CrossFit Non-profits Launching a Collaborative Event, 3-2-1 IMPACT!

September 5, 2019 by
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At the biannual gathering of CrossFit based nonprofit organizations, someone pitched an idea. What if all the nonprofits there came together, in one large fundraising event, to showcase the hard work and generosity of the CrossFit community?

Hours later, after brainstorming and conversations over coffee, 3-2-1 IMPACT! was born.

What is it?

3-2-1 IMPACT! will be 24 hours long from noon on December 7 until noon on December 8. Each nonprofit organization will form teams of nine and will have 24 hours to accrue as many calories as possible on three ergs. Here’s the kicker: All three machines must be running the entire 24 hours.

Teams will continue raising funds throughout the event and everything raised their nonprofit organization gets to keep. All funds raised after the start of the event — through silent auctions, merch sales, friends donating to chip in during the event — will go into one large pot to be spread across several organizations. The donations matter, you can “earn” extra calories towards your team based on donations.

Five nonprofits are onboard already: CrossFit Foundation, The Reveille Project, FAITH RXD, Steve’s Club, and The Phoenix. Conveniently, four of them are located in the Denver area, which is where 3-2-1 IMPACT! will be held in December.

“We’re already a synergistic thing meeting the needs of the CrossFit community,” Kevin Ogar of the Reveille Project told Morning Chalk Up on a call. “We really want to create a larger impact in the community.”

Jim Conzelman of FAITH RXD agrees. “This is far from your everyday CrossFit competition. Not only is it programmed in an unforgettable way that demands teams dig deep with everyone contributing to win, but it’s for some incredible causes that impact our gyms and communities,” Conzelnman told us in an email. “Everyone could just give money, but that wouldn’t be nearly as much fun as playing on Concept2 toys, testing our limits with friends and using our fitness for good!”

Leave it to the CrossFit community to push competition aside and instead opt to work together for a greater impact.

“We’ve been helping each other behind the scenes for years now, and I think it’s time to stop being behind the scenes and instead being open with how much we help each other out,” Ogar told Morning Chalk Up. “You don’t see what would normally be called competitive nonprofits help the other ones out. Instead, what normally happens, is like hey let’s try to take their donors and make sure they don’t take ours. That’s another very special thing about the community that we’re in.”

If you’d like to participate in 3-2-1 IMPACT! please reach out to Kevin Ogar of the Reveille Project.

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