After we published a story yesterday about Colossal CrossFit owner Nicholas Cole kicking out a handful of members, we saw additional comments and stories from other members who’ve faced similar treatment.

Once again, we reached out to owner Nicholas Cole for the third time to give him an opportunity to explain or further clarify, however we did not get any response.

What the owner has said publicly about this.

This is everything owner Nicholas Cole has said regarding the situation:

Sunday, June 3, 2018 — Nicholas Cole sent an email to at least two members of Colossal CrossFit kicking them out:

“Thank you for being a part of Colossal CrossFit. At this time, we have decided to make large changes to our facility, what it represents, who we hope to help in their fitness and an overall change in Vision.

In light of many things that we wish to change and better, we felt your future at our facility would not fit in with our new vision and what we want to achieve.

We have decided to let you further your fitness and goals at a facility that can provide what you need and what best suits you.

We did not charge your account for this month nor was Gymnastics.

If you need any help in finding other facilities we can link you the other local CrossFits.”

In a follow-up email response to Kat Ashby, he said:

“Unfortunately, it’s going to be hard to understand you just don’t fit with the vision.”

How members at Colossal CrossFit who are friends with Dani and Kate reacted to the news.

“You have always been amazing and have made me feel so welcomed!!!!” — Angelique Dukes-Cloutier

“… I’m going to miss having you guys around! From comps to in-house workouts, you guys have been some of my favorites to work out with and frankly, try to keep up with!” — Eric Krueger

“Dani! I am blown away you were asked to leave! You are not only hands down one of the most amazing athletes I consistently strive to be like, but you are so friendly, motivational and supportive to everyone. It doesn’t make sense! I will miss you so much. You are amazing and one of my very favorite people to work out with.” — Aubrey Hooper Powers

“Kat, I am so sorry. I will really miss you as well. You have the brightest smile and I always loved talking to you and seeing that beautiful smile and your crazy determination. You will be very missed.” — Rachel Kirk Terrazas

“Sorry. We think your awesome Kat. You were always a great motivator to those at the gym.” — Scott Warren

What members who’ve been kicked out or left have said.

We have confirmed a total of six athletes removed since December. Here are statements from some of them and two athletes who left voluntarily. Others wished to remain anonymous.

Kat Ashby

“Dear Friends, I am very sorry to tell you that I have been asked to find another gym and no longer attend #colossalcrossfit. I am also sorry to hear that other friends have been “politely kicked out” as well. I have loved all of the ladies that I had the pleasure of working out with. You have truly been a blessing in my life. I will miss you and hope we can find ways to hangout outside the gym. If you are not 100% satisfied with the gym or have any concerns about not being treated with respect I would encourage you to find a new gym as you may be kicked out with less of a days notice.”

Dani and Scott Warren

“Wanted to share my feelings with this whole gym situation. My time at #colossalcrossfit has been wonderful. We have loved the members, the coaches, and my kids loved the gymnastics. This place brought us a to new fitness level we never knew was possible. Has Helped Scott through severe depression. I have met many incredible ladies who have inspired me, pushed me to become better, and ultimately become some of my best friends. We are thankful for our time here. Nick and Jessica have been accommodating to us and we are grateful that they have helped us fall in love with the sport of CrossFit. I hope Colossal continues to help people on their fitness journey and help members achieve their goals. Sad we can’t be a part of this journey with our friends. But I hope for the best and hope to continue to watch your success through your personal Facebook pages. I wish no ill on anyone. I just feel like I was in an amazing relationship and was dumped with no reasons that make sense. Nick and Jess have their right as a business owners. I just wanted closure, and may never get that and I’m ok with that. I wish everyone the best and good luck to all on your fitness journey.”

Becky Flinders

“I got kicked out from colossal crossfit too because I voiced my opinion. I said the owner was unprofessional and childish because he fired a coach via text. He somehow got a copy of my [Facebook] messages between me and that coach. This proves my point again.

I didn’t get an email though. I was brought in to the owners office by the wife because she said she needed to talk to me and then the husband came out of a back room, stood in the doorway and yelled at me for 20 minutes. He was swearing at me and told me I was pathetic. He said he videos and records everything that goes on in the gym and has heard me complain about them. Guess what? It’s a business. Do you ever complain about walmart? Do you still shop there or did they ban you from being there? You have to have a thick skin and know you can’t please everyone, but at least be professional.”

Elsie Christensen

“I didn’t get kicked out, but I did leave because Of all the drama and crazy stuff. Guys, this has been happening since his gym opened up for business 3 yrs ago! Just going to leave it at that..”

Another comment from a member who just left but wishes to remain anonymous:

“I personally have gone to Colossal for over two years. I’ve seen many of my friends be asked to leave over the last two years but I have stayed because I don’t like to get involved in drama, and I genuinely still have other friends at Colossal that I love and respect right now. I’ve watched the owners gossip about many of their members openly but no one ever says anything to them because they are afraid of being kicked out themselves or gossiped about.

“I’ve seen people choose to leave and also seen people asked to leave and both have been shamed or ridiculed. I’ve personally heard the owners shaming people about how they perform their squats. A direct quote from the owner himself was, ‘If you can’t do a squat correctly then go to Vasa. We are not Vasa!!!’

“I probably should have left a long time ago, but it wasn’t until recently watching the KSI article that I’ve had enough. I’m just sick of the bullying that goes on there. No one wants to feel like they dont matter or feel bullied especially when your giving them your money.”

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