The story.

CLIC Sargent is a registered charity in England and Wales that offers support to children with cancer. They have several programs that cover day to day support with social workers and play specialists, financial support to help with medical costs, nurses, and places to stay close to the hospital. They even have a special program for teens and young adults, and an outreach program for when a child dies.

This is great, but where does CrossFit come in?

Well, meet Peter Darby. He’s a social worker with CLIC Sargent and a CrossFitter. He’s also a researcher, studying exercise in cancer. So, naturally, he put the two together and started the MOVE Forward program.

What is the Move Program?

It’s a CrossFit program for teenagers and young adults in recovery from cancer. Darby’s had more than 25 participants since its launch in January.

“It was developed to help young people who struggle to return to work or education following cancer treatment due to the deterioration of their physical fitness,” he said.

Move Forward is different because, “it allows the participants to improve their fitness together in a group exclusively for young people with cancer, which means they support and lean on each other without any judgment being passed,” he said in an interview.

Those who have already had a go at the program say it improved their mood, energy levels and ability to deal with anxiety.

And it’s totally working.

It just won the Excellence in Rehabilitation award from the Health and Fitness Awards of Northern Ireland in September.

“So so so proud of these guys/girls who put their faith in me and that CrossFit would help them become fitter and healthier after their cancer treatment,” said Darby.

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