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Battle Cancer Comes to the States

Some news. Battle Cancer is hitting Los Angeles with a tour of local gyms ahead of its first US


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Your Chestee Now Comes With a Little Brown Bag

Say what? The Chestee, the only patented sports bra with built-in collarbone protection and every


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Sticking With CrossFit Through Cancer

The story. Ben Laekas was diagnosed with colorectal cancer in 2016. Since then he’s


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Adaptive Athletes in Wheelchairs Find Their Own Box

The story. In South Orlando, FL a new pilot program through Orlando Health is getting athletes


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Brianna Battles Wants to Keep Pregnant Athletes in the Gym

Who is Brianna Battles? Brianna Battles is the Founder of Pregnant and Postpartum Athleticism, a


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A CrossFit Affiliate was Invited to Facebook

The story. A few months ago, Nikole Gessler, owner of CrossFit Recursive in Madison, WI got a

CrossFit Games

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Making the Games pay. How Margaux Alvarez set up her future after CrossFit.

“Don’t give up your day job”. This idiom is especially true for CrossFit Games athletes.


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Jillian Michaels Has a Few (Bad) Things to Say About CrossFit

Some background. Last December, Jillian Michaels wrote an article for Shape Magazine titled


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CrossFit Announces New Line of “Licensed” Competitions

Some news. CrossFit HQ announced today a new program for licensed CrossFit competitions,


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Saving Bully Breeds One Rep at a Time

Some background. Barbells For Bullies is an organization working to save dogs that are often


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Thirteen Years Later Dominguez Rodriguez Competes Again

Some background. Exactly thirteen years ago today, Dominguez Rodriguez and some friends were

Community CrossFit Games

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Why Should I Even Still Do The Open? (Opinion)

These last few days, our team has been inundated with emails about the Open. What happens if an


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One Man’s Quest to get The Rock to do Murph with Him

The story. On January 7th, David Barnett did Murph. He did it again on January 8th. Then again on


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Will Work for Membership Dues and Community

The story. CrossFit HighGear in Medina, OH completely renovated a 16,000 square foot building and


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Why Do More Than 20 Games Athletes Use SteadyMD

What is SteadyMD? SteadyMD is a completely new approach to primary care whose service is entirely