX+ version of the 2009 CrossFit Games sandbag sprint, which was a 170m hill sprint at 70/35 pounds.

  • The weight is lighter for the men, but the distance is almost twice as long.
  • The elevation gain in 2009: “There was about 100′ elevation gain between the starting and finishing lines, with most of that coming in the final 40m,” according to a 2009 CrossFit Games post.
  • Watch the 2009 Games Sandbag Sprint.

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Gym Owners: Recruiting and Hiring Coaches Biggest Challenge

  Gym Owners: Recruiting and Hiring Coaches Biggest Challenge  

Gym owners agree: Finding great coaches can feel like the bane of their already long days.

  • “It’s always difficult to find good coaches,” admitted long-time affiliate owner Alex Cibiri, the owner of Element CrossFit in Mississauga, Ontario.
  • “(They’re) always hard to find,” offered Nancy Fernandez of Quadrant Fitness in Hapeville, GA.
  • “It’s myself and one other training. (It’s) a huge load on both of us,” added Kareem Shrek, the owner of CrossFit Alasad in Laredo, TX, about his continued struggle to find and keep coaches.

The “People’s Gym:” CrossFit Cooperatives, Explained

  The "People's Gym:" CrossFit Cooperatives, Explained  

From the outside, you’d never know that Cream City CrossFit Co-op is owned by its members. It seems to operate like any other gym; members come in, pay their dues, and workout.

But Cream City is one of Wisconsin’s two CrossFit cooperatives, the other, Portage CrossFit Cooperative, is  located about 100 miles away. Both are run by their members, for their members. They are the people’s gym.

The big picture: Both Cream City and Portage are 100% owned by their community. Decisions are made by a board that acts as a governing body on policy and decision-making, but every person has a say in the future of the gym.

  • “I am the president,” says Angela Michalski, who heads the board of directors at Cream City CrossFit, “but it’s not my gym. We’re a team and want to make decisions that favor the people of the gym.”

Youngest Podium Athlete Ever? Haley Adams

  Youngest Podium Athlete Ever? Haley Adams  



How the Pandemic Affected Our Fitness with Margaux Alvarez

In this video, Margaux Alvarez sits down with her friends Melissa Koepke and Reahana Senk to talk about how COVID affected their fitness, the effectiveness of home workouts and if walking is enough.

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Clean Progressions with Dave Spitz and American Record Holder Wes Kitts

In this video from California Strength, learn how to assign your proper grip width and tension in the clean. And, check out some progressions for the extension sequence and arm mechanics. It sounds complicated and technical, but master these drills, and you’re headed for PR City.

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Butternut Squash, Chicken and Wild Rice Casserole

In keeping with our theme of fall recipes, check out this amazing casserole. It’s made with nutty wild rice, sweet butternut squash, tangy dried cranberries and plenty of parmesan cheese. It’ll stick to your ribs and pack a protein punch for the fall and winter months.



Congratulations to Andrew A., who was the first to correctly answer which athlete(s) won the most Individual Games events at the Ranch in Aromas, California. The correct answer was Chris Spealler and Jason Khalipa. They both won three Games events at the Ranch.

  • Today’s question: Which Games individual champion had the highest (worst) place in the Open the year they won the Games?

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Good Read: Can Katrin Davidsdottir Upset Tia-Clair Toomey?

The South China Morning Post published a story yesterday entitled, “Can Katrin Davidsdottir Upset Tia-Clair Toomey in Remarkable Comeback Push?” by Patrick Blennerhassett and it’s a pretty good read. In it Blennerhassett wonders what it might take for Davidsdottir to upset Toomey’s historic run. Here are some key takeaways:

  • “Davidsdottir’s career has been an interesting one in the world of CrossFit. The 27-year-old is one of the three famed Icelandic CrossFit stars along with Sara Sigmundsdottir and Annie Thorisdottir. She built her career as a premier competitor in the sport right out of the gate, winning the 2015 and 2016 CrossFit Games. After that there was an impressive string of finishes in 2017 (fifth), 2018, (third) and 2019 (fourth).”
  • “She will be one of four other female competitors that will try to unseat three-time reigning champion Tia-Clair Toomey when the finale of the 2020 CrossFit Games kicks off of October 23 in Aromas, California at the famed CrossFit ranch. Three days inside a bubble with the five men should make for some interesting storylines as it will be a far more scaled-back showdown with little room to hide, and many chances to seize golden opportunities.”
  • “[I]f there is to be a wild card this year on the women’s side, many within the sport think Davidsdottir, with her experience both at the ranch and winning the top prize, could make for a tantalising showdown in California. Davidsdottir’s online portion of the competition showcased her resilience and that angry fire she possesses which champions need to stand atop the podium.”
  • “Those putting money on Toomey losing are probably going to come up short, but it is tough to count out Davidsdottir at this point in her career. She won’t have to deal with any of the noise that comes along with the CrossFit mayhem this time around, and can solely focus on chasing the Australian and trying to eke out wins.”

There’s a lot more in the article, be sure to read the full piece.

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