The story.

Last night, another start-up from the CrossFit space joined the big stage for a night.

The Dough Bar, a Redwood City (that’s in NorCal folks) based bakery and creators of the wildly popular and scrumptious protein doughnuts delivered right to your door, got their chance to pitch the sharks on ABC’s Shark Tank. The husband and wife duo started baking up treats in 2015 cause they “wanted to make protein treats more delightful for folks who want to practice a healthier lifestyle.”

So what happened?

First, they brought the doughnuts. Then the sharks brought the bacon.

After some good ‘ol fashioned negotiating, they accepted Barbara Corcoran’s offer for $300,000 in exchange for a 20% equity stake. With this investment, they join the likes of The Natural Grip, Barbell Apparel, Ice Age Meals, and Spikeball (well sorta) who have all received help from the sharks.

Anything else?

Yup. They wisely used this moment in front of 7 million Americans to launch a new product — Crispy Bars, their high protein, low fat, low sugar twist on the beloved, but unhealthy Rice Krispies Treat. They’re going for $3.25 online and probably already sold out by now.

Oh and if you decided to order after the show aired, there’s going to be a delay. They sent out a message saying it could take from 2 – 6 weeks to get your doughnuts. But obviously someone thinks they’re worth every penny so get buying already and in a few weeks you can enjoy them with your two favorite ways to start your day: coffee and the Morning Chalk Up.

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