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Good morning and welcome to the Morning Chalk Up. Today’s edition is brought to you by Brute Strength.

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“There are better starters than me but I’m a strong finisher.” — Usain Bolt

The Ergon Training System Wants You to Love the Erg Machines


Everyone has that one thing in the box they hate. For a lot of us, that’s an erg machine. You hop on, go full ham for thirty seconds, and congratulations…you completed two calories and you’ve redlined.

Quit that.

Green Mountain CrossFit owner Nick Petterssen teamed up with Jay Ericson for a solution. Ergon Training is a system dedicated to athlete success with the bike, row and ski.

“The Ergon Training System delivers a goal-based workout each and every time, priming our athletes to chase, catch and conquer. We evaluate each user with a single workout, and then use the power of decades of exercise science research to convert those workout results into valuable information that hides behind the scenes within the Ergon app.”

Hold up, it crunches my numbers?

Yep, the app does the mental work for you so all you have to do is hold on. “Once an athlete chooses their workout for the day, Ergon crunches their past performance numbers and offers very specific pacing targets,” reads their Kickstarter.

But it’s not just the pacing. There’s also loads on there about the machines and proper technique and form. And, the app is an extension of the monitor on every Concept2, called a PM5.

This allows you to program workouts into the machine and then save the results of those workouts to memory.

I need one now.

The Kickstarter campaign is running for about one more week. The company is hoping to launch the app in the fall.


Things To…


WATCH: Buttery Bros at Granite Games

Heber Cannon and Marston Sawyers were in St. Cloud, MN for the 2019 Granite Games where they caught up with Dani Speegle, Alison Scudds, Jess Griffith and Brent Fikowski. They also spent some time in the warm-up area which, funny enough, took place on the ice rink. And, per usual, the Buttery Bros go head-to-head.



HEAR: Scale As Needed Celebrates Anniversaries

The Scale as Needed crew shares a series of anniversaries, including Armen’s one-year anniversary of making YouTube videos for ArmenHammerTV. Armen also trained with Chase and the Jaakarhu comp team which prompts the discussion of the lifecycle of training, when you peak, and when you start declining.



GET: CHOMPS Meat Sticks

Ever read the ingredient list of your favorite snacks? CHOMPS meat sticks only have grass fed, free-range meat with natural spices and no weird fillers. It’s like a Slim Jim but without all the nasty stuff. With up to 10 grams of protein, paleo and keto, and with no sugar, CHOMPS meat sticks will be your new go to snack. Use code “MORNINGCHALKUP” for 20% off + free shipping.



EAT: Sweet Potato Salmon Cakes

Looking for a quick, healthy dinner that takes just 15 minutes to make? These healthy sweet potato salmon cakes are flavorful, crispy on the outside, and perfectly moist thanks to the sweet potato. Serve with your favorite salad, veggies, and grains for a simple meal.



Today’s edition of the Morning Chalk Up is brought to you by

Chalk Up Community

  • CROSSFIT FOR FREE — The sixth annual Well Ray Festival on Saturday, June 22 in Alexandria, VA will offer free CrossFit classes as well as more than 75 vendors during this community event.
  • DONATIONS FOR UNITED WAY — CrossFit Minot in Minot, ND is collecting donations for the Souris Valley United Way annual community shower. You can drop off baby care items and personal hygiene items during business hours. 
  • WOMEN’S WELLNESS NIGHT — The 2019 Women’s Wellness Workshop is coming to the YMCA in Ashland, OH on Sunday, July 28. Participants can take an hour long CrossFit class before other events like a self-defense class, dinner, and then earn prizes from over 30 local business, specifically designed for women. 
  • IRON AND MORTAR SUMMIT — Join Jason Khalipa, James Fitzgerald, Chris Spealler, Miranda and Julian Alcaraz at the Iron and Mortar Summit, the ultimate gym owner collaboration event, in Portland, OR June 24 and 25. 

CHALK UP IN 2 MINUTES (a highlight reel around social media of CrossFit pros and average joes)

James Townsend makes a 72 inch jump • Chase Long gets a 265 pound overhead squat for 3 • Congratulations to Robby Glover on his first muscle-upHappy birthday Dayne Dyer • Congratulations to Jenna on her first rope climbMarlene gets her first 20 inch box jump • Tyler Kaminski gets a 215 pound push jerk PR • You can enter to win a Crossover Symmetry set • Nick Espinoza
gets his first muscle-upKara Saunders is back in the gym.

…and the Smith brothers all really love to deadlift

FloSports Raises $47 Million From Investors — FloSports, the live sports streaming service who has previously streamed Wodapalooza and Granite Games, has raised $47 million to expand their coverage.

— “With the new round of funding, ‘we will further enrich underserved sports communities by broadening our existing coverage and expanding into new verticals,’ said FloSports CEO and co-founder Mark Floreani in a statement.

–“Last year the firm inked or extended at least 250 media rights deals, boosting the number of games available to watch in some underserved sports and creating content about key matches and star athletes.”

Why P.E. is Just as Important as Academics — Michael Mthethwa, Embury Institute for Higher Education physical education specialist lecturer, on the importance of physical education and why it should be implemented in the school curriculum.

— “Physical activity improves outlook — an individual’s physique, psychological abilities and social connection among peers.

— “We need to start implementing structured programmes that educate teachers to teach a grade one learner all the way up to grade 12. If we go one further, children from six months all the way until their first grade in terms of move and play. We should be starting at as young as one year old.”



“NOCCO Launches in the U.S.,” by Jessica Danger, Morning Chalk Up

NOCCO, one of Europe’s leading BCAA beverages, is now available on Amazon and in more than 100 gyms in Southern California.

Immediately opens Amazon…

Earlier this year, NOCCO opened their first U.S. office in Venice, CA and since then, the No Carb Company’s BCAAs have been popping up in gyms all over the place.

“Since the opening, the demand for premium products with BCAA’s has grown rapidly within the community. NOCCO looks to meet this demand with a great tasting, no sugar, low calorie, no carb beverage with BCAA’s,” said Ben Jones, CEO.

All NOCCO products have a blend of BCAA’s, green tea extract, and vitamins. They’re vegan, available with or without caffeine, carbonated and come in four flavors; Caribbean, Peach, Tropical and Apple, which is why athletes like Tia-Clair Toomey and Haley Adams love em.

Fun Fact: They’re also widely available in gas stations and grocery stories across Iceland. Seriously tho. Hit up Samkaup in Grundarfjörður, grab a couple then drop into Box7 across the street.



6/7 – 6/8: 2019 Bricktown Throwdown (Oklahoma City, OK)

6/8: The Mountain Meltdown (Park City, UT)

6/8: Battle In The Basin 2 2019 (Joshua Tree, CA)

6/8: Battle on the Creek (Johns Creek, GA) 

6/8: Supergiant Meltdown (Westerville, OH)

6/8: Double Down Skylands Showdown (Sparta, NJ)

6/8: CFE’s Summer Sizzler 2 Masters Competition (Burlington, MA)

6/8: The Charlotte Throwdown for Mental Health Awareness (Charlotte, NC)

6/8: 3rd Annual WODing for SuperTy (Pawling, NY)

6/8: OUTWOD Showdown at Brick (West Hollywood, CA)

6/8: Flex on the Mall (Washington, DC)

6/9: Million Meters Row (Baxter, MN)

6/8 – 6/9: CFCC Triple Threat (Denver, CO)

6/14: 2019 Summer Splashdown (Tuscon, AZ)

6/14: 30 Minute Rowing Challenge (Greenville, SC)

6/14 – 6/15: CanEast Games (Hamilton, ON)

6/15: Best of the Midwest Team Series (Greenwood, IN)

6/15: AZFITCOM (Phoenix, AZ)

6/15: Rep Your Box 8 (Jacksonville, FL)

6/15: Rookie Rumble at CrossFit Mercenary (Owings Mill, MD)

6/15: SweetTatas (Newtown,CT)

6/15 – FireTeam 4 Challenge and Fundraiser (Wheaton, IL)

6/15: Gameday (Rochester, MN)

6/15: Summer Slam 2019 (Staten Island, NY)

6/15: The East Coast Gambit (Brooklyn, NY)

6/15: WOD for Wishes (New Brunswick, Canada)

6/15: Garage Gym Throwdown (Austin, TX)

6/15: Cooler By The Lake Clash (Milwaukee, WI)

6/15: Wags & Weightlifting (Atlanta, GA)

6/15: Summer Series II (Greenville, SC)

6/15 – 6/16: 2019 Tribal Clash (Huntington Beach, CA)

6/16: Three Fathers RCMP Memorial Challenge (Bedford, NS)

6/21 – 6/23: The Bacon Beatdown (Daytona Beach, FL)

6/22: The Brethren Throwdown (Morgan Hill, CA)

6/22 – 6/23: Clash on the Concrete (Miamisburg, OH)

6/22: Femme Royale (Fort Atkinson, WI)

6/22: OUTWOD (Winter Garden, FL)

6/22: Flower City Throwdown – Men’s Division (Rochester, NY)

6/22: Barbells and Beer at CrossFit Electric City (Anderson, SC)

6/22: 2019 Midsummer Melee (Houston, TX)

6/22: Girls of Summer Competition (Katy, TX)

6/22: Asbury Park Games (Asbury, NJ)

6/22: New Wods on the Block (Lubbock, TX)

6/22: Trained to Go Summer Series 2019 (Raliegh, NC)

6/22: Fifth Annual Box Crawl (Torrance, CA)

6/22: Barbells For Bullies Detroit (Farmington Hills, MI)

6/22: Barbells For Bullies Raleigh (Wake Forest, NC)

6/22: Big Orange Brawl (Knoxville, TN)

6/22: Gut Check at Unfinished Athletics (Pottstown, PA)

6/23: Third annual Bro Royale (Fort Atkinson, WI)

6/28: Boomtown Summer Throwdown (Burkburnett, TX)

6/28 – 6/29: The NorCal Classic (West Sacramento, CA)

6/28 – 6/30: CrossFit French Throwdown (Yvelines, France)

6/29: Master’s Of The Midway: Team Edition (Lake In the hills, IL)

6/29: Girls Just Want to Have Fun (Raeford, NC)

6/29: 2019 Chattanooga Classic (Chattanooga, TN)

6/29: Partner Throwdown Part Deux (Apple Valley, MN)

6/29: Unicus Athletics Summer Slam 2019 (Denton, TX)

6/29: The Freedom Games (Greenwood, SC)

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